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BEAR WITTINESS BEHOLD! MY LATEST...... STUFF or something like that...


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i Sketch sketchy sketches
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello congratulations if you're reading this the you have eyes
hello i am a sci-fi illustrator who uploads sketches /doodles and illustrations on a regular basis...
please feel free to comment or favourite on any work you like

General contact

Source engine maps'n'stuff


Expectaions and reality
A Before and after sketch of the 36th Imperial walgoons on the plains of Weavosta during the Imperial-Contact war (2959)
originally wanted the top sketch to be and enlistment ad for the walgoons with text on the right hand side but i never got around to finishing it.

please note that no lamas were harmed in the making of this sketch, there rider's on the other hand...
Imperial Walgoons
old doodle form Nov 2018 i forgot to upload.
Ever wanted to ride a space Lama into battle?
well the imperial Union has a shortage of horses so they chose the next best thing. 
A Space Lama
Cyra Walvali-form:Reference Sketches
Part 2 of the character reference for the mercenary of mine Cyra
Part one is her more humanoid form 
Previous ref (humanoid form): Cyra Human-Form:Reference Sketches 
Next Ref (non cyra): coming soon to a web page near you

Name: Cyra Mandel Criki
Age: 27
Place of origin: U.H.S.A Border world TandersEdge, Coastal City of White Rock
Occupation: Certified United Human Solar Alliance Mercenary for Hire/ Imperial Citizen

with the previous information of cyra's bio in hand i do believe its time to dive into her wal'vali form!

At some point in 3002 cyra and the merc crew were in the middle of a contract on board a hijacked cargo ship, during an intense Firefight with the hijackers a container full of Kavali G.R.S (gene replacement serum) was damaged and cyra just so happened to be near enough to be exposed to the serum, resulting in her body loosing its human traits and shifting to a regular kavali-walkri hybrid, (the kavali G.R.S was originally only meant to used by humans but turns out to work with other species but is less effective with the replacement).

now being turned into a giant blue floof ball does have its advantages such as being strength and stamina of a discount Herculean, plasma and bullet resistant skin, sharp claws and elbows/ knees, and the fluffiest of fur. but then again there are some major downsides such as being unable to utilise small spaces, inability to wear trousers and long sleeved shirts without possibility of tearing, and "this one is more specific to cyra" being a walking fire hazard.
For a while cyra had to adjust to being a regular kavali hybrid and whilst she was getting use to her new form, she still wanted to go back to her previous self. 
eventually thought she came across a way to facilitate her wish, A Kavali D.N.A Suppressor that (as the name says) suppresses the kavali DNA, turning the user back into there previous self. its a rather obscure technology that didn't catch on due to a major flaw in product...
the Suppressor wears off...
That and the gel the suppressor uses is also very expensive to manufacture, so its not exactly a perfect system but cyra's happy with the system she has in place since there aren't that many alternatives.
although the once the suppressor wears off it dose have a Detox period before usage can resume, other wise cyra will be stuck in a weird transitional form for a while.
i did some doodle of that from 2017 that basically give a rough idea on what that form is in that state:  cyra doodle 7

On the clothing side of things its kinda hard to find something to wear when you have knifes for elbows and hind..knee spikes, so generally speaking most kavali/kavaliods usually wear pretty light amounts of clothing. this also extends to body armour since technically having bullet resistant skin negates it to the point were wearing it is just basically just a slight confidence booster to the wearer (e.g cyra).

honestly theirs not much else to say really, another info is really irreverent since she still utilises the sniper rifle from the previous sketches.
the only reason i made this its own thing was to avoid overwhelming the reader with to much info.
WhiteRock Downtown Building
Second part of the WhiteRock City Sketches this time focusing on the downtown area.
(1st Part here: WhiteRock City Doodles
The Downtown area of White Rock is the region in between the High rise buildings of the city centre/ metropolis area's or the lower density Outskirts that scale up the WhiteRock Cliffs.
While not as Prosperous as the metropolis areas, they are still where the majority of Whiterock's population reside.
Often Buildings in the area are Made Of Cheaper materials than there city centre counterparts, and such as Bricks, concrete, and Thick Sheets of metal, and as such they may differ greatly in there appearances
Cyra Human-Form:Reference Sketches
Second Reference sheet for another character of mine Cyra.
This is The First out of Two Ref Sheets for this character as fitting it all onto one page would be a bit too much information on one page.
Previous Ref: Sarge:Reference Sketches
Next Ref: Cyra Walvali-form:Reference Sketches

