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Hello! My name is Marga, I’m a writer and an artist. I’m in the process of learning and experimenting, and I make illustrations and fanart. Thank you so much for visiting my page!

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Thanks for the fav :D

Marga! I haven't seen you online in a super long time, but I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and I miss you! <3
Happy birthday Marga!!! Long time no see, so I hope you are well :) Hope you have a fantastic day, many best wishes! :tighthug: :party: :boogie:

Miss you! I recently played ME3 for the first time too, and was thinking of you haha. Now I can understand everything you've said about it, the storytelling (apart from the end) is fantastic :)

I want to do a birthday piece for you but I'm a bit busy at the moment - if you have a request let me know though! I'll get onto it definitely at some stage :)

Hope all's well, and again have a fantastic day! :hug:
Hello, Laura, long time no see indeed! I've completely abandoned this place and I feel very guilty about this =( So sorry it took me so long to reply to your kind message! I'm so happy to see it! Thank you so much :huggle: I've had a very nice birthday this year :aww:

I miss you too, a lot! Thank you for messaging me! Can you please tell me more about your feelings towards ME3? It would be really interesting to read how it made you feel.

Really? That will be so amazing! Thank you so much, it means so much to me that you want to draw something for me - I know how hard it is to find time sometimes, so I'm so excited and happy :glomp: I need to think about it, thank you so much for your offer! How are you doing? I hope things that keep you busy are interesting and make you happy :aww:

I'm busy most of the time with my job, too, and I barely have strength to draw except on Sunday classes. It makes me a bit sad. Going back here always makes me inspired, I think I should return for inspiration and start writing comments again, they are so much fun. I hope I'll be back soon! But I'm doing well, thank you very much! I hope in future things will be even better for me in balancing creative stuff with my job)
No, Not at all! Me too, look at this horridly late reply haha. Sorry, I've been really busy at the moment with my study ^^; You're very welcome though, I'm glad you had a good one!

Really great to hear from you :aww: Ahaha, I had a big rant in my journal, but excluding the end I really loved it! It's my first ME game (I still need to go play 1 and 2... I know, naughty!), but I was blown away by the graphics, storytelling, and character interactions. I love Shepard's strength as a character, particularly as a female lead. Just EVERYTHING was amazing haha. I was pretty disappointed with the ending; I watched the extended cuts later, which wrapped the story up a lot more nicely, but without the extended cuts, my reaction was just, "what? that's it?" I mean, they'd just killed off the character you had built up and grown to admire, and there was nothing to kind of pay tribute to that. I was genuinely sad Shepard died haha, it was like losing a good friend! I think I would be happy to play through it again though, but maybe not complete the end XD Or only if I have enough points to complete the synthesis option. (I was pretty close! Missed out on the points I needed because the attack on the Citadel happened before I could finish some quests :() Sorry, that was really long haha. But yeah, I really loved it overall and I finally properly understand your ME fanart!! XD

No problem, just let me know whenever! :hug: It'd be my pleasure :aww:

Yep, keeping busy! Just finishing up my Honours study, have a 10,000 thesis to hand in by the end of April x_x But the work has been good and has mostly run smoothly, so I can't really complain :) There's never enough time for art though! XD

Are you teaching at the moment? That's great though even if you can draw on Sundays!! A little bit a week is better than nothing (which is me most of the time XD). Hope to see you around again here soon, but you shouldn't force yourself ever, sometimes it's good to have a break from DA :) I'm so glad to hear you're doing well :hug: Really fantastic to hear from you!!
С Днем Рождения, всего тебе самого лучшего! Здоровья, любви, вдохновения и всяких приятностей :aww:
:huggle: Спасибо тебе большое за внимание и добрые слова! Очень радостно их читать! :aww: