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Kristoph Gavin

Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney is a very interesting game from Capcom.
I spend 2 days to finish this game.

WHY the character which i interested almost is the devil...!!!!!OTZZZ

sorry for my poor English
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Ooh! Kristoph is my favorite villain in the series.
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I definitely find him hotter than Klavier. I like Klavier just fine, but Kristoph is hot in a classy, sophisticated way (even if he is a completely, utterly loathsome man at his core).
This is decisive evidence that Kristoph is infinitely sexier than Klavier.
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Awesome Cosplay, amazing paintings and Ace Attorney... I guess I just fell in love with you. ♥
karikari1313's avatar
Ahhh, Ace Attorney. It really is always the hot ones...

You've done wonderfully on this! I personally loved both of the Gavin brothers and must say this work is making me rethink my favorite!
steppingonroses16's avatar
OMG so handsome!!! I love this art sooo much. I especially love how his little bow is undone to show his... hehehe <3 _ <3
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Beautifully done. My word, he is a sexy, sexy man.
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omg kristoph. sexy :heart:
Mel-Meiko-Mei-Ling's avatar
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I feel your pain. I love him, but he turned out to be evil. OTL

Anyway, this pic is great! Keep drawing! =)
Mel-Meiko-Mei-Ling's avatar
Gorgeous. WONDERFUL!
GateKeeper27's avatar
Gah! I know he's evil, and I shouldn't like him, but DAYUM!
CobraBasket's avatar
Kristoph Gavin is SEXY!!!!!!!!!!
NatachiXD's avatar
What did you use for the lineart? * u * ~~
Koutetsuban's avatar
...This is absolutely stunning. Even if he's the "Devil", I must come to terms with the fact he is sexy (though he'll never surpass his brother). This just accentuated it with a hint of his creepiness intact, and I just love the lighting effect. Excellent job.
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wow, he is so cool *.*
Luna-J's avatar
It's so cool!! Love him...T_T
Ameymoo's avatar
Holy crap his eyes are scary!
tenshi-sama-konan's avatar
ohhhh god so hot....i love this picture
Renegades0fFunk's avatar
WOWZ. He's too beautiful for his own good.
Demon-Priest's avatar
Yay for sexy bastards! This pic is BEAUTIFUL, by the way.
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