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[Sketch] Walk in rain by LamKarla

His mother is Japanese, but his father is American, so after she married her father, her mother had moved to America and lived there .

The day she was born is April 13th ... On friday ... Friday 13th :)

As soon as he was born, the sky rained very heavily...

The truth is that people don't think She is a lucky child, right...?


Right from birth , she wasn't healthy, just a normal kid. But unusual is She's very interested with the fire, because they are beautiful and brilliant.

She always dive into places where the fire started.

But, Her mother still loves her and takes care of her. From here they called her : Kasai Sander...

But on her 6th birthday , her mother on the way home with gift in hand for her ... the engine in the car was had some problems , her mother lost control and hit a tree. ..The oil flows out...


Something have to come...

Her mother burned to death

Kasai did not believe in her ears, The mother she loves the most... Is dead..

She screamed and fainted...


Today is the day of her mother's funeral. Kasai comforts herself that father will take care of her ... Everything will be ok ...And look at his face...She will never forget that face...that disgusting face...

Her father is smiling

A smile satisfied and there isn't mourn for her mother...

" Why...?? Why father smile...????"

She asked herself why father do like was just a coincidence, right ??? Until her father said ....

"Kasai, you stay in this house , It's too old, I will send money every month for you, I will go to Japan and own of your mother house"

She was surprised ...Why does father say that ?? ... Kasai hugs her father and cries...

"No ... Father...Stay with me...Don't go...!!!"


He slaps her and pushes her away...

"Shut up !! Little bitch ! You think I love you ??? Never !! I married your mother because Her huge fortune only !!! Now GO AWAY !!

And he left ... leave her alone ...

...It's raining ... She cries...cries...but nobody knows ...

"This feeling is alone...??"

__To be continue__

( Sorry i have some problem...)

Translate : Me and SlenderJr-smiledog 

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Submitted on
June 18, 2017


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