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Sherlock : Family Guy

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That's what happens when you ask your boyfriend to watch Sherlock Holmes with you.

Another parody. I did not thought drawing Griffins was so hard O_o

I used countless of clothes and style references. All from 1880's fashion and Family Guy series.

Stewie, Peter, Chris : Old school Sherlock, Moriarty, Lestrade style
Lois: Iren Adler dress from 2009 movie
Meg: 1990's fashion style
Brian: 2009 movie and Jeremy Brett series
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You've Just Predicted The New Family guy last night.
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*GASP* no wayyyy xD
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Omg this is so great xD Thank you for sharing!!
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Your Welcome, You Derserve To Know.
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I really wish that Family Guy would make more full on film parodies like they have done with Star Wars. I think Stewie would make an awesome Sherlock Holmes :D
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:D :D I am glad you think so. Indeed, that movie was so funny xD
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This is amazing. This is made of so much awesome that I can't even. Wow. I don't actually watch Family Guy and this is still awesomeness incarnate.
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:iconareyouawizardplz: Wow, what a nice comment! I feel so proud now XD
Thank you :)
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Lol! Stewie as Sherlock is just too much :rofl:
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Ohh My gosh! I gotta show my Bro this! :rofl:
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Yay! I knew it could please boys tastes XD
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this is soooo cool! though I would rather have peter & stewie to switch characters, and meg as mrs. hudson
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True, Meg would have been a great mrs. Hudson :) Too late lol
Stewie could have been a veryyyy good Moriarty (still Sherlock and Moriarty are very similar characters, just on different sides, so Stewie, in my opinion, fits both), but I just can't picture Peter as Sherlock... even for a parody O_o
And I like Stewie/Brian teamwork, the same way I like Sherlock/Waston's.
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts!
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