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Sasha Bio/Ref

I said I would do a ref, and so I did a ref!
My beautiful birdy-baby~
All stats pulled from my Pearl cartridge.
(there are 2 typos in the deviation)

Species: Staraptor
Sex: Male
Shiny: No

Level: 67
Item: Red Scarf (faded)
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Sassy
Personality: Hates to lose.

Sasha has been on the team from the very start as a level 3 Starly. He made quick friends with his teammates, and [he] has been an integral member his entire career. Popular with the ladies, Sasha often plays wingman for his friends, even though he fancies the boys far more. His best friend, a Roserade called Amant, is the one most often taking advantage of this.

He keeps a quarter of his hair buzzed down so that it's out of the way, yet he can still have something to do up. He only ever lets his hair down when he has no plans for the day or is heading to bed. His ball is a standard pokeball. It's been painted over, and he's added feather stickers to make it more his own. The bottom half is scuffed up from constant dropping of his own fault since he refuses to wear honest pockets.

Sasha is single and more or less plans to stay that way. He's a hit at contests, getting constant attention and suitors, and doesn't feel it would be fair to a lover if he ever did have one. As it stands, he's happy to spend his free time with his friends or reading. Though he's not the oldest, nor the most experienced, he tends to play mommy to the group when Leon isn't around to fill his role as "team daddy." Sasha's closest friends are Amant (Roserade), Maxine (Ninetails), and Percy (Politoed). He gets on well with everyone, though, and is the go-to guy for third party opinions.
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This is probably my favorite humanized Staraptor design! ;v;
landiddy's avatar
looool thank you :iconmonkeyloveplz:
I hope you like the rest of the team when I get around to it~
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I loved how you designed him Q A Q and dem boots~ *u*
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Thank youuu~
lol I like him too. 
And his asshole boots xD
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Looks great! I love the scratches you added on the pokeball. The boots are wonderfullll
landiddy's avatar
Fuckin boots.
I do love them, those pains in the ass.

And thank you! (Pokeballs are surprisingly difficult to draw)
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