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Hi everyone. I just wanted to tell you some info which really was bothering me a bit. Lets start as always in points

So the card making is going a bit slower than I expected. BUT I found a way to pass it and just continue the mod itself. So what would you say if I focused on programming again and release the mod at least for the testing before I give the final version with the cards a bit later? Those not interested in cards may actually find mod finished for them to enjoy. And it would really help me with the testing. Even if the mod is just for few people it should be done properly. Right? Oh also anyone knows where I can upload it so I can send a private link to people who I pick? I need place where I can upload a huge file. 8GB give or take. Yes its a huge one but its a huge mod which is mix of man many other things than just cards and a home with plenty of custom content


This vid was made by :iconinsanespyro:. It explains the best how I do feel about the new changeling looks... They just too fruity and not enough badass mixed with cute. So please please please... If anyone is planing to draw me a birthday picture or something like that with Flik or any of my changelings in this... Form.... Please reconsider. It makes me sad every time I see them like that. Episode was overall amazing. Just why do the change?! I would be ok if the holes were just removed as a symbol. Nothing more was needed. Did Hasbro toy factory decided that changeling toys were hard to make and they still had plenty of unused paints for the new toys so they just made this thing happen?

I still got few empty card slots. Anyone can suggest me a cannon character or some awsome looking OC to draw and put on the card? Consider it a giveaway if I like the idea ^^

So... General idea was that me and my GF will make the mod together. But it ended with me doing everything in the end. Also a bit after our brakeup she dumped me for good even as a friend so... In short. I made her character own a magic shop but now... It feels wierd to have her there. Brings back bad memories and all. So anyone interested in owning a shop in the mod?
Magic Shop by LakwordCreationKit 2016-03-29 14-12-33-18 by LakwordCreationKit 2016-03-29 14-12-07-79 by LakwordCreationKit 2016-03-29 14-12-18-72 by LakwordCreationKit 2016-03-29 14-12-27-02 by Lakword
Its its current looks but I may change a theme a bit for a new owner if they want. Except the bear with the boobs. This thing stays no matter what. Because reasons and all

So what I need from a new owner? Well how they want their NPC to look more or less. Name, race, clothing set. Also a name for their shop and if they want what sort of theme it should be if they dont like the curent one which is as you can see on the pictures. As for the assortment it wont change much since other shops already got it covered. Especially the Insane Dragon Shop which sells about a bit of everything plus even items from other games and unlore friendly items from time to time

So... I must say I saw an awsome game on youtube which can be played thru skype. Its really cool even if nerdish. It was for Warhammer 40k. But it can be easly repainted into Changeling and MLP world. And to play it I need at least 8 people to make it work. People who speak thru skype and can play as one of their OC. Find a changeling drones among the group of OC before the changelings outnumber the Ponies and win. Anyway heres a vid from where I saw it and I wanna play it but remodeled for MLP. If anyone is interested please call me. I really wanna play something like that :3

Beside theme difrence I guess ours would be we would not be recording it XD Well at least I know I wouldnt
Anyway thats all ^^ Hope to see plenty of comments soon :3
WarsadlePony Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That upper hive game was certainly random fun! Alfabusa also makes a pretty funny fan series about the emperor having a text to speech device.
Lakword Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know. I follow his works. Just I got jelous about the fun they had and I was just thinking why wont I do it with some people but in difrent theme? I mean Im nerdish enough for random fun but never can find people who actually would play some games like that
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October 10, 2016


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