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Character  Jazelle IyelaLocation  Aulderland
Sneak peek time! :giggle: This is panel 2 and it's just ONE of the 9 fabulous panels from page 5 of my patreon webcomic.

Here we have the lovely Jazelle~ She's a high guardian of the N'Deega tribe from Aulderland. 
She's holding a Godstone containing Kazhuia, The goddess of the Moon and Mother of the Stars. 

Evolonn, Jazelle, Kazhuia, this panel-- and everything within it belong to me, LAN0RA 
This is my art, please do not repost.

To see the full page 5 and even more Exclusive Evolonn content (including some awesome rewards),
subscribe to my Patreon: 

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I love the lighting in this. . . :faint: It's so warm and her expression is perfect. :heart:

Beautiful work as always. <3

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:heart: aww, thank you so much, sweetie :meow:

LAN0RA's avatar

Mwah, darling! :heart:

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That's some fabulous hair ;)

I really like light effect in this one

LAN0RA's avatar

Ohh, thanks much ;D

She's been redesigned slightly and I think I'm finally pretty happy with her overall appearance now :D

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She looks nice... strong but still femine. There is feeling of determination and strong will coming from this character. Even if she kinda looks like caught in moment of doubt

LAN0RA's avatar

wow, you read her perfectly lol

She IS doubting her faith in this pic, you are a good reader of expressions :heart:

and yes, she is strong willed, too LOL

Marvolo-san's avatar

that happens mostly when it's way too late in night to comment anything or when i'm drunk :XD:.

Or you're really good at portraying expression, even complicated ones.

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