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I fell in love with the design of the creepy Robo Geishas from Ghost in the shell. So I had to give a try at creating there faces....
embedded_item1496718131393 by LanaMarieLive
Finally after 3 years I was able to do a photoshoot of my Ghost In Shell - Major Motoko Cosplay, I also used my digital art skills to edit the backgrounds and myself. Not something I normally do, but I felt very passionate about doing. And I'm very happy with how these look. Keep checking in, cause I have more coming in :) (also check my gallery I have 3 pics posted now)

Cosplayer & Editing: Lana Marie
Photographers: Luxe Studio Productions / Lana
embedded_item1488202584122 by LanaMarieLive
I debuted my upgraded Cat Suit (Tim Burton/Batman Returns CatWoman) a few years back at Comicpalooza. (in which i had the wrong boots on due to forgetting the right ones, unfortunately it looked terrible, but at least I was comfortable).

Now i finally get the chance to wear it all again and put on my right boots, make my makeup more accurate, as well as wear my new claws I just finished!

This costume is very important to me, its one of my 1st cosplays and motivated me to start cosplay & Sewing. Since I was kid this was my dream costume to do. Yet I couldn't sew, and felt too young to be seen wearing it, thought Id look silly. So much time passes and I made it about 10 years ago out of spandex  ( Texas heat too hot for Pleather, and I wanted to remain part of the living).

It went through several transitions through the years...and then one day I just wanted more.
So I went in for the pleather.

Now the only thing left was my claws which I finally have completed!

Soon ill be doing a photoshoot in my new attire, I'm excited and can't wait to see & share!

Here are a few old shots of the transitions.

embedded_item1469149655943 by LanaMarieLive
What size do you like your prints?
(Cosplay/Art Prints)

*8x10 standard
So I just received some faux fur and was wondering what you would suggest as a cosplay I could use it for?

embedded_item1463009757713 by LanaMarieLive
Akuma? Raiden?  Cassie Cage? Ibuki?

embedded_item1460737314862 by LanaMarieLive

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

Almost a month away...

Houston Video Game Tournament texas_showdown
Cosplay guest LanaMarieLive

Apr. 22nd - 24th 2016
embedded_item1458676741402 by LanaMarieLive
* My friends at Tekken Arena (don't let the name fool you, there are several different games going on) are throwing a major Tournament this October in The Woodlands,Texas.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Major, Super Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, Persona 4, & Soul Caliber!

Check it out here:…

* In other News: Sorry to be a little absent on here, just been super crazy, busy!
There are More Costumes in the plans and being currently worked on, I hope to show soon!
Photoshoots in the plans, Films I'm working on, and more updates & fun to come that I can't wait to share!!
until then check out my current cosplay of my "The Dark Knight Rises" Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) Inspired Cosplay, just posted up.

On another note I've made some changes to some of my account's, to new URL'S
Facebook/LanaMarieLive :
Twitter LanaMarieLive :
Cosplay Twitter: @LanaCosplay :
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If you haven't seen my lastest Post, I'm going to be a Cosplay guest for ComicPalooza! so excited!!
3 more weeks to go!
Check it out:…

And in other News:
It's official: Full Metal Panic! -Come Make My Day will be premiering at the Otakon anime convention in Baltimore, MA. On Friday July 27, 2012

Make sure to Check it out if you'll be attending!

(I was cast as Kaname Chidori for this film) :)



My buddy Phantomhive Sniper just posted this video he made at Anime Matsuri Convention ! video captures cosplayers that have dedicated their time and money to show the world there talents.
You'll see a few clips of my frost - Mortal Kombat cosplay as well!

Check it out on My page:
or Phantomhive Snipers:

P.s. Went to Avengers screening, It was Awesome!!! watch it! :)
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I'm going to be a Cosplay Guest for ComicPalooza
Check it out here:…

hope to see you there! ^_^
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Cosplay Showcase Video with MLZ Studios!!!
8 cosplays Worn & Made by Lana Marie/Lana Cosplay

View it here:…

& Feel free to share ^_^

Lana's Facebook :
Lana's Twitter:

Mlz Studios:

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Anime Matsuri is coming just around the corner (Easter Weekend!)
Can't wait! ;)

If you haven't already checked  out The Anime Matsuri Video
My frost - Mortal Kombat costume is featured in several areas of the video, check it out!

