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2018 is Officially over! 
thought i probably should have posted this four days ago but a little game call Europa universals 4 has been eating up my spare time since Christmas so Sorry about that, so with 2019 i thought i'd try and set some goals for myself this year since i'm outta collage and i got bucket loads of free time to spare;

  • First off its probably best to create some updated reference's for my Characters since the ones I've posted are from two years ago and are way too scruffy and a general mess for my liking.
  • Secondly a Few more regiments for the Colonial Regiments illustrations i started last year, mainly focusing on ones that I've done in the past such as the polictical gaurd, These three designs I've posted during 2018 (UHSA doodle and UHSA specilist regiments ) as well as one dedicated to the U.H.S.A's Standard armour templates that is issued to colonies who don't have any unique uniform or amour designs. (e.g. these where from 2016 so its kinda manditory. UHSA marine designs)
  • Thirdly maybe a bunch of references for the Species within the Divided stars Universe, largely so its easier to find since its kinda scattered around in my gallery at the moment.
  • And finally some more digital art, since 2018 was the year i actually made some stuff i can actually look back on with some sense of pride ( and accomplishment.)
So with that said and done heres to hoping for another good year in 2019,
And before i leave i thought i'd leave you with some personal highlights from 2018!

spacesuits by Lambda-fallout125 A station of towering metal  by Lambda-fallout125  belko 2 by Lambda-fallout125 Alien suit by Lambda-fallout125martian plains by Lambda-fallout125Cyra Tf by Lambda-fallout125 FCH doodle by Lambda-fallout125 <-- i chose the one cuz cuz he looks like hes being sassy XD
searching by Lambda-fallout125 Napoleonic trench  by Lambda-fallout125
DnD with the mercs by Lambda-fallout125 forrunner design by Lambda-fallout125 HUG4foodz by Lambda-fallout125
Roman grenadier by Lambda-fallout125 digital Wavali sketch by Lambda-fallout125 Red star city by Lambda-fallout125 cyra-greg comic by Lambda-fallout125 Detained by Lambda-fallout125 Lil del by Lambda-fallout125 wotw: dead london by Lambda-fallout125 Cyberus by Lambda-fallout125 Halloween sarge and Elite by Lambda-fallout125 Colonial Regiment #2 NorMark by Lambda-fallout125 Belltop Shako by Lambda-fallout125 Tired Drummer boy by Lambda-fallout125 

So i'f your reading this that means you took the time to check out all of these sketches, so all i can do now is thank you for reading this all the way to the end! XD
© 2019 - 2020 Lambda-fallout125
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