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Homestuck Horns Tutorial Part One

WELP I tried to make a tutorial on crafting. I hope people understand my horrible English.

I also hope it helps a bit. If you have any questions, I'll be sure to answer them the best I can!

Part Two will come in a few days! Still waiting for them to dry.

Homestuck Troll Horns (c) Andrew Hussie

Have any questions? Our F.A.Q. is here: [link]
Please read it before commenting.
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AllyVale's avatar
So cool! I'm gonna cosplay Vriska. So this is super useful! Thx 8D
PerryPickny's avatar
wow this is very useful X3 (I want to cosplay Gamzee and I thought "How da fuck do I make the fucking horns?!?" until I came across this!! so this will definatly helpful and also, I can use my clay model making magic ;3)
谢谢 (thank you) HoNk : o)
Can I use a hot-glue gun if a crack appears.
Cryaotic1girl's avatar
I'm not entirely sure... but you could try and see how it works out.
rfpizippy's avatar
tip, if you usually get it cracked and stuff, try paper clay. it's the same thing as model magic, but it hardens up so much, that you can use sandpaper to fix it. it's heavier, warning!
deathbringer1012's avatar
No, I disagree! 
Gingerpelt101's avatar
Hi! I've heard from many people that model magic doesn't work... How do you keep it from breaking?
Cryaotic1girl's avatar
Some people use something (Can't remember the name, sorry) to harden them so they don't break.
sabrabotix's avatar
I think it's Mod Podge?
BuckFan21's avatar
this is really helpful! thanks ^^
SourKiss's avatar
are they light?
Cryaotic1girl's avatar
No, actually. I made Aradia horns with Model Magic and they aren't really light (3 days with horns on a headband xD). 
SourKiss's avatar
damn yeah i've made horns once and they were heavy so they hurt after a while 
Cryaotic1girl's avatar
The struggles we put up with.
SourKiss's avatar
yes indeed the struggle is real
Pandacorn6's avatar
how long do they typically take to dry? I'll be using these for a few days at a con so also will they be durable enough? 
Cryaotic1girl's avatar
My friend made his three days before and a crack appeared in the one. I waited two days and they were okay. I'd wait around a week or so before (The inside has to dry).
Icetalon11's avatar
If you're putting them on a black headband, how do you get it to stay on? Do you glue it?
Ambasu's avatar
you might want to put a wire in the middle of the horns then attach the wire threw the head band then add some heavy duty glue. If you're ever seen Heroes of cosplay Heather does this with one of her and her friend's creations.
Icetalon11's avatar
lol thats okay i already finished them i just hot glued them to the headband XD it was only for halloween anyways
Ambasu's avatar
Awesome xD i bet it looked glorious xD
Icetalon11's avatar
Lol! They actually came out pretty good except i didn't have time to dye my hair so i had to use the spray and it looked like my hair was a wig that just got tossed through a chicken coop or something -_-
Ambasu's avatar
XD HAHAHAHA That's horrible, i'm so sorry. But i bet it looked great anyway.
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