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Sky Dust - Epilogue

... took ...

... MOAR than forever.

[You can click "download" for greater details]

This is the Epilogue of 'Sky Dust', the side story of 'Sylphids Vindicate' starring Chiri Oozora as the main character instead of Lucia.

For those wondering, it's a bout a girl that can foresee the future, and she already forsaw her early death (she gets murdered), and she tries to fight against fate, that's it.

This is her final battle against Mathyld Elka, which she loses.
Poor Girl.

[Magic Circle Brush done by :iconredheadstock:, if you browse DA, you'll see that everyone uses that brush for their magical circle lol, I got lazy doing my own magical circle... might update it one day.]


Prologue art done by :iconpharan::


Concept Art witouth the lazy background (I actually like the concept better lol)

[Full A2 size download available]

[link] to Sky Dust webcomic (+18)
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Beautifully done! This design is so much fun to look at. You're very talented. ^^
PiplupSTARSCommander's avatar
xSephielx's avatar
Stunning! I love this one! <3 :D
Destroyerfield's avatar
very nice ^_^
Sorakat's avatar
NYAAAA j'adore **
AdenSyra's avatar
I vanish for a while, and you get all awesome at coloring! =O

Seriously, though, you've pushed your coloring quite far. The attention to detail is great, and you made fairly good use of field with the blurred background. I like the diverse textures, the cuts and blood look solid, and I really love the detail on the guan dao. You've improved your poses quite a bit too, though the right arm seems a bit free to be holding a weapon that clearly weighs quite a bit. Still, I can safely say, great work on this one~! ^^
Cajochu's avatar
Duuurp. J'ai l'impression que ça m'est familier 8D Sauf qu'elle était toute nue =w= C'est le bleu...

Le rendu des lumières claque! Les bras et les jambières sont extra de réalisme *w*
Minzile's avatar
oh wow this is wonderfull. the legs are soooo great :love: ! in my eyes her injuries are a bit overdone, but thats just my personal taste ^^.
LEX-graph's avatar
Très beau dessin, belle lumière! ^^ Comme toujours bravo Lân-Nhi! (je devrais venir par là plus souvent moi!)
Lan-Nhi's avatar
Merci d'être passée par là Lex ^^
LEX-graph's avatar
mais c'est un plaisir! :-}
mangaka7's avatar
For a moment, I thought you reused the ice spires from your previous deviation. If you did, that would be super lazy! spire brushes. Imagine that!

The magic circle brush is a nice touch and the lighting is quite dramatic. You did a marvelous job showing the blue/white light shining on her. Maybe her skin could be a little more blue?

Oh come on, you shouldn't just give off the ending or final battle like that. For any manga, you have to build up the story, excitement, and suspense. Giving off the ending or a major point of the story takes it all way. It almost defeats the purpose of reading it. Even if Chiri forsaw her future death, there are still a lot of possiblities. You took it away by confirming it here.

I know it's tempting to tell people your ideas. It's like a double-edged sword. You may interest and disinterest some people. To be honest, I'm less thrilled now that I know about this but it's okay. I'll still read your manga. Most people these days will read anything if the art is good.....haha.

Anyway, great work Lan! If you find any useful tutorials, brushes, and other stuff, please suggest them to #HowToDrawManga
Lan-Nhi's avatar
Heh thanks for the comment, in some earlier WIP I actually used the old ice spires background, and it did indeed look lânzy, so I made new ones xD (they were old anyway)

And yeah I'm a spoiler giver mwahaha, ahem, actually Chiri dies relatively early in SV main story, so it's a given that she dies in the end of Sky Dust, but the story is more about how she faces it, it goes psychological and shit! lol

Also, even though she dies, there is a lot more to her story after that, and I keep that a secret heh. Com'on, she isn't the immortal maiden for nothing! (doesn't mean she's unkillable or invincible though, yeah, that's messed up)

As for the brushes, I guess :iconredheadstock:'s whole gallery is useful, it's full of custom brush... so yeah.
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Ça faisait un moment que j'avais pas vu d'update, je commençais à m'inquiéter ^^ Mais je suis rassuré, tes deviations sont toujours aussi réussies =)
Lan-Nhi's avatar
oui j'ai dut m'absenter niveau dessins pour diverses raisons, mais ça devrait reprendre ^^

Clampy-TFA's avatar
AWESOME ! C'est vraiment super !
kikitue's avatar
Full View Please!

(so jelous)

kikitue xx
Lan-Nhi's avatar
I updated with a bigger downloadable size /o/
kikitue's avatar
Pffft, I'm not downloading that! I'd end up using it as my background or something and it'll remind me everyday of how far I've still gotta go -_- ... actually that might be a good thing ... it might even :O motivate me!

kikitue xx
O-Shana's avatar
Mon Dieu c'est magnifique *o*
Lunaphi's avatar
wunderbar! *-*
J4ckFrost's avatar
I adore it xD !!!!
Alemanoz's avatar
C'est frai s'péce d'escargot =P
Lan-Nhi's avatar
*glisse sur le sol en hochant de la tête*
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