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Wanna date with me?

Free Sousuke Rin COSPLAY

LALAax as Rin

D.D as Sousuke

from Free!-Eternal Summer

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This is so beautiful Happy Pink Raven 
AnimeCouples1992's avatar
Cute. :love: Awesome cosplaying. :thumbsup:
emoteenageboy's avatar
this is so beautiful and adorable and im gonna scream
PandaAndDolphin's avatar
Where did you get the police car?
TokiTakimi's avatar
EricaHarp's avatar
This is incredible and your work is amazing
timberwolfdsk's avatar
Sousuke and Rin from Free can't get any better then this to ship!! :) LOVE IT!!
LizeKisaragi's avatar
This is the best cosplay of Rin x sousuke I never see.
JamDii's avatar
Omg fan girl feeeeeeeelssss
OfficialFupu's avatar
your pictures are crazy.
Zurainnena's avatar
OMG!!This is so what I always wanted to see!!! Gou Matsuoka (Sexy Body Fangirling Alt) [V2] 
CarolaFunder's avatar
Not familiar with the characters, but it's a fantastic picture Meow :3 Such tension! Very fascinating to see the drawn manga/animé style come to real life :) (Smile) Incredibly well done.
nigrahk's avatar
This is absolutely perfect, I love your works. Seriously wheter it's drawing or cosplay it's always amazing! :D
Okami-Seiko's avatar
Hot, very hot!! **
Eli-the-snowdog's avatar
Hey wanna go on a date"
"dude you know this is a homicide scene ya know"
"Im not hearin a no"
MangaKeri's avatar
Now that need to be a comic XD
Eli-the-snowdog's avatar
lol if the expand the picture a lil bit
MangaKeri's avatar
Lol, true X3 Or could just add speech bubble to the image XD
ChibiAbraxas's avatar
foreverhauntingme's avatar
I agree with this very muchly~~~~~
Reini-Dragon's avatar
Please have children with me.
KuroiTaiyou's avatar
Oh yes please. :heart: 

The lighting in this is perfect. And I just adore both of the expressions on the models. Just fantastic. And thanks for catering to the fans~
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