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Hey i open commission again ! T w T

[i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun CHIBI [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun

Full body : 300 points Points 
Half body : 150 points Points 
Headshot : 80 points Points 

La Vi by LamKarla

Darcy by LamKarla

Hp by LamKarla

[i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun NORMAL  [i]: potted flower pixel by blushbun

Headshot : 100 points Points 

Mascot 2 by LamKarla

Comm For Nhen by LamKarla

(This just some my old art)

Half body : 250 points Points 

Knee up *3/4* : 320 points Points 

Vestttt by LamKarla

( because i don't have many sample T w T )

cry orange send me a Note if you want to commission Kao Emoji-26 (Cry) [V2] 

+ Simple background are free  

+ Sketch --> Payment ---> Finish

+ The price may be changed due to the details. 

+ Please don't rush me 


Commission type: 

Character references: 

Personality of the char: 

Pose ( describe ):

Background: Note:

+ 18+ , Nude ,...
+ Old people

Ok that all q w q if you have a question, ask me ;_; Thank you !
FINALY :(((((((( I have updated Kasai's Ref

HERE Q W Q!!!!
Creepypasta Oc : Kasai Akuma by LamKarla

And i am working on AT so don't worry , I don't forget it q w q Just i have something to do....Soooooo it's will take a long time ...Sorry T w T
I HAVE 200 WATCHER !?!?!?!



Btw Do you have any question for Kasai (My Oc) ?? If yes ask her :33

Check this amazing commisson

Her art is very pretty !!!

Support her please !!

Just boring , guys q w q... Llama Emoji-36 (Bored) [V2] 


Comment your oc if You enjoy this and i will draw them (Sketch) in the first time Kasai ( My Creepypasta oc ) meet them . :nyancat: 

 As well as Kasai's feelings about them! SansLA 

I don't know does anyone care this q w q But Ok !! .....YOU. 

(Sorry for my bad english...)
[Sketch] Walk in rain by LamKarla

His mother is Japanese, but his father is American, so after she married her father, her mother had moved to America and lived there .

The day she was born is April 13th ... On friday ... Friday 13th :)

As soon as he was born, the sky rained very heavily...

The truth is that people don't think She is a lucky child, right...?


Right from birth , she wasn't healthy, just a normal kid. But unusual is She's very interested with the fire, because they are beautiful and brilliant.

She always dive into places where the fire started.

But, Her mother still loves her and takes care of her. From here they called her : Kasai Sander...

But on her 6th birthday , her mother on the way home with gift in hand for her ... the engine in the car was had some problems , her mother lost control and hit a tree. ..The oil flows out...


Something have to come...

Her mother burned to death

Kasai did not believe in her ears, The mother she loves the most... Is dead..

She screamed and fainted...


Today is the day of her mother's funeral. Kasai comforts herself that father will take care of her ... Everything will be ok ...And look at his face...She will never forget that face...that disgusting face...

Her father is smiling

A smile satisfied and there isn't mourn for her mother...

" Why...?? Why father smile...????"

She asked herself why father do like was just a coincidence, right ??? Until her father said ....

"Kasai, you stay in this house , It's too old, I will send money every month for you, I will go to Japan and own of your mother house"

She was surprised ...Why does father say that ?? ... Kasai hugs her father and cries...

"No ... Father...Stay with me...Don't go...!!!"


He slaps her and pushes her away...

"Shut up !! Little bitch ! You think I love you ??? Never !! I married your mother because Her huge fortune only !!! Now GO AWAY !!

And he left ... leave her alone ...

...It's raining ... She cries...cries...but nobody knows ...

"This feeling is alone...??"

__To be continue__

( Sorry i have some problem...)

Translate : Me and SlenderJr-smiledog 

NOTE: this is before she got with Diamond!!

tagged by NightmareQueenKasei >:3 EYY

Follow The Rules Using One Of Your OC's (( Original Characters ))

1)Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people.
4) feel free to add some questions of your own.

Character: Kasai Akuma (Kasai )

1) What gender are you?
Kasai :female.

2) What is your age?
Kasai : I am 14

3) Do you want a hug?
Kasai: Who are you ?

4) Do you have any bad habits?
Kasai : a lot

5) What is your favorite food?
Kasai : fish and chicken

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Kasai : Chocolate

7) Are you a virgin?
Kasai :....

8) Have you killed anyone?
Kasai: Sure thing

9) Do you hate anyone?
Kasai: Yes , a lot

10) Do you have any secrets?
Kasai: Maybe...?

11) What is your favorite season?
Kasai: i like Summer

12) Who are your best friends?
Kasai : Violet Evans

13) What are your hobbies?
Kasai: Burning

14) What is your favorite drink?
Kasai: orange

15) When is your birthday?
Kasai : April 13th ( I was born on Friday ...)

16) What age did you die?
Kasai :I am alive...

17) Are you ice or mean?
Kasai: hmm...

18) What do you think of your creator?
Kasai: I love her !

19) What is your weakness?
Kasai : LOL NOPE

20) How long can you stay under water?
Kasai: I hate water....So only 3 minute

21) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Kasai :Eat, sleep, burn,...

22) Do you love someone?
Kasai: Yes

23) Does that person love you back?
Kasai : I don't know

24) Do you like me?
Kasai :hmmm who are you ?

25) What do you consider fun in the day time?
Kame: climb on the tree and sleep

26) At night?

Kasai : walk around the city and kill someone

27) Do you like meatballs?
Kasai :i never eat before 

28) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs?
Kasai :what...?

29) Are you gay?
Kasai : nope

30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days straight. What do you do if you start to starve in ONLY A 2-DAY RADIUS?
Kasai : i have no idea

31) Wow, really?
Kasai : Yes and don't ask again !

