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Rose Hathaway

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy. A dhampir guardian really strong. I really like how her character grows up in the serie.
In this picture she is thinking abaut Dimitri... :°°(
The features of her face are inspired by the fourth cover (one of the two publushed).
hope you like it!
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I love Vampire academy, and I love your picture :D
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Omg Love it! it's exactly how I pictured Rose! :D 
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I love her and I just love this so much AMAZING!
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Awesome. How did you do the hair?
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absolutely beautiful, I love her so much
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would you mind if i use this as my profile picture on tumblr ?
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this is absolutely breath taking!!!
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That's beautiful, the face is amazing. I love the hair, and the expression looks so wistful.
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that's exactly what I wanted: wistful and yet sad. thanks for noticing^^
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thats amazing you have it perfectly down for her ;)
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beautiful and awesome
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Haha i keep coming back to this picture, <3 You should do a colored version of this!
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this is exactly how I imagine her. gorgeous
rosehathawayalterego's avatar
I can not get over how good this is. Amazing.
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You're very kind :)
this is the only picture ive seen that truely looks like rose hathaway great job, also there is a song that is perfect for her and the book, its called Arise by Flyleaf please listen its amazing! listen all the way through the end is breathtaking :' )
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