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MYO Annie - Lynnae

Never uploaded her ref woops :iconlazyweepplz: She is an uncommon Annie blessed by a Japanese Spitz + Pink Lilies, happy doggo girl //pets her
Made her a toyhouse page too, but still a wip

Annies are a closed Species that belong to Yamio , please check them out, there are so many cute designs out there Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

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Hello Lanah I will take any opportunity to tell you that I love this design XD The flowers are drawn so beautifully and I love how you placed them on the tail

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Awwwwwh she's so cuuuute! She's so detailed too oh my goodness, and I like the flowers in her tail >/////<
Lanahpyon's avatar
thank you!! glad people like my daughter ; v ; <3
ImaginationGhost's avatar
aAA SO PRETTY i love her little hat and her dress
Lanahpyon's avatar
thank you! tried to detail everything but still hope her outifit is manageable while drawing ; o ;
condolcezza's avatar
Awww, she's so cute!! I love the lilies in her tail, they look so pretty ^7^
Lanahpyon's avatar
thank you very much!! I really like the mix of animal + flowers, and liiles are my favourite flowers so I just had to design a pretty flower doggo :iconlazycryplz:
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woahhh!! oh my god!! such a beauty <33
Lanahpyon's avatar
thank you! ; v ;
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Such a pretty bab ;-; //hugs her
Lanahpyon's avatar
aaah thank you nom ; o ; //throws her into your arms
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