32) What is your place of origin?
Kasai : US and Japan

33) Large or small family?
Kasai : i only need my mom...

34) Who are your parents?
Kasai : Mom , Dad , aunt but they all dead

35) Do you have a phobia?
Kasai : Yes man...

36) Piercing/tattoos?
Kasai :...

37) Addicted to anything?
Kasai : No...i guess

37) Is this quiz over?
Kasai : How can i know ???

38) If you could say one thing to your creator right now, anything at all, what would it be?
Kasai : i love you !!! Thank you for never give up on me !!!

39) Which of your parents do you look more like?
Kasai : of course my mom

40) Say you were locked in a room with the person you hated most for a full day. What would you do to pass the time?
Kasai : Do you think that person can alive for a day...? *smiles*

41) What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?
Kasai : hmmm...

42) Are you tired of this quiz?
Kasai : not really, it's very fun

43) If you were to choose who to tag, who would you choose?

Kasai : Nonechan , RionMevan  , matabeo70 , lindaevasn , SlenderJr-smiledog 

DO IT >:33333333 !!!
Please report this fake account (Pls share this) by BoXGirlVivi
Check here :

I love Nina The Killer (old ver.) ||Bases thief|| by BoXGirlVivi

This person hidden Vivi's comments about telling them to credit the bases !! How the F*ck ??


I will open commission !! If you like my art, you can buyLlama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 

  Pay by points Points 

(I will draw DIGI ART )

Bullet; Orange  Headshot :

Style 1 : 10 points Points / char ( no BG )

Request 3 by LamKarla

Style 2 : 20 points / char Points 
[COMMISSION] Kasai and Mirror by LamKarla

Bullet; Orange Half-body : 30 points Points / char ( have simple BG )

[ART TRADE] Cherry the Weapon by LamKarla

ClockWork fanart by LamKarla

[GIFT] Little Lily by LamKarla

Bullet; Orange Fullbody chibi :

  Style 1 :50 points Points  / char ( have simple background 55 points Points, BG DetailS 60 points Points )

[Fanart] Y O S A F I R E by LamKarla

Fanart Stocking by LamKarla

Rachel Gardner by LamKarla

Style 2 : 35 points Points  / char (simple background 40 points Points, BG DetailS 45 points Points )

[COMMISSION] N O I R R A M O S S by LamKarla

[COMMISSION] M I S A K I by LamKarla


I will draw
+Oc x Oc
  .....and so on...
I won't draw

Ok that all q w q if you have a question, ask me ;_; i don't know who will care this...
tagged by :iconbabyb01:

Looks fun so i'll do it q w q My english is very very bad ...


1 if you are going to put this in a journal entry credit me
2 tag anyone you wish
3 have fun

lets go (answer like you are your oc) Kasai !

* what is you pasta name? 
=> Kasai : They call me Children of fire demon Because i always burn everything after i kill my victim

*what victims do you go for? 
=> Kasai : I go for Everyone, only need they're human

*What happens when your pray or victim gets away?
=> Kasai : I'll find them and cut and Burn them !!

*Do you prefer to kill alone, or with other pastas ? And why?
=> Kasai : everything fine with me, But usually i kill alone

*Can you easily hide your emotions?
=> Kasai : I'm very tempered, sometime i easy to get mad

*What is your first memory?
=> Kasai : My mom loves me, She calls me "an Angle" And She DEATH ...

*Do you feel guilty about anything in the past?
=> Kasai : Yeah...with my mom

*Is there any way for you to go back and have a normal-ish life?  
If yes what is there for you?
If no why not?
=> Kasai : NO...I'll never go back life with them...NEVER !!

*How many kills has you done?
=> Kasai : A lot of

*On any killing spree was there any problems?
=> Kasai : Yeah, They throwed water on me

*What is your most precious material object? What would happen if you lost it? Why is it so important?
=> Kasai : Befor that, It was Mom's necklace , the last thing mom gave me but it was lost

*How long does it usually take for you to trust others pasta`s ?
=> Kasai : Usually , 5 minutes

*What was the most embarrassing thing you have ever seen at one of the houses you were in?
=> Kasai : Father kills mother

*What would you give to be human?
=> Kasai : Evil, Cruel

* What creepypasta(s) do you look up to?
And why?
=> Kasai : Someone can be friend , Because i won't alone anymore

*What is your favorite weapon?
=> Kasai : My katana

 *Who are your friends?
=> Kasai : A lot

*Who are your Enemy(ies) ?why?
=> Kasai : Adrik

*How do you treat the other pastas around you?
=> Kasai : Like they treat to me 

Tag : Sorry q w q i want to understand more about your Oc , if you was tagged so don't need to do again q w q


Kasai's mother is a kind women , She love Kasai so much . She is from Japan...But After she married her father, they went to US and live there...

Image by LamKarla

But...She "went to the heaven"...On Kasai's birthday, because of her father...He killed her...

Image by LamKarla

" Goodbye Kasai...I love you so much...But i think it's time i need to go...!"

(Just want to tell you more about Kasai's Mother >w< Her stories are not yet)

This Guy harassed people...

Stop harassing people  by BoXGirlVivi

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Kết quả hình ảnh cho erza scarlet

 My full name's Tran Hai Lam and i live in Vietnam Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Just call me Karla or Lam if you want Bunny Emoji-01(Excited) [V1] 

 My english is very bad Ụ w Ụ Sorry about that Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] 

but i'll try my best Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 

I love to have Art Trade with you ^^ if you want Bunny Girl Emoji-53 (Notice me please) [V3] 

And if you like my Art =>> Watch <<= i'll very happy Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho kurumi tokisaki smile

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