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Thank you everyone for your participation! Stay tuned for the winners announcement!


:bulletblue: A MYSTERIOUS SIDE :bulletblue:

 As artists, we tend to draw our characters with a beautiful and perfectly apparent face. And sometimes we forget about how cool and inspiring characters can be when we can't see their whole face. Remember how Sheik from Zelda, Amon from Legend of Korra, Master Chief from Halo, Kakashi from Naruto were (and still are) thrilling characters! And how, in every movie, a masked ball scenery can become so magical to us, viewers.

Let the imagination of your viewers define the mysterious side of your character. 

What can I draw? 

One or several characters with its face hidden or partially hidden.
It is allowed to use your own characters and canon characters (fanart).


Example of Stocks

STOCK - Dramatic Mask by LaLunatique STOCK - Ninja Mask by LaLunatique STOCK - Hold the Mask by LaLunatique

Please, read this whole journal properly before entering the contest.


The prizes may change depending of the available resources and the number of contestants.
Every contestant will be featured into this journal!! The winners will have a special feature at the end of the contest.

  1000 :points: 
  1 full digital painting from gxmmysharks
  1 digital colored drawing from 
  1 full digital colored painting from Rhinokin
  1 full colored artwork from :devnekomiez:
  1 line less drawing of a character ([ AT ] 01) from Shoyzz-Art
full digital character (no bg) from CutiChan
half-body semi-realistic character with background from Cronaj


2nd place 

  500 :points: 
1 pixel art from gxmmysharks
  1 digital colored sketch from RainingKnote
  1 sketch from Rhinokin
  1 colored sketch from Nekomiez
  1 Colored sketch of a character from Shoyzz-Art
  1 colored character design from AeantizLKamenwati
  1 character full lineart from (no bg) CutiChan
  1 semi-realistic head-shot from Cronaj

3rd place 
  300 :points: 
  3 sketches from gxmmysharks
  1 digital sketch from RainingKnote
  1 sketch from 
  1 sketch of a character  from Shoyzz-Art
1 character sketch from CutiChan
  1 colored full body sketch character from 

Monday, August 31, 2015
Two entries per deviant maximum

The deadline might change at any time

How to submit

If you drew a fanart; you must write the names of the characters in the comment section of your deviation.

2- Then, simply post the link of your finished deviation WITH the link of the stock (pose) you used into the comment section of this journal.

What will be judged 
It's not a contest about skills, but about creativity! I want to be impressed by something original. Take your time to add details or even a description. Colors is always a plus, and having more than one character in your piece can also help the balance.

TIP: Don't be afraid to see beyond the stock poses. You could, as an example, use a pose of me holding my cat... and replace the cat by a baby dragon! :la:

The judge



If one of these rules is not respected, I will have to refuse the entry. 

  • Your character must have a partially (or completely) hidden face. 
  • Old submissions are not allowed. The opening date for the contest is Saturday, May 1st.
  • For drawings; Do NOT trace over the stock. If I can prove it was traced, I might refuse the entry.
  • Photo-manipulation is accepted, but must be very different from the original stock.
  • No porn.



I'm always looking for :points: donators and artists who wish to offer prizes. If you participate to the contest, you can also donate (:


I'd like to offer a prize

If you wish to offer art to the winners, please note me.

  • Title: Prize Donator
  • I wish to offer a prize for the (first or second or third place). I can draw (...)


Contributors so far
:iconfabiancobos: :iconjademacalla: :iconthe-darkwolf: :iconrainingknote: :iconsecretsofaphrodites: :iconflidiot: :iconsteampunk-serenity: :icongxmmysharks: :iconrhinokin: :iconnekomiez: :iconshoyzz-art: :iconaeantizlkamenwati: :iconcutichan: :iconcronaj:

Please, share this contest with your friends :la:
Thank you!


If you have questions feel free to ask!! :D

The STOCK folder:…




CC's Ichigo cosplay by Karura-Art   Misterious Side by Libe13 Witch by Halloween-reject Alexandrite by BlyndShot CE: The Female Outlaw by KaiyaAquamarine Contest Entry by Vullexa The Dragon Tamer by asdflover4 :thumb531903984: Mask by meliruth  Master of Disguise by ChameleonCove Forest Music by TaitRochelle Higanbana by RosiArts Stock Contest Entry by Aletheiia90 Peacock Gown by alelilie Stock contest - masked by Marimaru Vera by keyootee The Rouge vs. the City by Mistical52 Who's There...? by akittyk The assassin by Jane-Pr Mask Contest by xelathegreat Cracked Facade by Garnet69Frost Hunter in the woods by Disaya :thumb551053068: Just some reading by LadyKylin Mother *colored* (Evangelion) by MelitaGermaine Twisted Higanbana by RosiArts Tanith and Fafnir by IronMandy Darkness Inside by dreamswoman :thumb553590183: Flame by Rartana :thumb554525671: City of Dreams, street of Nightmares by NemiCrow Mystery of Starlight by IvieMoon Karakuri Pierrot by nlia2269 Oppression by hana-tox Face Reality by MillionPM  Fiddler by AzizlaSwiftwind :thumb557442184: I have a bone to pick with you by kitsunegirl93 Renaissance mask by Riccardo80 Edge of Infinity by TheNaughtyPirate :thumb556878956: Contest Entry   Completed by NightWind87 WitchDoctor by InariSama16 Elf Girl by rumiko86 


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