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Korbik + Anty Gift Art (2024)


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🎂Belated Birthday gift for anniecoleptic of her character, Antaeus (silver hair braid guy) and my Korbik (the blond sitting next to him). Bored at a Ball, Korbik and Antaeus have secured a plate of goodies to share and are munching the foodstuffs together away from the crowd of stuck-up nobility in the main Ballroom. Davey Davenport the servant is in the background giving contemptuous looks at his King while he holds a tray of Minni de Virgini / Cassatini Siciliane. Davey is GAY and dislikes any female parts whatsoever, so this is a sort of torture for him, LOL. Davey also has a huge crush on Antaeus and he gets up to some nutty stuff in the RP Annie and I have together. Little does Davey know, Antaeus may have a budding crush on Korbik and he seems to be hanging around the mischievous King more often lately...

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What a glorious piece, love it! Well done :)