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BEAR WITTINESS BEHOLD! MY LATEST...... STUFF or something like that...


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i Sketch sketchy sketches
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello congratulations if you're reading this the you have eyes
hello i am a sci-fi illustrator who uploads sketches /doodles and illustrations on a regular basis...
please feel free to comment or favourite on any work you like…


British belltop kavali
So this was made after I finished this illustration ( Belltop Shako ) and I felt like sketching out what a kavali would look like if they some how conscripted into the British army.

Featuring on the left a kavali soldier wearing a belltop shako and Uniform worn by the British during 1830's with the only exception being footwear but that's just a kavali thing really.
In the middle is a British officer who'd be put in charge of the regiment, not much to say about him really, I put him there to serve as a height reference but at least his shako's plume is pretty good, and finally to the left is a Young kavali Drummer boy.
Belltop Shako
A collection of British soldiers "or redcoats if you're an American" wearing the Belltop shako, a type of shako put into service in British army from 1829 to 1844 and famously saw use in the first opium war ( 1839-1842).

the Belltop was criticised by the troops for being rather impractical and was replaced by the Albert style of shako, commonly seen used in the Crimean war.
personaly after laying eyes on the thing for the first time I immediately sympathised with the critics, but after a while I wanted to sketch out the different forms of shakos and I began to grow fond of the Belltop, hence why this page has other types of shakos on top corners of the page and pure bell tops towards the bottom.
Fortifying Farrlex outpost
"A Garrison of Farrlex Reds in the process of fortifying their outpost in preparation for an incoming attack."

this was an accompanying illustration i did whilst brainstorming ideas for the Colonial Regiment Series i'm doing right now, i kinda took allot influence from Rorke's drift from the Anglo-Zulu war of (11 Jan 1879-4 Jul 1879).
if your interested  you can check out more info on these redcoats and kavali redcoats here Colonial Regiment #6 New farrlex Infantry
Colonial Regiment #6 New farrlex Infantry
So heres a Regimental design that has a very Stereotypical British look to it!

Next: Coming soon
Previous: Colonial Regiments #5 The Exostate of Tedware
First: Colonial regiment #1 Saxons,Serbs and Indians

----------------------------------------------New FarrLex----------------------------------------------
The colony of New Farrlex was settled by the British in 2231 AD and was officially integrated into the Greater British Commonwealth in mid 2456. The world of Farrlex is similar to our own with several large and diverse continents being surrounded by a vast ocean and deep ocean filled with a variety of genetically engineered species of fish that rival's even the ocean's of earth. The original settlers of Farrlex came from all corners of the British isles, whether they be English ,Scottish, Cornish, Welsh or even Irish they all settled on Farrlex and in time it would become a template for other G.B.C Colony's to follow.
Before the divide in early 2600 the colony had a large variety of industry on the planet, meaning exports could range from high end industrial machinery to military hardware, various crop's and livestock to even high quality fabrics. to put it bluntly the colony was more than capable of surviving on its own when the divided hit, and when it did life on the planet just carried on the same as before.. for 48 years straight until a U.H.S.A scout ship Discovered the colony and soon after joined the U.H.S.A soon after.

----------------------------------------------The FarrLex Reds----------------------------------------------
Officially known as the Farrlex Assault troopers their nickname'd the "Farrlex Reds" by the other U.H.S.A colony's on account of their red coats, They are redounded for their aim and Trigger Discipline in the heat of combat, so much so that if one were to give Red an automatic firearm of any kind they will simply use it like an Burst fire Rifle even if the weapon don't support such actions.
The Combat uniforms of the Farrlex Reds composes of multiple layers of metal that comprise of plasma resistant compounds which rest above Red coat, on the left arm the trooper's rank is sown into the coat whilst on the Right is often an armband that usually displays "The Farrlex Cross" (the colony's flag), shoulder guards and wrist armour is offered to the Troopers but its often not used since it may hamper the troopers accuracy, the only branch of the Farrlex Reds that don't utilise any form of body armour are Kavali Troopers since them being a race of giant genetically engineered super soldiers (with built in anxiety) with bullet resistant skin kinda makes armour unnecessary for them. 

The head often uses a Shako with modern features such as an inbuilt radio, attachable helmet cam as well as a variety of cheek guards, radio antennae will often be shrouded in a feather plume for ascetic purposes, Another thing to note is the type of shakos used by the Farrlex Regiments, as they will often differ on a regiment-by-regiment basis, with the only exception being the Tropical or expeditionary gear which replaces the shako with a pith helmet.

