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quick skits: Xray machine by Lambda-fallout125 quick skits: Xray machine :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 6 0 lower tier mercs by Lambda-fallout125 lower tier mercs :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 8 0 an angry sangheili by Lambda-fallout125 an angry sangheili :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 13 0 Halo doodle- bule team by Lambda-fallout125 Halo doodle- bule team :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 11 1 Mombasa Beach by Lambda-fallout125 Mombasa Beach :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 10 0 mombasa marines by Lambda-fallout125 mombasa marines :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 18 6 Quick skits: medical issues by Lambda-fallout125 Quick skits: medical issues :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 8 3 Even mo'marine doodles by Lambda-fallout125 Even mo'marine doodles :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 16 2 Quick Skits: Noodles by Lambda-fallout125 Quick Skits: Noodles :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 9 0 Karii Kavali by Lambda-fallout125 Karii Kavali :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 12 0 Counter strike map Doodles by Lambda-fallout125 Counter strike map Doodles :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 10 3 A Few Birthday Doodles For Cody by Lambda-fallout125 A Few Birthday Doodles For Cody :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 8 6 Counter strike SAS and Seal Team 6 by Lambda-fallout125 Counter strike SAS and Seal Team 6 :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 15 0 Counter strike gsg9 and gign by Lambda-fallout125 Counter strike gsg9 and gign :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 16 0 DE Training pit promo by Lambda-fallout125 DE Training pit promo :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 1 0 Red Doodles by Lambda-fallout125 Red Doodles :iconlambda-fallout125:Lambda-fallout125 16 2
BEAR WITTINESS BEHOLD! MY LATEST...... STUFF or something like that...


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i Sketch sketchy sketches
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello congratulations if you're reading this the you have eyes
hello i am a sci-fi illustrator who uploads sketches /doodles and illustrations on a regular basis...
please feel free to comment or favourite on any work you like

General contact

Source engine maps'n'stuff


an angry sangheili
Elite in blue: I think Salvageable found out the Truth about the great journey.
Elite in red: you think he's going to be okay?
Marine in corner: Dying people noise's
Elite in blue: i think he'll be fine.

this skit was inspired by :iconsgtmastercodyjames: and his very depressed sangheilli doodle

mombasa marines
Played through outskirts and metropolis on the MCC the other day, kinda wanted to sketch some of the more note worthy marines such as:
  • the cowardly marine from metropolis's bridge section
  •  close quarters shotgun lady
  •  SGT Stacker (guy in the Gauss hog)
  •  Marcus Banks (that guy who's really pissed off about that scarab)
  • as well as that Mexican marine that keeps poping up through out halo 2 (honestly loved it when he showed up!) 
there's also that smoking marine in here too, cuz hay he's a halo 2 marine too! :P
Even mo'marine doodles
Been a bit since the last doodle I did relating to some halo marines, so here's a butch of with some weird colour background that's there for some reason.

also on a sidenote the big machine gun that marine is holding is kinda ment to be halo 2's version of a unsc static turret, a neat little detail since the marine him self is influenced by some old concept art for halo 2.
A Few Birthday Doodles For Cody
A Few Birthday Doodles for SGTMasterCodyJames :iconsgtmastercodyjames:
feturing a few of his characters and a Suprise Birthday Ferret for Him!
Hope ya like it Bud! :squee: :happy birthday: 
Counter strike SAS and Seal Team 6
After Sketching out The my take on Counter Strike sources GSG-9 and GIGN models, i thought it'd be worth while to sketch out the two other Counter terrorist Models in CSS.
The British S.A.S and American Seal team 6 (also refured to as Urban for some reason)
unlike the Previous sketches of the GSG-9 and GIGN, i'm actually a huge fan of how the S.A.S and Urban models look like in CSS, so there are only minor differences i wanted to sketchout, such as the S.A.S's hood and 1.6 colour scheme along with the 2004 release version of Urban.

Link to the previous two CT's for those Curious:
Counter strike gsg9 and gign
I've been playing a lot of counter strike source lately so I wanted to sketch out some of the counter terrorist models from the game.
mainly the German GSG-9and the French GIGN 
while the designs seen here differ from the Css models, there kinda my own take on the classic designs!
DE Training pit promo
So for the Past few Days I've been Dabbling in a little interest of mine being mapping for the source engine, and recently i decided to put those Mapping skills to good use when i decided to dabble into Counter strike Sources level editor.

And the result of this is the The Bomb Defusel Map DE_Training_pit!
the maps description reads as follows "DE_training_pit is a map set in a live-fire Training Site for Counter Terrorists, with CT's being fresh recruits whilst the Terrorists's are probably just some CT posing for training purposes." So far the map is almost complete only requiring a bit of polish here and there before i move it from the beta to the Full release.

if your interested in playing the map on i'll leave a link here to its Page on the mod site GameBannana:
Fancy Mercs
i wanted to test out what the mercs would look like went to formal party or something.
on the most part Greg (far left),sarge (left), Beta (middle-Left),Trent (middle-right), Ace (middle-top), E-lite (middle-bottom) ,Phil (Right), and Cyra (Far-right and also right of E-Lite) look arlright, thought i'm probably going to end up doing this again at some point.
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so anyone remember the gift-comic i did for :icondragunalb: a few days ago? well she loved it!
Colo Theif by Lambda-fallout125

Well turns out someone else was quite fond of it as well, an artist by the name SGTMasterCodyjames :iconsgtmastercodyjames: who is a friend of Dragunalb uploaded this yesterday as a gift and i just love it! :D
Where In the world!? by SGTMasterCodyJames
If you dont know the Kavali (the big alien in red) in this was from a one-off doodle i did last year as an excuse to draw a redcoat kavali (as seen here:British belltop kavali by Lambda-fallout125 ) and to be Honest im amazed by how much he was able to get right ,is it perfect? well no as those elbow spikes aren't exactly on the elbow (along with the grey skin) but you know what i Don't Care im just happy someone took that much of an interest in my work to do something like this! :D
I Strongly Recommend any of my watchers reading this to go watch his account, the guy only has 55 watchers at the time of posting and to be honest he really deserves more!


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i'll also link ya to some more ferrets for ya! :P
Birthday Boiz by Lambda-fallout125   Meme Book by Lambda-fallout125   Gallery Comic logo by Lambda-fallout125   yet another asortment of doodles by Lambda-fallout125   Lit party strip by Lambda-fallout125  Festive ferret by Lambda-fallout125   
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