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The Journey Will Change You...
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I'm working hard on my comic, EVOLONN!

:heart::la: Evolonn Chapter 1 Cover Art (2019) by LAN0RA:la::heart:

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••• Everything you ever wanted to know (and maybe some stuff you didn’t ) about Evolonn and Evolonnians •••
~ What is an Evolonnian? ~
The term “Evolonnian” refers to a person who was born on Evolonn (the continent they live on), a person who's race is of this elf-kin species, and it is also how to refer to their language ( i.e.; Do you speak Evolonnian?). Most Evolonnians encountered will speak the Common Tongue, Evolonnian and Elvish, especially those of noble families. Commoner Evolonnians will usually speak Evolonnian and the Common Tongue or a bit of broken Common Tongue and maybe some broken Elvish depending on if their grandmas were elves or not. 
The Evolonnian language sounds like a mash-up of a slavic-sounding language such as Russian or Polish that is also then mixed with a softer language like Italian or Romanian with accents from a language like Japanese
The gods first created the heavens and the stars. They filled the black expanse with the world and made many marvels inside of it. They named the world, Reghaia, and it became a tribute to the first world they made, Ghaia, long since destroyed.
The gods made Elves as the first people to inhabit their new world. They spread the Elves from the South to the North, allowing them to flourish. Soon, the gods grew tired of watching or playing with the Elves and fell into boredom. The gods created a very large, new land at the world’s equator, then they named it, Evolonn. The beautiful, lush, wondrous land of Evolonn was where the gods made a new people, the Evolonnians, as an opposite to the disciplined, structured nature of the elves, hoping to bring a balance through divergence. 
The Deities did not carefully consider the brutal, chaotic nature of the Evolonnians. When the gods grew tired of the bloodshed of the Evolonnians against one another or the beasts slain by them day to d



Evolonn is an epic fantasy comic about a wizard trying to thwart the King of Evolonn from conquering the world with the lost godstones, weapons capable of releasing a god within to cause mass destruction.

Korbik and the Evolonnians travel in search of the fabled "godstones" that Evolonn lost long ago in a malevolent attack known as the "Invasion of Evolonn".
Since then, the godstones have changed hands, been sold, been stolen, and have meandered across the world. Korbik's goal is to reclaim them all to preserve his people's history and make Evolonn a formidable threat again.

The aloof wizard, Rez, along with his band of mages and warriors, are looking for the godstones to stop Korbik from getting the legendary relics. Rez and his party are the only obstacles to stand against the Evolonnian King and his devious goal of conquering Reghaia.


Who will succeed in collecting the godstones?
Will there be an epic battle for them?!
You'll have to become a patron to find out!


** Evolonn is written and drawn by LAN0RA**


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