Use my Stock CONTEST 2 (CLOSED)

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41 entries!!! So much awesomeness!!

A new Journal will be featured as soon as the entries will be judged.
THANK YOU for your participation everybody. There is so much great entries!!


:bulletblue: Between Sci-Fi and Fantasy :bulletblue:

 Create a character or a scene featuring the concept of Sci-fi and/or Fantasy by using my Stock as a reference.

What is Fantasy? 

It's an alternative world featuring magic or supernatural creatures/events. Vampires, werewolves, magicians, gargoyles, fairies, Slenderman and all those creatures are part of a fantasy genre. We often see fantasy in medieval times, but it still can happen in 2013. Examples of fantasy stories: Supernatural, Avatar, Narnia, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft.


What is Sci-Fi? 

It's an alternative world featuring futuristic elements or an alternative technology. Meccha, robots, aliens, spaceships, space, clonage are all part of a sci-fi genre. We often see sci-fi in future times, but it still can happen before 2013. Examples of sci-fi stories: Mass Effect, The Matrix, Star Wars, Star Trek, Megaman, Terminator, E.T. 


Summer vacations are almost there! Time to have some fun with a new contest :la:

Please, read this whole journal properly before entering the contest.


The prizes may change depending of the available resources and the number of contestants
Every contestants will be featured into this journal!! The winners will have a special feature at the end of the contest.

    Digital and Traditional Artworks
    1st 750 :points:  2nd 400 :points:  3rd 250 :points: 

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013
Two entries per deviant maximum

How to submit
Simply post the link of your deviation AND the link of the stock (pose) you used into the comment section of this journal.

What will be judged 
Be creative! I want to be impressed by something original. Take your time to add details or even a description. It's not a technical contest, but art creation contest :la:

The judges
:iconlalunatique: :iconneipypien:


If one of the rules is not respected, I will have to refuse the entry. 

  • Already existing OCs, fan characters and fanarts are allowed as long as you design their clothes yourself. 
  • Old submissions are not accepted. The opening date of the contest is June 25.

  • For Digital and Traditional art
  • Do NOT trace over the stock.  No porn.  
  • For Photo Manipulation and 3D art
  • Make sure to credit the stock you used properly  Change/add a background No porn.  

If you have questions feel free to ask!! :D

The STOCK folder:…


Ninja Cat from space ! by Karrendaen :CE: A Common Sight by EmilyVanSlyke :thumb383028220: :thumb382958612: Character for Iron Kingdoms by Halloween-reject :thumb384180082: DAMMIT MAREI MOM SAID YOU CAN'T KEEP IT by Applemist Magic shoes by 11Pika11 OC. Victor by Rottenrex Amethyst Shaman by Awryfire Tora Reading by TaitRochelle I'm a mage by Lulle313 Space Break by Toxic--Vision Do Not Want by CharlieWilcher Feynrir, Sith Inquisitor by ElaraOfTheForest :thumb387450134: ZOMBIE vs GlOCK, stock contest entry by 00greenhead00 Fire and Frost by all-the-lovely-death Solona Amell by Hanyogirl The water mistress Cyan Aguamarina by miyukiZETA ARCHIVE STUFF: MASS EFFECT: Samara vs Morinth by czartamop :thumb388993621: :thumb389217035: Rime's Storm by night2dusk Lalunatique by Warmics

Mature Content

The Game :C.E.: by RosiArts
:thumb391021806: Contest Lalunatique by Shichiyo Lalunatique competition entry by TaitRochelle Erica Soulmate by DigitalStrife :thumb392433751: Moon by IvieMoon :thumb394022831: Beauty by Amaranphix Ceddies Troll - Revised by Neshira-namea :thumb395315074: 300 Contest Entry by Nicolaas-G Queen of Spades by hello-ground Summer Storm by kerrikat Garden of pixies by yuimi-chan

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unfortunately very late in the contest, here's how I turned out just lineart