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Stupid and secsy-I mean cool Overflow
This alien is cool. I like that Ben has a water alien since the beginning unlike the original who got it in Alien Force.

Better than Water Hazard. Fight me
So cool and fast
It's so cool. There aren't enough words to describe it
The fastest alien alive
I LOVE XLR8. It's one of my favourite aliens of Ben 10 and his omni enhanced form is my favourite. It hasn't so many points of articulation like a Marvel Legends but compared to the old toys of Ben 10, these toys are glorious.

And he can defeat Sonic. Fight me
Accepting the truth
B: Beep beep beep (What are you doing here?)

S: I accepted it.

B: Beep? (Accepted what?)

S: The fact that I'm not gonna be in your movie. It's just... I was so hyped and then they said "Hey, that's Blitzwing, not Starscream". That made me feel very very angry.

B: Beep (You broke my arm, my face plate and almost killed me. Yeah, very angry)

S: But then I thought about the movies anf their designs of us, the alien transforming robots. We can change our bodies, even our colours. My Unicron, the Seekers were identical before.

B: Beep Beep (I'm glad that Thundercracker changed his body. From the distance, all of you look identical)

S: I have to accept it. I can have a new body later, like Barricade or Dropkick. Just because we look similar it doesn't mean we are the same character. I know that now.

B: Beep (You could be way different in the future. Remember QUE?)

S: The Autobot who looked like Einstein?

B: Beep beep beep (That was Wheeljack)

So...Venom. I heard people saying that it's bad. You know what? I didn't like it, I REALLY LIKED IT. In my opinion, it's a good movie for Venom. It introduced the character really well. The characters are good, the plot is decent and the action scenes are awesome.

Plot: It's like Iron Man, Ant Man, Thor and others (there is a bad guy, something weird happens to the main character, he/she doesn't accept it but then he/she accepts it and at the end there is a final battle).

Characters: Eddie is good, Venom is very good, and the rest is decent.

There are good interactions between Venom and Eddie. Venom has more personality than the others (you know "Kill Spiderman, we will torture you, we're your nightmare" and more intimidating things). In the movie, he wanted to conquer the planet but then he realized that he's like Eddie and he decided to stay there. He wanted to be the only one. The rest of the characters have nice dialogues too.

The action was really good but I wanted to see more. Maybe there aren't many scenes because I heard that this movie hadn't too much money to spend in the CGI and other things.

I think this movie needed more time to be made. I felt that it was fast but not too much. They should have spent more time making it. I would have waited one year more for the movie. It could have better CGI scenes and more time for have a better plot.

The WORST parts: Sony, I HATE YOU!!! The trailers showed many scenes from the movie. Remember that scene when Venom ate that guy in the store? That scene appears in the LAST MINUTE of the movie. The best scenes are in the trailers. Sony, you are the worst. You did the same thing with Homecoming (I didn't watch them when Homecoming was out but, my god, they showed too much). Also, I wanted to see more of Riot. It's the typical 10 minutes villain (in terms of fighting against the "hero" like Yellow Jacket, Iron Monger and more)

The BEST parts: The action scenes are awesome, the dialogue, She Venom (yes, she is there for a few seconds for a good reason) and the post credits scenes. There is a guy in a prison who said that he would do a carnage whe he gets out (YES BABY, YOU KNOW WHO IS THAT GUY). And the final post credit scene 5 minutes of Spiderman into the Spiderverse. Yes, moments of another movie are in this movie. And the soundtrack (except for that WEIRD one in the beginning) are perfect.

Conclusion: There are scenes which are a little boring but I enjoyed the rest of the movie. I know that many people won't like the movie because is not "comic accurate" but I don't care about the comics. A movie can be good without being similar to the comics (Civil War is an example) so compare movies with the comics is ridiculous in my opinion. I enjoyed it and I would watch it again.

I hope we see more of Venom. They must meet Spiderman. And the red killing character MUST appear soon or later. Maybe this movie will have 4-6/10 in websites of reviews and people won't watch it. Too bad. The movie is like Ant Man and others, very similar in everything but, in my opinion, Venom is the best movie of these "gliches" (was like that?) movies

Now, if you excuse, I'm going to find a good Venom figure. BECAUSE I WANT ONE!!!


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The villains are better than heroes.

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