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FMA Suvivors of Tragedy Step1

By laluna
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Okay..... This is called Suvivors of the Tragedy. If there is a type in that then Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah...... I don't give a rats ass. It's about 5AM do you know where my sanity went?

Anyways..... I did some changes thought some things over...... and came up with the image combo of....... Scar, Lust, Rose, Wrath, Marta(martel?), Elisia, and Winry as a main point in this image. I won't tell you why Wrath is turned around or why you only see 1 arm....... :P finish the damn series.....

Over all I'm happy with a few things. I like how Winry and Elisia came out. I love how Scar is starting out. Lust for my first time doodling her looks nice :3 Marta/Martel I love her ganguro girl lips XD haha and Rose well....... my lines aren't that dark...... it's what photoshop boosted up but .......yeah..... I worked alot on Rose's face.....though I am happy slightly with how she came out. She'll need work.... and lots of it..... also... LOOK HAAAAANDS!!!! ::point skip point::

now as my cat desides to give me the love of silent yet highly Toxies...... I'll send you this then show you my other little pride and joy work....... :3

ps. my greatest investment has been the book with teh character art of FMA :3 hurhur.......

Please note that this is VERY rough draft...... This isn't a final version I've just gotten into a habbit of showing off the steps it takes from point A to C the Completion :D
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Lawl, I thought that your Wrath was AlStuckInTheGate-Al. Confused manga w/ anime xD. Anywho, I think this is sooo kooool!
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^_^ well some of the Manga an Anime influences where mixed in. But nah that's wrath back there...... I felt it was a sad story that he had. even up until the end of the movie.
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That. Is. So. Cool.
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you should see the final result
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ZOMFG so coooooool!
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well you discribe kinda gave it way. But this is looking good finish soon!!
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not really. :3 just because his other arm is behind Marta/Martel's head means Nothing :D
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