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It's Just a Scratch

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"Hush hush, stop that screaming... it's just a scratch.~ Hnhnhn!~"

Can you tell that the Halloween theme is coming? xD I love dark-themed stuff.
Photo taken by: :iconartlover4life:
On another note, I apologize, it looks kind of odd because I had to try enhancing it, & then it looked too pixelated, so I had to blurr it down. ^v^;
EDIT: It's being asked quite a bit now. The "skull" part is makeup. I just tweaked the shadow on my nose to make it seem "flat" xD

BY THE WAY! --Off topic-- We decided that we will start putting out our story on Halloween! ^v^ What better day to start sharing a gore-ish type of story than on Halloween! ♥
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Sep 27, 2011, 12:58:33 AM
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AWESOME . To bad it's just a wound
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tis but a flesh wound 
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Oh...Oh its just a scratch




*sarcasm <3

This is soooooo freakin amazing 

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Thank you so much!
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you are so welcome OwO
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OMG!! And itzz makeup!! WOWW
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I saw this and all I was thinking was "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and how a black knight gets his arm chopped off, and says, "Tis but a scratch.". Haha
And the make up art is amazing. Well done :clap:
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I guess great minds think alike :)
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i love it, the quote just had me laughing, i can totally see him saying that in such an instance XD
KawaiiAsianX3's avatar are a very talented make-up artist. You are also perfect for cosplaying Sebastian, Claude, and Ciel. You know, even the way you pose for the pictures is great. I'm totally jealous! XD
Keep up the good work!!! ^_^
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love this great job!
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this is amazing, well done!
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mother of makeup. :iconmotherofgodmemeplz:
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Creppy, but epic cosplay~!!! XDDD
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I've just found you. And I'm looking through some of your cosplays and I must say I'm both speechless and in love with your talent. Honestly, the fact that you have to be the most convincing cosplayer I've ever seen is slightly scaring me but mostly just making my jaw drop further with each new picture. I'm not surprised you get so much love from other fans. I know this is the most well put together comment but this has to be the first time a cosplayer has turned my mind blank. I truly commend you on your amazing work

Oh and :iconspazattackplz:
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dude! the skull part is makeup!? that's freaking awesome!
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That is so amazing!! :D <3
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I could have sworn I saw/commented on this pic before. o.O can't remember, so I'll just do it anyway haha
This is really cool, I always love dark themes. And that skull part is makeup??? I would've also thought that was a mask if you didnt say otherwise x'D You're like a total makeup artist :0
I also think its cool how you made Sebastian all like "its just a scratch" even though you can see that half of his face skin is missing lmao x'D Dat pride
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I love dark themed stuff too! .. we have so much in common!;)
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