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so anyone remember the gift-comic i did for :icondragunalb: a few days ago? well she loved it!
Colo Theif by Lambda-fallout125

Well turns out someone else was quite fond of it as well, an artist by the name SGTMasterCodyjames :iconrwbarchive: who is a friend of Dragunalb uploaded this yesterday as a gift and i just love it! :D

If you dont know the Kavali (the big alien in red) in this was from a one-off doodle i did last year as an excuse to draw a redcoat kavali (as seen here:British belltop kavali by Lambda-fallout125 ) and to be Honest im amazed by how much he was able to get right ,is it perfect? well no as those elbow spikes aren't exactly on the elbow (along with the grey skin) but you know what i Don't Care im just happy someone took that much of an interest in my work to do something like this! :D
I Strongly Recommend any of my watchers reading this to go watch his account, the guy only has 55 watchers at the time of posting and to be honest he really deserves more!
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Well, thank you for the recommendation.
But I don't think that's going to happen.

But still, I'm glad you like the small gift I gave you.
And hope to see great things from you In the future. 8)
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Glad you two found each other =)