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Anima - Celia Aftermath

Click "download" to Fullview: 1980 pixel wide
Wallpaper version is there: [link]

Link to other Celia art [link]

"J'y étais.
J'étais présente quand le monde s'est achevé.
A présent je veux seulement savoir pourquoi nous y sommes toujours"

"I was there.
I was there when the world ended.
Now I only want to know why we're still here"


Stiff pose is stiff.

The character is Celia from the ANIMA RPG, she belongs to the WissensChaft organisation and kicks ass.

Character Reference: [link]


Hey people, submitting again! (WHAAAAaaaat?! Again?!) fear the power of orange juice (it works).

So yeah, wasn't satisfied with my last drawing, so I did a pin up this time, hope it looks better.

I feel confident in drawing smaller bewbz now! I'll try them more later on xD (couldn't do it really here, she has some chest anyway xD)
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very nice Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Love 
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I MUST make these pants!
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the armors fits her really well. the katana looks awesome. the face is pretty + detailed. the background is good too.
to me katana is the best because i love weapons (love = love to draw not to have, maybe for decoration)
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Verra noice! Like the shine of 'er hair and the highlights on her fabrics.
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Excellent work. Very nice detail.
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She is my favorite figure in the miniature game (Anima Tactics) and being the limited edition made it that more special...
Very impressive, that's badass sexy for me !
Awesome pic. instant fav right away. gonna go rummage in your gallery now.
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Alors là, je dis bravo ! Excellente version de Celia :clap:
Hm, I do not know why, but somehow she reminds me Tsiri from "The Witcher" series.
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i really loved the way the leather pants is being made. It looks soo real! :love:

Overall... its awsome!
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Ok, celle-ci elle tue. Célia est juste trop sexy. Je vais même te confier un secret : je crois que je préfère cette image-ci à l'officielle de Wen-M, c'est dire.
Celia, ma favorite, celle sans qui je ne connaitrait pas ANIMA (Tactics et Beyond Fantasy)

D'ailleurs, je recherche désespérément la version collector de la figurine (celle avec le tonneau), mais elle est désespérément en rupture de stock.

Enfin, dessin superbe, si tu as d'autre illustration d'elle je prends XD
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moi je l'ai la figurine =D
Grrrr, t'en as de la chance.

Si seulement je pouvait la trouver, même d'occasion...
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The detail on her outfit is great, I especially love how you did the shines on the swords and buckles. It really shows in the detail shots.

It may be an issue with the perspective but it seems as if her left (our right) breast is significantly smaller than her other. The crease on her left breast underneath looks too high on her chest compared to the other.
Her waist also curves at two different points in very different ways. Her right (our left) has a very bendy, almost cartoony curve to it while the other seems very angular. I think either sharpening the curve on the bended curve or softening the sharpened curve might help this.
Her right curve might also look too bended because of the dynamic lighting since the bright background meshes a little with the bright light on her skin.

All that said, I do like your colouring. Bar the meshing I mentioned, I think you've done really well here. You clearly put a lot of work into shading and detail and it shows in her hair and as I mentioned before, the sword and buckles.
I also think the background is lovely. It looks good without distracting from the main focus of that character.
The detail shot of her face is gorgeous. The individual strands of hair add nice detail and the cut on her face is well done. I also think her expression is good and suits the mood of the calm but somewhat just a little troubling atmosphere set by the picture by your use of the cloudy background and blurring grass.

Overall, nice work. :)
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Thank you for the really detailed comment and critic, I really appreciate it ^^

I'm still aware this drawing is far from perfect, trying awkward angle shots is a bit tricky for me, but what you said might prove to be helpful in my future works.

Anway, I'm glad you like it =)
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Superbe personnage.
Je ne sais pas si c'est ça mais j'ai cru à une "Sephirette" en voyant cette œuvre de loin. Mais c'est bien mieux encore.

Franchement, c'est magnifique ! Bravo encore.
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oui à vrai dire quelques amis et moi-même pensons qu'elle fait beaucoup penser à Sephy lol

Merci ^^
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Elle en a la classe en tout cas.
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