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Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm Laura, INFP artist and many things beside - emotional abuse survivor, feminist, vegan, archaeologist, historical linguist, and much more.
I'm a proud member of the Art of Compassion Project (, a charity project of vegan artists.:heart:
Besides promoting veganism I do mostly fanart (Disney, Lotr, Star Wars, period drama, Avatar, etc) and landscape photography. I have many different styles and love to switch between them. Feel free to send me note if you are interested in commissions, collabs, or other projects!


Compassion Is Life
My piece was accepted for the 2019 Art of Compassion Calendar - a perfect Christmas gift for all vegans (click on preview here to see all 12… )!:D:heart::heart::aww:

The calendars are sold in aid of Chilis on Wheels, who provide vegan food for homeless people in New York.:heart:
Darth Vegan
Did this oil painting (the original is still for sale) for a poster exhibition of The Art of Compassion Project (!:D:heart:

I'm really fond of Darth and my friend also made a video of Lego!Darth Vegan, which we really should put on YouTube...:XD:
Bright Lord

Swear by it, if you will. For you know where it is. Yes, you know, Sméagol. It is before you.”

For a moment it appeared to Sam that his master had grown and Gollum had shrunk: a tall stern shadow, a mighty lord who hid his brightness in a grey cloud, and at his feet a little whining dog. Yet the two were in some way akin and not alien: they could reach one another’s minds.”-The Two Towers, The Taming of Sméagol, p.807

I always found this “vision” of Sam intriguing (and that it’s repeated later on).:) Since there aren’t really “lords” in hobbit society, I based Frodo’s clothing (and the pretty brooch) on Anglo-Saxon culture (because the Rohirrim were humans that the hobbits were closely related to, at least in language, and it’s Tolkien!!xD).:heart:

I really love that picture of hiding brightness in a grey cloud; the sun behind a cloud comes obviously to mind and I tried to mirror that contrast of light and dark in his tunic and cloak.:)
It's been over 3 years since I wrote a journal entry.O_O

Any way, I'm trying hard to sell some of my fandom stuff (I will soon move to the UK and every little bit of financial support helps, plus I don't want to carry things with me I don't want any more.), but so far with no luck.:(

Maybe someone still reads this and is interested or could help to spread the word. These are the things for sale:

If anyone has ideas of how much I could ask for the flag and bag, that would be helpful too. I don't want them any more because there are bad memories attached to them, but I put a lot of time and energy into making them, and want that to be appreciated in the price. I think I'd really like to give them away (even if it were for free) to someone who I'd know is extremely happy to get them.

Please comment here or send me a note (or write on tumblr)!:)


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