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Welcome to my profile! This is where i will upload scuba fanart but i'm not artist either.

Although i only submit some fanart that was deleted or founded on Twitter for example.

Although i'm not artist, i'll upload the art that i haven't uploaded in past because of that

maybe i was busy.

Hey everyone, it seems i wanted voting Ballot Character for LAMA Bubble Helmet Gear, so today. i am starting that i did suggested myself, here's following you want vote it. Ichigo Hoshimiya, Aoi Kiriya, Ran Shibuki, Sumire Hikami, Sakura Kitaoji, Otome Arisugawa, Madoka Amahane, Nono Daichi from Aikatsu! Because some character are so cute, I want these character wearing the wetsuit with LAMA Gear as because we wanted it. Although i wanted that hair must cut, i wanted the hair must short while waring LAMA Gear, as they in underwater, Besides i was really love it, i want Madoka Amahane in Underwater. Laala Manaka, Ajimi Kiki, Mirei Minami, Dorothy West, Leona West from PriPara It's actually when Laala Manaka in Space, She realized while that in space, that's what we should wear the wetsuit in underwater with sometime, although LAMA Gear should know since the hair was probably need Short. In other words, Nobody cares wheen Ajimi Kiki in underwater as they having paint. As you can see,
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So, the following which Concept Sheet that list wanted as they working in future. 1. Aine Yūki Lama Concept Sheet 2. Mio Minato Lama Concept Sheet 3. Madoka Amahane Lama Concept Sheet 4. Laura Sakuraba Lama Concept Sheet 5. Ako Saotome Lama Concept Sheet 6. Ran Shibuki Lama Concept Sheet 7. Shion Kamiya Lama Concept Sheet 8. Noel Otoshiro Lama Concept Sheet 9. Kaede Ichinose Lama Concept Sheet 10. Sumire Hikami Lama Concept Sheet 11. Seira Otoshiro Lama Concept Sheet 12. Rin Kurosawa Lama Concept Sheet 13. Kokone Kurisu Lama Concept Sheet 14. Nono Daichi Lama Concept Sheet 15. Aoi Kiriya Lama Concept Sheet 16. Maika Ch&#3
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i'm looking request art that are free.

I'd like you draw Maki Nishikino and Rinko Shirokane together.

Sorry no, i'm not artist.

what's your discord url?

You don't need discord url, you have copy username. send the note, not on comment.

so sorry for my lateness i been so busy cant believe it been nearly another year since i thanked any one. i also just came back from holiday i have just realised i have not thank any of you, so i am thanking you now. Thanks so much for the the watch I am most honoured thank you. I hope your well. I hope you had a nice Christmas and i hope you had a nice start to the new year. and i wish you all the best and i hope it be better year then 2019 (specially poor for me as well as the year before) but 2020 is not looking much better right now for any one. i hope your keeping safe. i hope you and your family are taking care in these uncertain times,) (it has been very hard last two years for me) i hope 2020 will  improve but i was hoping for it to be the best year yet. but i am doubtful. but best to keep up beat and look forward. , i do hope it will get better and end the year well for you and me. and i hope 2020 will be the best year to remember in history and some thing to tell people, I hope you and your family will remember this one for years to come. 

( do hope so as for me the last two past years had very little going for me compared to 2016. but dose not mean to say they wont have been good years for you and you all.)

I wish you all the best for 2020 and beyond. HAVE A NICE WEEKEND. I look forward to more of your work soon. I wish you all the best take care be safe I wish you all the best of luck and health and well wishes.. have a nice evening.

I am truly very grateful to you. I look forward to seeing more work from you soon god bless Speak to you soon have a nice rest of year with all the enjoys of all the 4 season of the turning of the year i get lot of joy and pleasure by studying them. i get so much great pleasure with the colours that the trees turns. i dont show my art and i am not very good. and i rarely up load these days. but i cant wait to see you art work.s thanks again for watching me. i get so much joy and pleasure from others artists work. it shows me so much more i can do and learn and give others the joy i get from watching other. thanks again watching me.

i always watch in return i cant wait to see what you can do too i am so crap at drawing, but i hope i can improve. if you can show me some good pointers i be so grateful. if you want too i hope you had a nice Halloween when it comes around again as well. i hope you enjoyed your thanks giving too.i hope it was a great time with friends and family. i hope your Easter goes well i hope you had a very nice valentines i hope it will be a good one to be remembered as you are special and everyone desires love and someone equally special as that you are , i hope your summer will be nice and not to hot. enjoy your fall always nice to see the colours it always cheers me up when i use them as bright as there are in my art when i am hurt or down.. and i hope you had a great Halloween in 2019 love to hear all about it yours i hope to speak to you soon all the best and high regards and well wishes danny.