There is also an accompanying illustration for the red here if your interested:
Tarletons Legion
A few illustrations of the uniforms worn during the American Revolution by the Light Dragoons of the British Legion under the command of Banastre Tarleton also commonly known as "the green Dragoon, The Butcher, and as Bloody Ban" due to what happened at the Battle of waxhaws. The uniform worn by the dragoons of Tarleton's Legion differs greatly from uniform worn by Regular British dragoon's as can be seen by their green jackets and their unique leather helmet and leather plume which was wore and designed by Tarleton hence the name "Tarletons helmet".

personally i honestly love the uniforms, especially the helmet since the Plume-to-Leather ration on that thing is horribly one sided! XD
Colonial Regiments #5 The Exostate of Tedware
so with America being the current world superpower it's only fitting that they get a page about one of there former colony's!


----------------------------------------------The Exo-Solar State of Tedware----------------------------------------------
The exo-solar state of Tedware was a colony founded by the United State's in the late 2430's under the jurisdiction of a man named Ted not much is known about him except his name was ted and we came from Delaware, anyway at some point the colony became an exo-planetary state in the United Exoplanarty States of America or the U.E.S.A. the planet of Tedware is largely comparable to the climate of Alaska, with large windswept plains covering most of the land whilst glacier's and icebergs choke the planet's vast oceans.
The inhabitantce of the planet often live in small, tightly knitted ,towns isolated by thousands of miles of snow-swept tundra which is patrolled by rangers,highly skilled lawmen who often act as the planet's main P.D.F force, as well as law enforcement. Rangers often carry a variety of firearms ranging from the small and light such as pistol's, revolvers and knifes, to the more powerful such as shotguns, S.M.G's and hunting rifles. 400 years after the Divided they often server as volunteer scouts with local U.H.S.A regiments that are created on Tedware.
Colonial Regiment #4 New Tzar marines
At this point in the Colonial Regiments were'll start looking into a more niche idea i had a not too long ago.


----------------------------------------------The Death of the TZAR-----------------------------------------------

So if any of you know your 1st World War/ Russian history you'll know that before the war the Russian Empire was Rule over by a Tzar (a Monarch like a king or queen) specifically the Romanov Dynasty who had reigned for 100's of years up until 1917. To sum it up briefly the war went poorly for the Russians and with it as well as other issues that had been plaguing Russia at that point,had made Russia an easy target for Communist revolutionary's who took power in the October revolution of 1917, the next year on the night of July 16th 1918 the former tzar Nicholas the II and his wife,his children, close friends and servant's were brutally murdered by their revolutionary capture's, bringing an end to a dynasty that had helped build up Russia.

However over the year's there has been a few who are in fact distant relative's of the Romanov family who claim to be the next in line to the throne, this is something I won't get into since there's alot to unpack in that subject alone, but if you want to look into it i'll leave a link to a wiki page on the topic here:…
But with that being said a Revival of the Russian Monarchy is something that likely will never happen in Russia, but at the same time it's a pretty interesting idea wouldn't you say?

-----------------------------------------------A New Tzardom-----------------------------------------------

So with that out of the way lets talk about the world of "новая россия" (pronounced novaya rossiya) or "NEW RUSSIA" as most English speaking people will call it. Founded and settled by Russian monarchists who grew tiered of being rejected by the Russian government and decided to independently build a new Russia and a new Tzardom from scratch on a planet wide tundra world in 2168 AD, making it one of the earliest examples of Unofficial or Independent Colonisation efforts before the Divided in early 2600AD.

From the very start "New Russia" didn't exactly get along with the Official Russian government, as the idea of a political party going there own way and building up a separate nation, That then starts denouncing your government as a fraud and then going on to begin claiming they are the legitimate Continuation of a government from 300 years ago is naturally cause issue's,
Most of the time they manifested as daily insults of varying severity to the more extreme case's of near INTERPLANETARY WAR, that last one never happened because the U.E.G had to Devote an entire department who's sole purpose was to prevent the the two from clawing each others throats out like wild back ally street cats.

Heck even after the divide occurred and they accepted membership into the U.H.S.A they were still causing a stir but now with the other Russian colonies and Occasionally U.H.S.A politicians alike, to this day (3005 ad) they boast about how they are the most legitimate government in the whole of colonised space, often to shirring of their neighbouring colonies.

