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A-Grumpy-Lizard's avatar
Must have eaten the wrong kind of mushrooms. haha.
MarjanettE's avatar
This is ADORABLE! But finns mouth is kinda creepy
swogtier's avatar
This is so cool! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] Finn's face is gonna give me nightmares. I love it.
TimGaukerToons's avatar
Finn is terrifying... but B-MO is cute
Thesealmx's avatar
jejeje tambien esta chido
ArtmasterRich's avatar
Creepy AND Cute!
katatpwn's avatar
This. This is awesome. Makes me laugh xD
BuuckPhotography's avatar
This is awesome!  I like how you took it and made it into something original :D
rainbowolfe1's avatar
I'm both terrified and amazed
suggraw's avatar
JUST THE BEST. I love how mindfuck it is, excellent job!
Crackn's avatar
Hahahah what a nice job! Made me lol a lot, thank you!!
onaga1000's avatar
im in the only one who jump out of there sit when they saw this ?
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
Shouldn't Finn have at least some of his sclera visible? Given that we sometimes do see it.

That said, really amazing work here. :)
0BlackAnime0's avatar
Ill never watch this show the same way again...
Cizu's avatar
So creepy! I love it! :D Nice touch with Fin's hair.
TraLaLayla's avatar
HAHA omg good job
GiantHero's avatar
Wow wonderful work all your art works are wonderful 
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
This is incredibly creepy and incredibly awesome. :D

kelly123err's avatar
WOAH This is EXTREAMLY good Great Job :iconclapplz:
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