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The Blind Prowler

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Remind me of a lot of cool creatures like the albino alien or venom in Spideman. Very spooky indeed !!
What was the story behind this one ?
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Thanks Alex! ^^

Well the story is that the red "flower-gems", which aren't found anywhere else, will attract curious humans into the cave, who will start exploring it, looking for the strange red flower/gems.

The Prawler doesn't have eyes but he has a very good and special sense of hearing. His whole skin (and brain) are acting as a radar, enabling him to pick up every sound and draw a map of his surroundings in his brain (like a mix between dolphins and bats but better xD).

At first, footsteps and voice sounds echoing through the cave will lead the Prawler to their source. Once his preys are close enough, he will emit a very high pitched and terrifying scream to locate very precisely (and for a longer period of time) where his victims are. The poor victims usually can't escape, as it's very dark and can't tell where the sound is actually coming from... 

Aaaand the bubons on his leg.. Well. Babiezzz. :P How's that? xD