-----------------------------------------------Marines of the TZAR-----------------------------------------------

Welp with all that Fluff out the way let's actually get onto the regiments them self's starting with:

[]---The Cossack Redscarfs---[]
Cossack's are not exactly a Russian people but more like groups of democratic, self-governing and semi-military people who just so happened to live in south Russian lands, in the later years of the Russian empire they were often the personal enforcer's of the Tzars personal will, whilst eventually the empire fell the Cossack people managed to survive the soviet union and can still be found in eastern Europe. in the divided star's timeline the monarchists who colonised  "New Russia" were able to convince groups of Cossack's to join the colonisation effort in exchange for the free lifestyle of the Cossack's of old.
occasional a Tzar may call on them for such things as military service, in which case they will serve as irregular cavalry often flanking enemy position's and raiding hostile supply lines.

[]---The Recon guard---[] 
The recon guard often fill out various role's within the army that can range from light infantry, advance recon, and even if need's be law enforcement, they were created the in the colony's early day's as Settlement guard's, but as the colony grew, they as well as their uniform's were re-purposed and integrated into the military.

[]---The Royal Tzar marines---[]
These marine's were created after the colony joined the U.H.S.A to better fall in line with the U.H.S.A's military doctrine's, they can be found deployed either as security on ship's within the Home Defence fleet, as The Tzar's Royal guard, or occasionally with few regiments attached to a much larger U.H.S.A force during a large scale military operation.
Uniform wise they're largely similar in dress to the recon guard with exceptions being lack of survival equipment, more effective armour and more advance helmet. The marines may also vary slightly in colour and armour style on a regiment-by-regiment basis.
colonial Regiment #3 Weavosta
A regiment design but with both kavali and a more... classical shako touting look to them.

Weavosta is a world settled by the United Russian Colonisation Council with express purpose of the world mainly being utilised as a farming planet for years up till the divide it severed it's purpose fairly well with the unique strain of genetically engineered rapidly growing wheat. but since the divide the colony's economy hasn't been great, this is reflected in there regimental uniforms since its largely hand made by the soldier wearing them since Weavosta is quite lack when it comes to the industrial sector.  At some point in time the Weavostan government desided to model the uniform regulations after Russian soldier in the early 1800's in an attempt to make there armed forces more respectable than their prior uniforms, this unintentionally has lead to them being classified as "infantry support" by the U.H.S.A meaning they won't usually see combat unless the situation absolutely calls for it.

-------------------------------Weavostan Kavali-------------------------------
In late 2958 During the Imperial-Orion Contact war Weavosta was occupied by Imperial union forces, after the main Planetary Defence Force's were crushed, most of the regimental reserves went into hiding forming small militia's who'd skirmish with the occupying Imperial forces for the duration of the Occupation. These militiamen when captured (along with local criminals and those who were thought to be collaborating with the Militia's) would be shipped off world and be turned into kavali and forced to fight for the Imperial war effort for the remainder of the war, post-war most of these former weavostans returned to their home's to rebuild what was lost. 
as of 3005 the Kavali population makes up 1/3 of the total planetary population, and as such are allowed to enlist into the U.H.S.A as they (that being a regular kavali not hybrid kavali) Legally fall under the classification of being a post-human (e.g like an ultra-heavy cybernetic user).
Colonial Regiment #2 NorMark
A continuation of a previous idea i which can be viewed here.

-----------------------------------------------But any way lets talk about the Regiment in question Here The NorMark Naval marines------------------------------------------------

The 30th NorMark Naval soldat are regiment that specialises in fighting in a vacuum as well as ship boarding and other hazardous environments. they utilise a specialised model of VS15-H.C.V.S (Vacuum Safe-HeavyDuty.Combat.Vacumme.Suit) that was originally designed and manufactured by a separate company. these suits would later be brought on mass by security forces in the early day's of the colony.
the suit's armour is made of a thick and durable metal that often is sold lacking any polish or paint coating, holding the armour together is an under suit that largely resembles a thick cotton jumper.
Another key feature of the V.S series (aside from their inconsistent helmet design) is the carbon air removal system which can be best seen in a vacuum as it gently ejects exhaled carbon gas as seen here.
--------------------------------------------------And now a little bit on NorMark and joint colonisation efforts-------------------------------------------------------------

