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I mean. The file name is BertlRein so why not? What ELSE am I gonna call it?
THIS IS NOTHING REALLY. Just forgot to submit this here is all.
Be happy! It's got cheesy dialogue and all that.

UHM. I think I'll just start saving up all these sketches and submitting them in a dump cuz like.
Well no reason really. It's just a lot quicker and easier to post things on tumblr |D
And it's just sketches so who really gives a damn, amirite?
OBVS SnK fanarts. Obvs.
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EHEHEHEHEHEhhhHhHHHHHhhhHhhhH Reinbert, HHUGHGGNNN. YOU CAN THANK :iconethril-dragon: for telling me about this. I need to show her this show now
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that's cooooool
have funnnnn