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Hinata Loves Naruto II
Hinata Loves Naruto II
"We've been married for...," he paused to do the math.
"Three years and 3 months as of today. It hasn't been easy. Hinata and I have our arguments. What married couple doesn't? But we always work things out. I thought being Hokage would make me happy. And it does, don't get me wrong. But nothing makes me happy more than Hinata. She's become my whole world. I love her so much. No kids yet, but we weren't in a hurry to bring a Naruto Jr. in the world anytime soon, but maybe it's time to change that. I really should have made a visit here a long time ago but, as you probably already guessed, a lot has happened. Been busy with, ya know, Hokage duties and stuff, but I'll try to come back soon. See ya!"
Naruto departed from the grave stones of Minato, Kushina and Jiraiya. Though they are no longer among the living, anyone that knows Naruto would have no doubt that both his parents and his godfather would be very proud of him.
At Naruto and Hinata's home, Hinata
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Hinata's Confession
Hinata's Confession
"Because I... Love you."
Those were Hinata's last words to a stunned Naruto who lay pinned to the ground by Pain's chakra rods. What happened afterword was an image that would forever haunt him.
"Shinra Tensei," Pain said, blowing Hinata away with what seemed like a mere gesture.
"STOP!!!" Naruto shouted right before Pain took one of his blades and stabbed the helpless girl.
Naruto looked on in disbelief at what just happened.
"This is just like... how my parents were killed by Konoha Ninjas right before my eyes...," Pain said, taunting Naruto.
"Love breeds sacrifice... which breeds hatred...," Pain went on, but Naruto didn't hear a single word he said.
"Because I... Love you."
Hinata's last words played over and over in Naruto's head. Images of the past begin to flood his mind.
He remembered the time she offered her answers so he could cheat to past the written portion of the Chunin exams. Then the time when she gave him some healing ointment after hi
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Hinata Loves Naruto, Ch 13
Chapter 13: Hinata's Letter
A few days after Naruto had come out of his coma, he was released from the hospital. The fifth Hokage was keeping him off missions for a while so he would be allowed to rest. This meant Naruto would have a lot of free time on his hands.
Two days after his release, Naruto had been summoned to the Hokage manor. Upon opening the door to the Hokage's office he was greeted with a joyous...
"SURPRIIIIISE!!" all of Naruto's friends shouted to a confused Naruto.
"Uh, what's all this?"
"You had us kinda worried, but we're all glad you're OK. We were talking and thought it would be a good idea to throw you a 'Welcome Back' party. So we all got together and set things up here," Sakura told him.
"A party for me? In the Hokage manor?" Naruto questioned.
"Like Sakura said, we're all glad you're back, Naruto," Lee said.
"Heh, I think granny Tsunade saw this as a chance ditch her paper work," Naruto chuckled.
"Hmph!" Tsunade scowled.
"He's probably right about that," Sakura
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Hinata Loves Naruto Ch 12
Chapter 12: I Need You
Nartuo and Hinata were sent out on what they'd assumed would be a simple escort mission. They were ambushed by some pretty tough opposition. After a drawn out battle, the two Chunins were the last one's standing.
"Well that wasn't too hard, but there sure were a lot of them!" Naruto said, happy that the battle was over.
"We make a pretty good team, Naruto-kun," Hinata said, looking his way.
"You can say that again! You were awesome, Hinata! You did a great job covering for me. It's like we were in perfect sync or something. You know, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have fighting by my side," he said, smiling at her and placing his hand on her shoulder, causing Hinata's cheeks to blush and her eyes to grow wide.
One enemy, however, is not dead. In a last ditch effort, he infuses a shuriken with chakra, giving it more omph. He then hurls it at Hinata, who's back is turned. Naruto's eyes widen in horror. He pushes her out of the way, and the powe
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Hinata Loves Naruto, Ch 11
Chapter 11: Realization
"He kissed me. Naruto-kun really kissed me," Hinata thought to herself as she was leaving the Hyuuga mansion.
Three days have passed since Hinata received her first kiss from Naruto. Oh, sure it was only a kiss on the cheek, but to Hinata, it was one of the best moments of her life. She walked through Konoha with her glowing smile, looking for her crush.
"Ah, that was good!" Naruto said after finishing his last bowl of ramen at Ichikraiku, jumping off the stool and heading off.
"Man, I can't believe I really kissed Hinata! Planted my lips on her soft cheeks!" Naruto thought to himself, grinning like a school girl as he walked on.
"I wanted to show my appreciation for the gifts she got me and for making my 18th birthday awesome... but did I kiss her because I also wanted to show her that I really like her, too?" Naruto stopped in his tracks after thinking this.
"Hey, Naruto!" Sakura called out to him from behind.
"Oh, hey sakura. Back from your mission?"
"Yeah, w
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Hinata Loves Naruto Ch. 10
Chapter 10: October 10th Part II
The rain continued to pour outside and four over a minute, it was the only sound Hinata heard while she was sitting down on Naruto's sofa in his apartment. He paced back and forth for a bit, looking down at the ground, stopping and letting out a sigh.
"Well, there's no turning back now," he thought.
"You've heard the story about the nine-tailed demon fox that attacked Konoha year's ago, right?" Naruto asked nervously
"Mm-hmm," she nodded.
"The fourth Hokage was the only one who was able to stop that thing's rampage and save everyone. He defeated it," Naruto said, turning away from her and walking towards the window in his front room. There was silence for a brief moment.
"Well," Naruto continued, "That's only half the story."
Hinata's eyes grew wide upon hearing this revelation.
"Half the story?" She thought.
"While the fourth was able to defeat the demon fox, he didn't kill it. He used a forbidden jutsu to seal the demon inside of an infant, keeping it
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Hinata Loves Naruto, Chapter 9
Chapter 9: October 10th
Today October 10th, the day Uzumaki Naruto was born. He is 18 years old today. Most teenagers would be happy to be turning 18 years old. It's the age where you are considered an adult. Naruto, however, was is not most teenagers. Most teenagers are not born on the same day that a demonic creature attacked their home land and took the lives of many. Most teenagers don't have that same monster sealed inside of their bodies and are looked at by the villagers as if they were the beast itself. Naruto is not most teenagers.
Sure it was his birthday, but he didn't feel like celebrating. He rather be off on a mission to take his mind off of it. Sakura was away with another team and because he wasn't needed Naruto was left behind.
As if to reflect how his soul felt on the inside, it was raining. He stared out the window of his apartment sighing occasionally. He just wanted this day to end.
Naruto was surprised when he heard a knock at the door. Who could be visiting him?
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Yeah, I just wanted to do some commenting on the latest Naruto chapter. Of course a zillion other folks on DA do it, but since some rather interesting things went down this chapter, I thought I'd provide some feedback, most of which is my reply copied and pasted from a Naruto thread on another forum.

