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Broken Crown: Ch2/Pg40

By lalupine
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bluebirds14New Deviant
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XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist

holyshit what monster are we talking about here??

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Takasa's growing on me, I love the way you portray him and his role in this story.

wolfra315's avatar

did dani do it?

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MozartStarlingHobbyist Photographer
I have a sneaking suspicion that Dani was the killer. I believe the Shaman in the tall grass told her she would be killed on sight- when the Guard found her, she knew that her cubs would likely be killed because of their parentage. So she murdered the Guard members and fled, either dying sometime thereafter or staying in the Outlands to keep an eye out for her daughters, but remain undetected by the Pridelanders. It was sheer fate that the hyenas found the bodies and scavenged them. Or, perhaps, the reason they are so willing to work with Scar in TLK is that they had done so in the past with the fallen Queen Dani.

Such interesting lore, and so very beautifully drawn!
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Technically they have no proof that Sarafina’s mum died

Madness-Made-Fresh's avatar
Madness-Made-FreshProfessional Filmographer

I love that red bleeding into the sky to signal a dark story.

LunaSheWolf's avatar

it's kinder to think their mother abandoned them than died in order to protect them? That's some warped logic from zuzu

Tenebra-Fengari's avatar
Tenebra-FengariHobbyist Writer

I get telling the girls a white lie about the fate of their mother. The fact that the lie was that Dani abandoned them, however, is pretty screwed up.

LunaSheWolf's avatar

yeah, a white lie okay but....yeah .W.

13BatScorpion95's avatar
13BatScorpion95Hobbyist Digital Artist

Or Zuzu thought that Sarafina's mom may have been the killer.

LunaSheWolf's avatar

yeah i have a hard time believing that even a bird would think ONE lioness could kill TWO trained guard lions.

SaturnStar3's avatar

There also might've been hyenas involved. It's impossible to tell. It'd be bad enough if her mom was the killer. It'd be even worse if they would out she coordinated it with some hyenas.

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niklnipHobbyist Digital Artist

There’s no pictured body so clearly she’s not dead it’s the law

TurdleHeartDrawz's avatar
TurdleHeartDrawzNew Deviant

Until we find a body...

Raptor-Rage's avatar

oh....her previous pride maybe? found her, slaughtered the uncle and guard, and captured her

Starling26's avatar
Starling26Hobbyist General Artist

That's the scenario my suspicious mind is coming to as well! >_>

ExGeneration35's avatar

Once again, poor Sarafina :(

RubyWolfmoon26's avatar
RubyWolfmoon26Hobbyist Artist
Poor 'Fina 😔
roget3375's avatar

Hm. So possibly alive but injured or captured.

Animalover99's avatar

Aw poor girls

XSnowfur-kindcatX's avatar
Aww poor sarfina
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