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... the goal is to be responsible for a thought or creation that I had no control of. While any writer can plumb the depths of past romantic entanglements, which I am guilty of from time to time myself, I think it would be great to be the catalyst for the discovery of a new medical treatment, auditing methodology or architectural breakthrough.
I remember listening to particular songs, viewing a piece of artwork or reading specific passages in a book for the sole reason of trying to jog something loose in my own head. I didn't even have to like what I was listening to as long as it brought me where I needed to go. These chemical reactions in my brain happened instantly when they did happen and it was usually triggered by the way the song or the book moved along. Why write a long story when what I'm going for will or won't happen in a few paragraphs?
Results may vary.
Blogging weekdays at and would like any and all feedback from artists on what if any effect reading a few in a row has on your creative process. Not so much if you like the material as whether the literary montage effect produces any unique ideas for the reader.
Thanks in advance.
Lance Manion
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Submitted on
February 11, 2012