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I'll be there by LamsAddict I'll be there by LamsAddict
I'm not gonna re-sketch it or colour it cause I'm a lazy couch potato

Anyways, this is based off of a story I'm writing (may become a comic if I'm willing to put effort into it).

Lemme just explain what's happening in the picture

Characters- (Kid with doctor coat on at the end) Gizmo (Other bean) Pages
Pages and his siblings saved Gizmo (and his siblings) from a hospital being over-runned by crows (Yes, the enemy in this story are crows, creativity maximized)
Pages and Gizmo shared a bond so Pages decided to raise him, train him, etc.
Then Gizmo is greeted by a demon named Hickoori, he persuades Gizmo to give him access to his body for reasons.
Then Hickoori basically takes over half of his brain and is able to screw around with his thoughts and movements, once he's done that he takes Gizmo to the hospital he was born at and he becomes a patient there after being abducted by ze crows. (More like just shoved through the doors cause he was just standing there)
They torture him to get word of the rebelious doggos and he breaks, spilling the beans on where their camp is and all that spICYNESS.
They then give him a job to be a doctor and Hickoori has now succeeded on taking over all of his brain except one part.
Pages is then captured by *dundundunn* Gizmo himself after being sent out on a capture mission for a spicy raise.
He tortures him some, gives him some wacko shots that make him a weird hybrid (keep in mind actual Gizmo isn't doing this, this is all Hickoori)
After awhile (like 2 minutes) Pages knocks that one part of Gizmos brain that hasnt been overrun by Hickoori into overdrive and finally Gizmo knocks Hickoori out of his system. (It continues, the story, but this is just a summary of the drawing)

tHAT's aLl fOlKs.

(by the way this is an AU I created when I was sleep deprived so that's probably why this is weird af)
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December 28, 2017
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