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I cannot begin to express the gratitude and kindness given to me by this fandom. You're all simply and utterly amazing and I wish I could just hug all of you.
Thank you all for your kind words and kind expressions. I will do my best to not disappoint you guys and I will continue to try my best to give this fandom what it deserves.

Thank you everything. With that:
If you'd like to keep up with works in progress, cosplay shots, little how to's, crafts, art, anything, please feel free to friend me on Tumblr! I post there quite a bit. [Random things, Hetalia, Homestuck, funny posts, images, cute animals, dresses, Tiger Bunny, the works. I tend to keep it relatively SFW.]
[Cosplay Gallery]:…
[Homestuck Horn Gallery]:…

:star:Status: CLOSED We are now working our way through the orders we currently have, and then we will building a stock to take to Fanime. Whatever we get made before then is what we will have to sell there. It will be first come first serve. Orders will be open at some point after Fanime, and we will be posting about that here closer to that time. Just for clarification, this means we won't be open for orders until June at the earliest.

:star:PLEASE NOTE: Horns take 6-9 (right now this is just a rough ESTIMATE) weeks for completion so please keep that in mind if you're hoping to get some for the upcoming cosplay season. This is because we make each pair of horns as they are ordered. We do not have a stock of them on hand. We WILL NOT be taking rush orders. There is no way to speed up this process, so we ask for your patience. We also still have a pile of orders from our holiday sale that we're working through. So again, please be patient.

:star:US SHIPPING: $10
:bulletblue:Terezi: $20
:bulletred: Karkat: $20  
:bulletgreen:Kanaya: $25
:bulletgreen:Nepeta: $25
:bulletyellow:Sollux: $25
:bulletblue: Equius: $25
:bulletpink: Feferi: $29
:bulletblue: Vriska: $29
:bulletpurple: Gamzee: $40
:bulletpurple: Eridan: $40
:bulletred: Aradia: $40
:bulletred: AradiaBOT: $60
:bulletorange: Tavros: 70 We are currently working on a better way to make these, and will have these for sale as soon as we can.
Ancestor Horns!
:bulletgreen: Disciple: $29
:bulletred: Sufferer: $29
:bulletyellow: Ψiioniic : $29
:bulletblue: Red Glare: $29

:bulletgreen: Dolorosa: $40
:bulletblue: Dark Leer: $40
:bulletblue: Mind Fang: $40

:bulletpurple: Dualscar: $45


TO EVERYONE STILL WAITING ON THEIR ORDER. We are getting horns made as quickly as we can. There are only two of us doing this, so please be patient. You will get your horns.

I do apologize to everyone for the delay in getting our earlier orders out. I've had a few family crises that have put me and my mother in the hospital and various physical therapy wards so I am able to continue working. I will get things shipped ASAP. And again, I apologize for the delay but thank you everyone for being so understanding. Because of our sale and you guys, I was able to help my parents from being homeless and we were able to have a Christmas and I am able to now quality for the proceeding steps that will lead to my spinal repair surgery. So thank you everyone.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year.

:star:The Homestuck Troll Horns done by me were blessed with OFFICIAL STATUS by creator, Andrew Hussie. While I thank the people who do tell me that it's illegal to sell them, yes, I am aware but I also have his permission to be his merchant.

Have any questions? Our F.A.Q. is here:…
Please read it before commenting.

If that didn't answer your question, please email Pk at or leave a note here on my deviantArt.

© 2011 - 2021 Lambentworld
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PangPangTheDemonCat's avatar
No explanation? I'm not trying to be rude but I would like a reason. Oh jeez this sounds really insensitive of me. 
Lambentworld's avatar

This journal's like 5 years old and the explanation is that I stopped doing them?

Whatpumpkin has their own official horns now and pretty sure it's easy to find horns on ebay from Chinese companies.
PangPangTheDemonCat's avatar
I just thought that yours we're really good. Again I didn't mean to be rude I'm terribly sorry if it came across that way.
D0CT0Rchrome's avatar
I would like to know, when I can order one please :3 
eboni-napalm's avatar
Will you ever open again? :(
RainbowfiedPaws's avatar
When do you think you'll open again?
Cryaotic1girl's avatar
I could make horns for half that much, shit these are expensive.
Lambentworld's avatar
That's great that you can! But the prices were that high because 45% of the entire cost went directly to Andrew Hussie. I had to mark them up so I could at least make some of my own costs in making them and shipping them.
Cryaotic1girl's avatar
Oh okay, sorry about saying they weren't cheaper then! I didn't know. Shrug 
DerpFangurl's avatar
Could you at least tell me the materials needed? I really want to go as nepeta fir Comic Con! DX
LeopardusPardali's avatar
h3y  h3y...
1 w4nt 4n 3st1m4t3...
carina1's avatar
ChocolateLlamaPie29's avatar
W1LL YOU M4K3 MOR3? >:?
Knight-Of-Insanity's avatar
awe dang it i just started making cosplay for homestuck and all i need is the horns TT^TT
defeatedart's avatar
dont you hate when that happens. 
Knight-Of-Insanity's avatar
yeah an the sucky part is now i have the suit for mituna and i'm gonna buy a helmet to modify to be like mituna's so all i'll need after that is horns 
defeatedart's avatar
i can help you if you still need horns
Knight-Of-Insanity's avatar
i think i'm going to use clay. just gotta buy some is the problem but i'll get it done. thanks for the offer though :) 
ashou-chan's avatar
Noooo.... Please re-open ;_;
MarionetteDreamer's avatar
will you let us know when its open again?
PhoenixNinja66's avatar
Why is everything crossed out?
ICannotEvenShip's avatar
Because it's over.
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