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Hi there! This is a group for nitro+CHiRAL's game Lamento: Beyond the Void.

1. Don't spam the comments section with technical problems of the game. Look if your question is answered in the FAQ. If not or you can't solve it, send a note.
2. Be active! Suggest favorites! Contribute!
3. Lamento related contributions only! Anything else will be rejected.
4. When contributing... Try to get it in the right category. If you don't, it's okay. We'll put it in the right place. So don't resubmit. Unless said to. :]
5. Give the admins at least a week to approve submissions and requests to join the group. We aren't that active on dA anymore.

Where can I download the game?
-Go and register at Aarinfantasy's forums.
I'm getting errors!
-Did you change the language for non-unicode programs on your computer? Do that by going to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options. On Languages tab, check "Install files for For East Asian Languages". Go to the Advanced tab and at the drop down select Japanese. Then uninstall and restart. Then install it again.
Is there a English patch?
-No, there isn't a full patch. But, there is a incomplete translation at the Lamento LJ community and a very rough translation of Rai's route and a bit of Asato's on Youtube. Someone is trying to fully translate it here, but the status on the project is unknown though...
Is there a text extractor that fully works?
-None. As far as I know. A user claims you can use the patched ATGH to extract text by UserHookA. I haven't tried that out yet.

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Hi guys!

I've been a huge and unwavering Lamento fan for years and years and slowly I've watched this group move slower. This isn't just due to inactivity but also as Lamento was rather overshadowed by DMMD (which is expected, that's the newest Nitro+Chiral game after all!)

I've been the one still accepting art and cosplay photos into the group and since the founder is no longer on dA I wasn't able to make changes to the group. I'm only a contributor on here. I wanted to be able to give more updates on Nitro+Chiral's movements and on the progress of the translation so I've opened a new group for Lamento!

:iconlamento-love: :iconlamento-love: :iconlamento-love: :iconlamento-love: :iconlamento-love:

Since I'm now going to manage Lamento-love there will be no one here to manage and accept contributions. If you want to submit Lamento things, please send them there now. Thank you so much!
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Hey is this group still active? I'm a big lamento fan n_n
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I'm a huge Lamento fan and I'm still accepting things into the group. I'm not sure if the other two are still active but I'll check.
Tengu101 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh excellent thank you ^_^ 
The69thEye Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
just wondering if this group is still active X3
King-Hime Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
As and extreme Lamento fan, I say yes. I still add pictures to the group when I can and I'm super up to date on the Lamento translation work so if you want to submit something then I'll do my best to get online and add it!
The69thEye Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
Oh thank you for the reply ^w^
I shall join then and spam the gallery with some of my cosplay pics X3 ~ <3
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Hello~ I'm cosplayer jel. Can i join me????
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Of course!
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Hey is this group still accepting members? I sent a request four days ago. :>
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