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Lilypad Wake
As I know I cannot stop to think about life,
sometimes I wonder.
Sometimes I really just get torn asunder.
What’s truly in the lilypad’s wake?
Maybe a frog, or a snake,
but right there in the lake,
there’s going to be something
in the lilypad’s wake.
Maybe it’s something a little more sentimental.
A fish swimming around, maybe, being quite gentle.
As much as I care, and I as much as I ache,
I cannot find out what’s in the lilypad’s wake.
Maybe, just maybe,
as I lay awake,
life shouldn’t just be questioning
the lilypad’s wake.
Maybe it’s a metaphor
for something too big.
I think it might be,
for you dance in life’s jig.
The lilypad is life; pretty, round and pink,
beautiful and serene, it’ll laugh and it’ll wink,
but when the wilt comes, oh,
life has to go.
And in the wake of the lilypad, it all seems to slow.
:iconlalnasounds-reborn:LalnaSounds-Reborn 3 1
He was cold.
  No, no, he was more than cold. He was freezing.
The winter breeze snapped at his frostbitten fingers, as if it were biting them, gnawing on his nails, teeth scathing his palm, piercing his wrist. It was much too painful. He seethed in agony, hissing and slamming his hands onto his slightly-warmer jumper which was mostly covered by his heavy-duty winter jacket. He had hoped to cash in on the new Yukon craze, with the men over there screaming of the riches of the rare gems, Musgravite and Bismuth and many more, those of which don’t normally appear in such cold areas. These may have been dropped by old, old ancient people seeking the same riches - or maybe they had finished forming and their gleam shone through the ever-thickening snow. It had been a recurrence of the biggest propaganda in history - the California Gold Rush, only much, much more valuable and, in his words, a whole lot colder.
 He had been travelling amongst an unknown trail that he had hoped
:iconlalnasounds-reborn:LalnaSounds-Reborn 1 6
Reaper - Wilderness Guide Book by LalnaSounds-Reborn Reaper - Wilderness Guide Book :iconlalnasounds-reborn:LalnaSounds-Reborn 1 11
existential questions
Time is the music planets make
spin, move, twist
thousands, millions
more than the man could count
why not?
what is the point of a limited lifespan?
who am i?
time is fake
time is only manmade belief
there is no “time”
time is infinite
there is no such thing as infinite
because if the man could not count to “infinity”
how would it still become infinity?
soon there will be no us
soon there will be no you or i
soon there will be nothing
our creations gone
so why
because that is what makes the man
a man
stubborn perseverance
stupidity yet caring
that is what makes the man
the man
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This account is basically dead and I've stopped writing on DeviantArt now. It's been a long time coming and I've loved my stay, but there's nothing else to do until I get my drawing tablet. So, adios, au revoir, and good luck!
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I really don't use this account anymore. I don't... DeviantArt anymore. Although I continue writing and my wording grows more eloquent with an ever-growing vocabulary, I will probably not post my works here. Maybe I'll reconsider.


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