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Mechanical/Steampunk/Golem (yeah...) Dragon

By Lamb-Charmer
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Spending a little time on this site made me realize that I've been missing something for years.
That thing is of course a proper dragon drawing :D (I can't remember last time I've drawn a dragon or something dragon-related)

To not make it boring I decided to make it a mechanical/steampunk/golem dragon of tomorrow ;)

I'm not planning on coloring it at all, becouse doing it properly prolly would took me like a week (I have a slow pace, big whoop, wanna fight about it?)
So yeah.
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omg..... *heavy breathing* this is so detailed! `0`
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Oh my gosh this guys body is gorgeous! I love the proportions!
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Would you mind if I coloured it? I'll credit you when I post it.
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Not bad. Dragonsteaminpunk style, I love it!
Lamb-Charmer's avatar
and I like it that you like it :D
elmozachary1993's avatar
Thanks. :) I appreciate that.
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This is trully badass.

Greaaat design ! i like it!
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Thanks :D
I was on a mechanic / steampunk rampage =P
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Well steampunk is a pretty badass/cool movment and when i'm in steampunk mood i need to draw things with looot of details and mecanic also :3 It's never as awesome as your dragon though :3
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Yeah. It's prolly more awesome :D
I tried not to do too much detail actually. But in the end it's just black and white. And your drawings are awesome becouse of your coloring ;)
Tori-Fan's avatar
ell meant that your dragon was far most awesome than anything i can do XD (hope i was clear twt)

I don't think color always better than black& white, i think you drawing black and white or sketch and such are pretty dynamic, it add a lot to your composition and it's always very clean in same time, so it's really nice ^3^

But thank you very much *^^;*!
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No problemo.

Of course it's not always better :) But I think I would like to be better in coloring than making detail. People like drawings that are awesomly coloured :D
NothingIs-True's avatar
thats amazing bro! The day I draw like that...
Lamb-Charmer's avatar soon if you will practice ;) I'm not saying it is a matter of week or a month but if you're gonna draw constantly you will easly go past me =P
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