The Kage's are arguing amongst themselves. A lot of eyebrow-raising stuff gets said and while the feuding was enjoyable, what did it for me was Sai's speech to Sakura.

He just comes out and says that he knows Naruto loves Sakura. Why is this girl really surprised? Really. I mean, it was painfully obvious that Naruto liked Sakura since day one. Well Sai did say "love" and not "like" so I guess that's shy she looked shocked. Of course Naruto knows how she felt about Sasuke. Does she still feel the same? He's still trying to keep that promise, but, and this is where Sai really rips into Sakura, this promise that Naruto is trying to keep for her is causing him an ridiculous amount of agony. Of all the promises Naruto has made, this is, by far, the most difficult one to keep.

I love Sai. He's MVP of the year for that little speech he just laid on Sakura. Thank you, Sai. Thank you for coming out and saying what Naruto would ever admit: that Sasuke is causing Naruto pain and by extension, Sakura is also causing Naruto pain. DANG, SON! He kicked her when she was down! He was like *Sai slices her open* "Here, you pink hair-haird, breastless, violent psycho! Here's a big old bag a salt to go with those wounds. Let me rub it in for you. Get it in with those tears too."

And I'm with the rest of SRK. I don't outright hate Sakura, but screw her. Girl does not deserve Naruto. Hinata since day one has recognized Naruto for the worthwhile human being he is. It took Sakura YEARS to see that.

Now as for Naruto not approaching Hinata yet after her confession, in his defense, he may not know what to say to her. Remember when Gwen kissed Peter at the end of season 1 of Spectacular Spider-Man and he was dumbfounded? He felt so awkward around her that he had a hard time just speaking to her the way he used to. Naruto may feel uneasy around Hinata now as well.


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