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Here are my starting prices for different types of plushies (OCs too :3). All prices are in USD

MLP FIM Pony plushies

Kitten-sized beanie $45+
6 inches long (~ 15 cm)
A piece of elegance by LanaCraft A bunch of ponies by LanaCraft How about party? by LanaCraft

10 inches long kitten-sized beanie $55+
Queen Chrysalis ( kitten-sized mlp plush beanie) by LanaCraft Tiny but yet so powerful Trixie [ mlp plushie ] by LanaCraft  Lil' Princess Luna by LanaCraft

10 inches long seaponies $55+
Merpony Pinkie Pie [small handmade plush toy] by LanaCraft 

Sitting micro $55+
7 inches tall (~ 18 cm)
Apple Pie by LanaCraft  Wow! Calm down, you giant unicorn! by LanaCraft

Standard pony 13 inches tall $180+
Applejack [ handmade 13 inches mlp plush ] by LanaCraft

Standard pony 20 $280+
20 inches tall (~ 50 cm)
Dante [OC] by LanaCraft

Standard beanie $280+
20 inches long (~ 50 cm)
12 inches tall (~ 30 cm)
Derpy Hooves 17 inches [beanie plush toy] by LanaCraft Princess Luna winter plushie by LanaCraft

Lifesize beanie new pattern $560+
44 inches long (~112 cm)
 Applejack BIG plushie [ mlp handmade beanie ] by LanaCraft BIG Rarity plushie [ lifesize handmade plush toy ] by LanaCraft Sweet Velvet OC [ handmade BIG mlp plush ] by LanaCraft
35 inches long
Tempest Shadow large plushie[MLP: the Movie plush] by LanaCraft Princess Luna 35 inches long plushie by LanaCraft 

Clothes and accessories
I can make clothes and accessories upon request.
Complicated accessories are discussable.

Shipping to the US, Europe, Canada usually costs:
— $10-15 for kitten-sized plushies
— $35-45 for standard 
— $65-85 for large beanies

—Send me a note for a specific price quote!

Please don't forget to check up my Patreonwww.patreon.com/lanacraft
There you can find info about the upcoming plushies for sale
© 2016 - 2021 LanaCraft
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Are you currently open for commissions?

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i have just enough money to do the minimum amount

Kitten-sized beanie $45+ 6 inches long (~ 15 cm) Shipping Shipping to the US, Europe, Canada usually costs: — $10-15 for kitten-sized plushies

i hope the minimum amount is enough.

if not youll have to give me a few weeks.

New main oc
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Is there a possibility I can get a price quote?
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OH! So these are currently open? You do griffon OCs, yes?
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Finally I found someone doing good quality small beanies at an affordable price!
I'll definitely get back to you when I get the money, can't wait!
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Hi there - Is it ok if I ask for the price on a life sized beanie pinkie pie without socks.
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Are you willing to do any other species aswell?
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At the moment I'm focused on ponies and griffons.  If smth changes, I'll update my commission list.
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Techno-Wolf695 You might enjoy this for an oc
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Hello ! Do you do oc or just canon ponies ?
RainbowMoonBunny's avatar
do you only do pony's or would you humans and or other animals ?
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I do mostly ponies.
Rarely I sew cats and animals from other fandoms.
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Hiya, would making a new design of an OC affect the price? I'm hoping to buy a little pone the next time I get paid ^^
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do you take points as well?
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Is it possible to have a grown mare made into a filly/colt plush? 
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Sure, why not.
If you send me a note with your OC/pony reference I could give you a price quote.
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I may have missed it in the post. but do faux fur manes cost extra?
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Hello! They're usually cost the same.
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can i note you about the kitten size plushie?
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i was wondering.  
how much would the following OC cost as a sitting micro plushie?
Sassy Response by SnoopyStallion
and how much a trixie, just in case XD 

edit: but trixie without her hat and cape.
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Would you be able to do gradient colors? Like fire mane, on the kitten sized?
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