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Love the combined colors of the sweater, hair, lipstick (Gorgeous shade) and leaves Heart 
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Written as part of CRPhotography's Comment Month:

Lovely photo! The colors are great and the lighting is nice. The focus is good, and I really like the bokeh, but I wonder what this photo would look like with a lower f-stop. You don't have your camera data available, so I'm not sure what camera/lens you used or what settings, but if possible, I would suggest lowering the f-stop to get a softer focus. I like the girl's pose, but the composition throws me off a little. Right now, the right eye is in the center of the frame. If you wanted to keep the center composition, I would frame the image so that her other eye or maybe her chin was in the center. I'd also maybe raise her up in the frame a little. Another idea would be to maybe widen the frame so that you aren't as close to her and we could see more of the background. Just some thoughts. I'd also maybe clone out some of the loose strands of hair, but that's just me! Overall, the photo is very nice! :)
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Beautiful photo