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Endzone Round 3 pt3

By lan-kun
First page: [link]
Second page: [link]

And now for the climactic ending, I had to think of something that would actually shoo Big Bad away from the area. I couldn't think of anything else. Seriously. XD
Oh, and Dood's mosquito works cause his paints are made of demon blood. So Dood's blood = raw, bad quality painting, but still usable ;o

K, Round 4 of :iconendling:'s ENDZONE tournament!
Cindy belongs to :iconlifebytes:
Big Bad belongs to :iconendling:
Dood is mine and Alisa, Mr Moochie and Mr Poor Guy are :iconeisenevsky:'s.
Trogdor the Burninator belongs to the guy who makes Homestarrunner ;o

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© 2007 - 2021 lan-kun
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OH GOD STAY WITH ME MAN Cryhappytearsplz 
okamilover234's avatar
is it going to continue or did dood die
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Trogdor was a man.... 
absef's avatar
Actually he was a dragon man...
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Well, he was just a dragon, but he was still TRRRROOOOOGGGGDDDDOOOORRR!
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oh thats how he died..after this is the thing with the ghost, right?
and miss crowly an stuff
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foosh? why not BURNINATE?
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Tragdor the burnanator will kill yo a$$!!! TRAGDOR!!!! Did dood get drawling lessons from Strong Bad then. When I saw Tragdor I not surprised that he won; come on its Tragdor!!!! Are Kaizer by anchange Ian-kun?

Strong Bad: draw an S and then a more different S. Close it up real good. Then using comsumate Vs give him teeth and spinities. and Angery eyebrows.
Dood: ... (drawing hard)
Strong Bad: Ok now lets check on your work.
Dood shows him his dragon.
Dood: Here take a look, I think its coming along good. :)
Strong Bad: Damn it! I said comsumate Vs, Consamante Vs! Geez. Guy wouldn't know majisty if it bite him in the face.
Dood draws Tragdor with his magic paint and uses it to shut Strong Bad up.
The End
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TROOOOOOOOOGDOOOOOOOOR!!!! XD I laughed so freaking hard and I recognized him instantly XDDD bahahaha good show! XD
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And the Trogdor come in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!

It really was his best drawing ever.
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burninating teh peasants!!1

I love your entries way too much. ^_^
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NO ONE BEATS THE BURNINATOR!!!!!!!! :icontrogdorplz: :iconstrongbadplz: <NO ONE!!!!!!
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Heh heh! Nothing like consummate V's to set your enemies straight!
YunalanaStarphyer's avatar
AWESOME!! As soon as I saw the dragon, I thought--Trogdor...? Then I saw he had hands, and in the next panel I nearly died of laughter. XD I think I dented my floor... Great as ever!! Give me more reasons to love you!! =O
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zomg, its TROGDOR!!!!!!
nice work, really interesting comic ;D
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XD trogdor defeats all! :P
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Reading this again, I have to say that I am very impressed with how you write characters, how you pace your battles, and how creatively you spin an entire story. Also, that last panel with Dood floating down the river, followed innocently by the paint mosquito, is very evocative. No wonder you're a finalist.
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TRODGOOOORRRR !!!!!!!!!! (da na na NAAAHH da na na NAAAHHHH......)
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