Screen Cap can be viewed here:

Video can be Found here:

Or I'm at : 0:36 1:00 1:33
(Can't miss the blue eyes & Hair)


Anime Matsuri -

Enjoy! ^_^
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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - classic - Kitana
Mortal Kombat 9 Kitana (being reworked currently)
Mortal Kombat 9 Mileena
Mortal Kombat 9 Flesh pit Mileena
Shoalin Monks(mortal kombat) Sonya Blade (Retired)

1 KOMPLETE  (surprise) mortal kombat Cosplay...which could it be? hmm?

and 2 more in the works....
All you do is like my pinup photo on there page!
quick link here:

Contest is done today (feb 29th) @ 11:59pm central
so cast your votes NOW!!!

and please feel free to SHARE! ^_^

I will greatly appreciate it!
Hello Everyone, thought I share.
My buddy Jacky Ryan is running an Fan Art Contest for his Full Metal Panic - Fan Film.
Please make sure to check it out, Info is Below:

Full Metal Panic Art Contest!

Jan 4, 2012, 2:45:08 PM by ~jackryan224
Journals / Personal


(downloads will be available 1/5/2012)

Create a movie poster or wallpaper that promotes the not-for-profit fan film, Come Make My Day. You can download images from the film at the web site, create your own, or both. Come Make My Day stills and promotional photos can be downloaded at


    1. Go to to download stills & Photos
    2. Upload your entries to DeviantArt with a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike license
    3. Email a link to your work and contact info to before the deadline. A high-res copy of your work may be requested.

After you submit your entry, visit the web site for updates. Winners will be announced on the web site 3/17/2012


    *Posters must be at least 18"x24" and 300dpi or larger
    *Wallpapers must be at least 1280x800 pixels and 72dpi or larger
    *All entries must include the legible text "Come Make My Day" & the web address ""
    *Entries May include the artist's name, but no additional web site addresses
    *Participants may use provided material or original art, but may not use any outside material that they do not own
    *All entries must be uploaded to DeviantArt with a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike license
    *No entries with explicit or implied sexual content will be accepted
    *Participants may submit multiple entries, but will only be eligible to win once. Winner of Director's Choice prize will be different from the winners of each category.
    *Entries may be displayed on the web site and used for promotional purposes. Credit will be given to the artist.

A total of five prizes prizes will be awarded: one for the director's choice, one for the winner's of each category, and one for the runner up in each category.


Winner chooses between three stills and Melissa Mao's costume from the movie signed by cast members and the director or a 1 year DeviantArt subscripion.

The creator of the best poster and best wallpaper will win two stills signed by cast members and the director.

The 1st runner up in each category will recieve one still signed by cast members and the director.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions, email or contact the director on DeviantArt:
I have More Plans in the world of MK & Marvel Cosplays.. Muhahahaha:P
ah So many Little time...

In other news..
Wish I had a Pattern for the MonoKini, Guess i'll have to make it from scratch *sigh*…

And when I get a little more doe, I'm gonna get me some of these and maybe a blue wig :P
Thank you so much Vampy for the Link!!! (so much cheaper then the old website I was using)…

- Lana M./DreamerL85
Looking for female cosplayers for a Promo Video in Houston!

*Serious & dependable inquiries only!*

COSPLAY Preferences: Yoko for Gurren lagann
Nami or Robin from One Piece cosplays
* Female Cosplayer - Cosplaying a Female character (1st choices go to the cosplays above)
*Live in Houston, or are willing to travel to Houston Texas
* Costume looks good and like the character
* Acting is a plus, but isn't needed, there are only a few lines.
* Filming will take place in Houston - Filming Soon - Must be complete by Early May!!!
*MUST be dependable!
Please send a email to
Send current picture of yourself and cosplays
or a link to your profile/website/ or pictures online of cosplays!

there is no pay , Just publicity.
A link to the video can be sent to you when completed.
Thank you!!!!
- Lana M.