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I´ve seen my old works and i decided to paint a new version of my kirby that i painted in the year 2009.
Here is my new version with powerfull teeth and a big mouth for a big inhale on your enemies, hope you like.

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Its a living nightmare; You see a cute pink puffball waddling its way across cosmos, but what its victims see is this as they are taken to the light

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so now what Kirby look like in meatcanyon's drawings

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nah meatcanyon is nothing compared to this monstrosity

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of speaking of which want to see a drawing of kirby I drew?

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What Twisted Tim Burton Nightmare Is This?!

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what the fuck

- Jesus

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Dear Nova he was so cute and innocent until this showed up why must u be like this
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Look how they massacred my boy...
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who made this is a heartless person
Just a Another day at dreamland...
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Is that dedede's point of view
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This is Kirby's true form, the god of destruction.
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when you interrupt kirby's nap
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oh kirby version monster!
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there's too much of this scary kirby stuff man
i cant just look up kirby for some nice pictures and all i get is just th i s 
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what have you done
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too cute for me ( that's a joke obviously )
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