The world of Normark was largely terraformed to resemble the climate of Scandinavia, which contrasts with the rest of the system being cold, long dead, barren worlds completely unsuitable for large scale colonisation by smaller nation's.
In the early day's of Exo-solar colonisation smaller nations who couldn't cover the cost's on there own would often turn to there neighbours for help when it came to footing the bill for it, so naturally joint colonisation efforts would often be used by smaller nations. For some (like a few Scandinavian country's) it was used as a way to improve political relations, such as in the case of the Norwegian-Danish colony of "NorMark" other names were considered but the international community jokingly referred to the world as such and the name kinda stuck.
Toward's the height of the Pre-divide Human Colonisation the practice of joint colonisation began had to fall out of favour due to issue's such as a colony's legal ownership as well as the often three way split up of good's produced from the colony the colony often not being enough to fully cover the cost's of terraforming for each partner involved.
Colonial regiment #1 Saxons,Serbs and Indians
So here is a few U.H.S.A regiment design Idea's based of there Respected nation (or in Saxony's case a form of independent cultural organisation) 
I've done a few more of these if your interested:


I Guess now a good time to probably do some world building for the United Human Solar Alliances so here we go:
-------------------------------Pre-divided Exo-solar colonisation-------------------------------
In the divided stars Universe Human exo-solar colonisation wasn't as unified as most people would expect in a sci-fi setting, as there wasn't no single world government on earth but in stead the individual nations, organisations, and corporations that were kept in check by The U.E.G's Colonial Administration that was there to just ensure no exo-planetary war broke out and wiped out a chunk of humanity. but when it came to who'd settle these worlds it would usually from place that could handle the cost's (I.E Largely Europeans, East Asian's, and North Americans would usually be the primary exo-planetary colonisers up till the "divide" in early 2600 AD) and for that smaller nations would often arrive to the colonisation game a few 100 year's later then there counter parts.

After the Divide isolated the human colony's and the U.H.S.A formed between these isolated world's, a practice would emerge where these worlds would often form a unique set of regiment's that would often at times embody or embrace key features of their national, religious or cultural heritage. this practice would often give rise to 1000's of unique regiments that span the entirety of the U.H.S.A with the only limiting factor generally being the Green Standard Issue Armour that they wear.

-------------------------------New Saxony--------------------------------------------------------------
New Saxony is a world that largely gets its name from the main Germanic culture on the planet (Saxon), aside from being independently settle without the German government's over site the world, it is for the most part a small mountainous planet that aside from its residents isn't really that note worthy unless you account for the unusual amount of saxophones that keep finding there way into product's that get shipped of world.
the regiment it self is largely your standard issue soldier but with a more Germanic look to it.

One of the First Indian colonies to be founded in 2309 it for the most part used to resettle a sizeable chunk of India's population off world to free up living space back on earth, eventually the planets moons were terreformed and settled leading to a redesign of colonies flag into what it is today. The planet itself is largely a more tropical refection of the climates on earth but with more traditional Indian styled buildings dotted around, militarily wise the planet post-divided mainly utilises various form's of Infantry warfare.

-------------------------------Lozdens Hope------------------------------------------------------------
originally this world was terriformed by a corporation for the sole purpose of selling it to the highest bidder, that owner would the Newly formed Serbian Colonisation Bureau in 2458, it would one of three other world's colonised by the bureau before the Divide. Lozdens hope is mostly just comprised of a cold rocky desert which lye below the bright glow of the Neptune-like gas giant the world orbits. whilst the world may be harsh, it's colonists learned to overcome these obstetrical and that can be seen in their Armed forces who are experts in arctic warfare.
Coloinial officer
doodles of foreign (as im English) colonial police force's for the divided star's universe
  • A Swedish Settlement Polis officer (top-right)
  • A Hungarian colonial rendőrség officer (centre-right) 
  • And a French colonial officer (who as you can tell sort of revived the most attention)
Kavali Musketeer
Recently I've been going through a minor phase of being interested with musket weaponry during the Renaissance period, so much so that i wanted to design a musketeer look for a kavali.
And i gotta i'm kinda liking how it turned out, especially with the musket it self being basically a kavali grade weapon, and just for fun there's as the human pair next to it showing how human's would use said kavali grade weapons!
pickelhaube doodle
the icon of mid 19th century German army "die Pickelhaube"...
also on a side note I've also figured out how to draw the dam thing so... yay more possible Germans in the future! 
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I've recently reached the milestone of having 150 watchers on the ACCOUNT, and to celebrate i want to ask YOU my watcher a question...
what would you like to see more of from this account?

more divided star or original sketch's?
more digital art?
more animations?
or should i do some more Garry's mod stuff?


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