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BEAR WITTINESS BEHOLD! MY LATEST...... STUFF or something like that...


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i Sketch sketchy sketches
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello congratulations if you're reading this the you have eyes
hello i am a sci-fi illustrator who uploads sketches /doodles and illustrations on a regular basis...
please feel free to comment or favourite on any work you like…


Kavali Musketeer
Recently I've been going through a minor phase of being interested with musket weaponry during the Renaissance period, so much so that i wanted to design a musketeer look for a kavali.
And i gotta i'm kinda liking how it turned out, especially with the musket it self being basically a kavali grade weapon, and just for fun there's as the human pair next to it showing how human's would use said kavali grade weapons!
pickelhaube doodle
the icon of mid 19th century German army "die Pickelhaube"...
also on a side note I've also figured out how to draw the dam thing so... yay more possible Germans in the future! 
for Cyra's Halloween design i thought i'd go all out with a giant Cyberus...
Get it? its cyra crossed Cerberus?...
eh its not cannon anyway but i thought i'd be fun anyway, least its better than my last Halloween idea i had with cyra! :P

Anther 2018 Design for my other Characters: Halloween sarge and Elite
anyway heres a link to here regular design: cyra doodle 5
and a link to my previous attempt from 2016 if ya really curious: halloween merc costumes
Halloween sarge and Elite
i wanted to do something Halloween sketches this year so here's an 80's boombox wielding skeleton version E-lite (usually a robot for those who are new) and sarge as a Vampire Hunter

also a link to another Halloween redesign of a character of mine:
Armaments of the Political Gaurd
Here we have a small collection of some of the weapons and equipment used by the political guard as of the present day in the divided stars universe (3005 A.D).

The armament of the guard largely consists of Woodstock finish takes on standard issue fires like submachine guns, pistols and revolvers commonly used by throughout the United human solar alliances. with the exception being the Belcaster Tactica-2938 standard issue "Bessy" rifle which is a burst-fire rifle specific made for the guard.

On the equipment side is the Political Guard's uniform featuring there most distinguishing feature the "armoured shako" which was created in the image of the Napoleonic British Royal Coldstream Guard in 2637 A.D, it is mostly comprised of light weight, plasma resistant metals with the exceptions being the golden or bronze trim, the optional feather, and some fabric lining the inside of the shako.
aside from the shako and the red battledress, the guard also utilise a modified U.H.S.A Neck-guard Combat vest featuring painted on line to resemble the undercoat.
wotw: dead london
a Exerpt from the 1978 Progressive rock adaption of H.G.well's Sci-fi classic War Of The Worlds:

"There were a dozen dead bodies in the Euston road, their outlines softened by the black dust. All was still, houses locked and empty, shops closed, but looters had helped themselves to wine and food, and outside a jewelers some gold chains and a watch were scattered on the pavement.
Martian: "Ulla!"
I stopped, staring towards the sound. It seemed as if that mighty desert of houses had found a voice for its fear and solitude.
Martian: "Ulla!"
The desolating cry worked upon my mind. The wailing took possession of me. I was intensely weary, footsore, hungry and thirsty. Why was I wandering alone in this city of the dead? Why was I alive when London was lying in state in its black shroud? I felt intolerably lonely, drifting from street to empty street, drawn inexorably towards that cry..."
Wotw: Heat Rays
A Exerpt from the 1978 Progressive rock adaption of H.G.well's Sci-fi classic War Of The Worlds

"..A few young men crept closer to the pit. A tall funnel rose and an invisible ray of heat leapt from man to man, and there was a bright glare as each was instantly turned to fire. Every tree and bush became a mass of flames at the touch of this savage, unearthly heat..."
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I've recently reached the milestone of having 150 watchers on the ACCOUNT, and to celebrate i want to ask YOU my watcher a question...
what would you like to see more of from this account?

more divided star or original sketch's?
more digital art?
more animations?
or should i do some more Garry's mod stuff?


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