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February 25, 2009
With nice colors and appropriate details, Scholny Univercitet icons by ~lambda easily drew my attentions when I browsed the gallery.
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Scholny Univercitet icons

Icon set for the site

3d - vector

details: [link]

Wow, thanx ^yingjunjiu and all of you ppl)
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© 2008 - 2022 lambda
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Hello, how do I buy the icons or do you have the download link?
lambda's avatar
Hi, they were commissioned by my client, I have no rights to sell them.
Ok thank you very much, but if you need to order some icons what is the value of each icon?
XdiZ's avatar
It's perfect ! Good job :winner:
sunyuan's avatar
3d icon very cool
BrushArtist's avatar
you are the master dude!!!
ausom icons,
so realistic.
and more thing,
may you help me please?
i really love thos icons,
and i want to use some of them in my forum (just if you will allow me.)
so can you make this picture to Transform and ill use it in my forum please?
lambda's avatar
They are belong to my client, sorry can't help here.
BrushArtist's avatar
aren't you designing icons thet for example forum owners can use as "forum category" icon?
actually what i need from you is if you can, (or want :P) design to me some icons please?
i pretty sure you won't design to me :P but if you will,
please design to me (or find for me if you can) Graphic icon, and sport icon (high quality and looking good one) ok?
please help me,
i really need it.
Ty :)
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Мне нравится

Russians rulezz;-)
Great work, but where is the download link? I think all of the people here and elsewhere would love to use your icons.

I hate seeing such beautiful icons with no way to download them!!!

:) Hope to be able to DL them soon!
Same here. It will be great to give us the oppurtunity to download them :) (without comming in Russia )
yankoa's avatar
moonrkr's avatar
how can I download it as .ico?
lambda's avatar
You can travel in Russia, in the Siberian city of Tomsk.
Than you should find 'Scholny Univercitet' company here. You have to work there, so try any of vacancies. After that you can take this icons from the 'Scholny Univercitet' designer's computer while she drinks coffee.

astroX10's avatar
¡Estupendo arte!

Just amazing work, congrats :D
milo13200's avatar
really great icons! a fine job!
GareebSAG's avatar
Huge work.

How can i download it? If u don't mind.
lambda's avatar
sorry u cant(
DARK0NA's avatar
высочайшее качество! Мне нравится ;)
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