Name: Cyra Mandel Criki
Age: 27
Place of origin: U.H.S.A Border world TandersEdge, Coastal City of White Rock
Occupation: Certified United Human Solar Alliance Mercenary for Hire/ Imperial Citizen

Born in 2978 to a human mother and a Wal'vali Father, Cyra along with her other siblings would grow up on the earth-like world of TandersEdge,situated on edge of U.H.S.A Space next to the Imperial union's territory.  A world whilst still recovering from the devastation left from the Imperial Contact war from 18 years prior, had a sizeable Large population of Kavali, as well as other species that immigrated from union. 
Whilst Growing up Cyra would Befriend Two Fellow kids Of Coalmar decent, They being Betan Guest and Trent Trentington the 21st (yes that is Trent's real name). the Three would go Secondary school (high school) together as well as pass the U.H.S.A's Mercenary Certification Test in 2997, although Cyra only followed suite when here application the enlist in the military was Denied due to her Imperial union Citizenship, After almost a year of taking on local Planetary Contracts, The Three would Join Sarge's mercenary crew, and as of Present (3005 AD) she is still apart of the Mercenary Group.

Cyra from a medical standpoint is a unique combination of three species (since her farther was a walkri-Kavali Hybrid), she's also one of few kavaliods born with human features since usually the D.N.A of a Kavali Would Replace any and all human cells within the developing child, it's a rare condition that only has a 1-2300 chance of happening. As well as that she also has a fair few walkri features to her as well, being Blue floof/hair, a smol tail, slight Hind legs, walkri tusk's (their in place of where the Canine teeth would be in a regular human), bone's that have a colouration similar to charcoal, and orange blood and flesh that seams to slowly oxides when exposed to air.
This also has a slight impact on her personality as she is prone to bursts of un-Yielding Affection to anything adorable a Mememal does (Mememal being space ferrets, space lamas, and anything generally in this pic right here Floof group)

When it comes to Cyra's Equipment its honestly pretty basic as the Flack-Vest and Coat are fairly common with merc's across the Spiral Arm, the only equipment she has that's worth a mention is here Sniper rifle,
The Fardriff Systems - Series 40 Light Caliber Vacuum Rifle or FS-S40LC-VR for short.
A rifle series Know for its Low cost's and extensively modular design which allows for each rifle to be personalised to each user's preference and needs, Cyra's rifle for example whilst seen in the sniper configuration could easily be modified or tweaked from a sniper to a more standard Battle Rifle by detaching the stock and long barrel if she so wanted.
Aside from the gun itself, cyra also tends to straps photographs onto the side of the scope of either love one's (Top photo: being Cyra's Twin Brother Ti'v and only sister Kira who where born on the same day as her) or friends  (Bottom photo: being Cyra, Beta, Trent and Sal'v).
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so anyone remember the gift-comic i did for :icondragunalb: a few days ago? well she loved it!
Colo Theif by Lambda-fallout125

Well turns out someone else was quite fond of it as well, an artist by the name SGTMasterCodyjames :iconsgtmastercodyjames: who is a friend of Dragunalb uploaded this yesterday as a gift and i just love it! :D
Where In the world!? by SGTMasterCodyJames
If you dont know the Kavali (the big alien in red) in this was from a one-off doodle i did last year as an excuse to draw a redcoat kavali (as seen here:British belltop kavali by Lambda-fallout125 ) and to be Honest im amazed by how much he was able to get right ,is it perfect? well no as those elbow spikes aren't exactly on the elbow (along with the grey skin) but you know what i Don't Care im just happy someone took that much of an interest in my work to do something like this! :D
I Strongly Recommend any of my watchers reading this to go watch his account, the guy only has 55 watchers at the time of posting and to be honest he really deserves more!


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