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I realize I have not uploaded many pieces lately, but hopefully that will be fixed soon here. I have been working as a game tester at Namco Bandai, and am finding that having full time work and a social life, and getting artwork done are three things that don't mix easily. I've had some time off recently though, so we'll see if I can't make up for lost time.
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I have just posted some poster versions of three of my newer drawings on my Zazzle account… Check them out if you'd like, thanks!
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So I feel really dumb now, I just realized that i had uploaded my costume tutorial in .docx format, but never actually tired to view it, turns out when you try and download it you get this zip folder with a bunch of junk in it, I couldn't even find the actual document >_< anyway, it is now a nice clean .pdf so it should be good now, if anyone wanted to check it out for real.
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wow, I am still getting notes about this costume, asking about how I made it. SO I'm working on a big ol' how-to/set of design notes so everyone can know exactly how I did it. Of course if theres still questions then I'll always be here to ask. =P
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Its my first week of college with a full scecule! and I swear, my school looks like an escher drawing >_< I'll take some pictures to prove it.
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Ok, I have not said anything about this so far because I dont really have an opinion, but people dont seem to know when to let it be.
There is nothing wrong with the diablo 3 art direction. It is differant from 1 and 2 yes, but honestly? stop complaining, there is probably a reason you are not designing this game yourself. Here… if you think you could do a better job then be my guest, put in an application.

I know that noone reads this, but if you have a friend, please pass on the message.
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I saw wanted last night (it's finnaly in the cheap theatre) and I want to say right now, that movie is identical to the dark brotherhood qestline in Oblivion..... not even kidding, it was kindof silly. I really liked it nonetheless.

also, there might be some new pictures of clothing coming soon... I have something in the works.
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It has been finally decided that I will be going to PAX this year rather than kumoricon as usual, this is kindof a big deal because I have so far been to every kumoricon EVER.
anyway, anyone else going? say hi if you are, I'll be easy to spot, I'll be the one in the red latex catsuit and gas mask, carrying the axe wraped in barbed wire. heh....

EDIT: scratch that last part, no costume for me this time, hopefully I can finish it for another con.
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Seriously, it happened again. Theres this guy in my computer class, seemed kindof cool, games, finds the class as boring as I do, I start talking to him (actually he starts hitting on me) and hey wait.... he's a freaking console/halo fanboy... who owns a zoon. I'm having trouble not being condecending. Somebody please restore my faith in good taste!

edit: just to clarify, I wasn't interested in this guy, I just though we could be friends.
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I finnaly put up pictures of my latest costume. I'm never wearing that again!!! it made my legs super sore from standing on tip toes in flip flops for two days strait >_< anyway, got some good pictures. next up: girl pyro!
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I made a cafepress account today, Ive only made one design so far, but check it out nonetheless, therell be more,

and just for the record, ive totoaly done this… and it was halarious.

actually, scratch that... zazzle is much better thanks for looking...
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Well that was fun, thanks to all the other valve cosplayers, you guys were awesome at the photoshoot! there were alot of really good TF2 costumes there. If anyone comes acrost pictures of that Id really apreciate a link, :P

also!  forgot to mention, I talked to a guy from valve while in costume, he was a programmer for HL2 and counter strike (Ithink?) but it was really loud and I froze up and babbled when i realised what was going on, so he probably thought I was a fangirl or something, >_< ah well, he aproved of the portal gun anyway, ^_^
Its almost sakuracon time again and I'm nearly done with this year's costume, Chell of portal. if anyone is going and wants to meet up or anything let me know!

also, I have a couple new drawings Im working on, you'll see them soon.
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for those of you with a steam account and ten bucks to spare should all go buy AudioSurf with said prerequisites, its amazing, like bejeweld meets DDR meets.... digital therapist, total stress releaver. you use your own music and it automatically makes the track to go with it, seriously, go do it, right now.   
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please tell me this is a joke, how did this get on the first page of "popular"? the sad part is that this person Isn't even a really bad artist (as far as anime goes) so why are they getting recognised for this? graaarg.... -_-   somebody please explain it to me.... please?
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Through a rather obscure chain of events I've become aware of the yet to be in open beta Korean FPSMMORPG Huxley, which looks SWEET if you havent gotten a chance to check it out yet. The gameplay looks a bit like UT2K4 but with counter strike style objectives and MMO ish character leveling and equipment. :P thats all.
      Also! I'm teaching myself maya, so i might upload some of the models ive been working on :P
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i finnaly have some sort of website up, if you guys want to check it out, right now theres nothing on there that i dont have here, ('cept for some life sketches) but id apreciate a look anyway ^_^ thanks to everyone!
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I am being spammed with notes, advertising sites with art/writing contests (and other stuff). does anyone know how to stop these? the accounts that they are from appear to be banned, but i keep getting them.  blarg.
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also, unreal tournament 3 demo sucks ass, feels like a console. And I was looking forward to it too! Ill probably rant more about it later.
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Ill be at Kumoricon in portland this weekend, if you want to meet up or anything note me! or just say hi, I'll be dressed as paprika from paprika for atleast part of the con. woohoo!
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