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Helo there. I wanted to post few things here and maybe some of you will be interested... Ok lets start

first of all I will be moving in 3 months time and since I cant find any job close enough to me to actually save for travel from it. So Im open for comissions more than ever. Maybe someone will be interested or knows someone who would be interested. Prices mostly depend on how many addons and characters are on the picture. But I put my borders on the price for now

Icons -6-8$ (When ordering an Icon you actually getting 2 or 3 versions of that Icon. Mostly just small changes like face expresion or accesory)

Full body Picture 12-16$ (Any additional character 8$. Up to 3 characters on the picture)

Stain Glass 30-45$ (Its may sound high but I really need to draw quite a few icons to full body drawing and some accesories. And its really time taking and actually comes cheaper than getting icons and full picture seperatly.... Which you actually get as well along with the stain glass)

Animations are not priced as it really depends of the type of animation

OK now for the second thing. I may be doing a small project soon and I may need some voice actors. If anyone is interested feel free to Note me. I need voice for those OC

Google Icon by Lakword
Google : Hes a bit old changeling who is very much educated and did dedicate his life to help changelings have a better future. Just that he slowly starts to regret some experiments he did for the queen as he see all the good he did intend was actually used only used to support hatered and war instead to stop it. He is open with opinions and a bit rebelious. One of his famous lines is "Im not afraid of death. Being deaf for the screams of others is worse than any pain she can inflict on me"

Scarlet Icon by Lakword
Scarlet : Shes quite a wild character who balances bewen being missleading charming and extreamly direct at the same time. She can easly be considered as one of my dark humor OC. She starts evil and very loyal to the queen actually beliving that Varessa is only salvation to changeligns and everyone else is enemy or imposter. Slowly in the story she sees that Varessa isnt really so amazing and she literaly did throw many solutions and keeps the hatered alive even to other hangelings jsut because she dont rule them yet. Thanks to Ponies and changeligns she did meet in the story she slowly turns from evil character to some sort of good. I think it be hard to find voice actor for her. Mainly that not many girls like to even say some stuff she would say just to put someone back in line. One of her quotes which can be used it "I did many things wrong in my life and Im sure I will end up making many wrong decisions in the future as well... But this decision I made now is for sure best one I ever did... Im going to help clean the mess I made and pay any price it comes with it"
Narzissa Icon by Lakword
Narzissa : She is quite rude and she loves to be be cruel, lie and cheat. Despite being one of the most important changelings in the kingdom she thinks she still is misstreated because others did cheat their way better into their current positions than others. She got quite a temper and can be easly called one of those bad guys who just makes you either hate her or love her. She wont leave you neutral. She loves to fight but only if she knows she can win. She hates Scarlet more than any one in the world and any way to make Scarlet life a bit mroe difficult is a pleasure for her. She would love to duel Scarlet and at the same time she fears her more than she fears the Queen. One of her famous quotes would be "You think you are better than me?! I... Ohh I see what you planing.... Heh! I changed my mind what I will do with you. I wont gonna anihilate you. Ohh no no no... I will make you my slave and I will slowly brake you inside until you will be jsut a mere shadow of yourself... But before that. Im going to remove that stupid smile of your face!"
Lapis Icon by Lakword
Lapis: Hes quite charming at the start but no matter if you are his friend or foe he wont hesitate to leave you behind jsut for a bit of comfort for himself. Hes not very liked even by his own changelings. He loves comfort, being lazy and arrogant but at the same time he actually may be considered as one of strongest and cuning changelings in the Kingdom. All that fancy talk and looks are a cover for his deadly personality. Hes not afraid to get his hoofs dirty if he have to. His character still needs to be worked on thru RPs but so far I can imagine him saying something like "Why should I bother with needs of those who cant help even themselfs? No offence but Varessa got a good thing going there. And I can go with the rule that only strongest and finest got place in this world... And it just happens Im both of those types in one. Now I belive you can show yourself the door"
Varessa Icon by Lakword
Queen Varessa : Well shes kinda half half OC. Mostly Zeks for creating her. i jsut did help with looks, name and some characteristics. But he did aggre to find a voice actor for her ^^ So Varessa is a changeling Queen who did conquer almost all the hives and under her rule on the continet she lives on. She made everyone surrender to her and those who dint were anihilated. She belives only in changeling right to rule the world as prime race. Others are just a food source. She always looks for ways to get stronger and gain more power. She only cares for strong changelings. Those who cant survive her trials arent worth being part of her kingdom and need to be replaced with stronger ones. She is strong enough to fight few queens alone at the same time and win with ease she still prefers to leave dirty work to those she did pick to keep order. I think she would say something like "Im strongest... I did prove that many times until everyone who did think I was fooling around was eliminated, enslaved or lives in hidding like a vermin they are. Those who belive changelings can live in pace with other races are just corrupted. Predators dont talk with prey. They hunt it down to maitain their power"
Rubeencha Icon by Lakword

Queen Rubeencha : Shes is like everything Varessa sees as a failure of a changeling. Rubeencha respects and loves all her changelings and those who decided to join her. She welcomes even those who arent changelings. She belives that only thru teamwork and honest effort in their duties she can live long enough to see world where changelings arent called monsters by others and no one goes hungry, cold or misstreated. Shes very fair queen and is ready to fight even for safty of the weakest member of her Kingdom... And even those who she thinks would need help against those who want to missuse their power for personal advantage. She speaks like Khajits in Elder Scroll games jsut like her entire Changeling kingdom. Almost never using first person when talking about anything. However she does talk like everyone else when its needed to make things more comfortable for the pony or changeling she talks with. Heres an Example "This Queen is very glad to welcome this changeling into her kingdom. Just one rule is there that this one needs to remember always. Changeling, Zebra, Pony, Griphon or anyone else... We are all equal here. Dont spread hatered and this will be always this changelings home and family and those here will always be with you if you need them to help"
Aspeni Icon by Lakword
Aspeni : She is quite energetic yet calm at same time. She got some character parts like Vince. She dont mind teasing or trolling around but she knows when its best to stop as she hates conflicts. She is a tiny bit overprotective of her friends and sometimes shes even more mature than anyone else in her small family. She did lose family at very young age. She did learn that Vince was actually alive when he did save her from imprisoment after many years. Aspeni did live and learn for many eyars from changelings from Rubeencha Kingdom. Rubeencha was like a mother for her for many years so Aspeni did get a habit of saying sometimes thigns like her. Aspeni character example may be easly shown in that sentence "Im not the one to tell anyone how to live their lives but when their actions may hurt anyone I need to step in. Vince may be smarter than all of us here but you need to remember that he sometimes need his friends and family to keep him away from trouble. Even strongest, bravest and smartest person alive needs someone to watch over them"

OK thats about it ^^ If anyone is interested please send me note. Its just project for fun but if you going into it and you succed then your voice will be recognized with one of those characters for good. Also I would want to thank very much those who did support me with comission orders in those times ^^ I really really appriciate it
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otterlily Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
I don't think I should volunteer for this voice acting project, since I don't have too much of a vocal range and I helped out on the last one. If you want me to record my best changeling sample, I could give it a shot.
Lakword Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wont hurt to try ^^ I think you fit the good guys more and you did do great voices for Vella and my friends OC as well. And dont worry about the vocal range. I know everyone got their limits and Im not forcing anyone to do more than they think they can. Im more than happy than you can do Vella voice and character jsut as I did always imagine her ^^
otterlily Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Aw, thanks. It probably won't hurt to try out for a voice. Maybe I'll find a new range. ^^
Lakword Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well its already nice ^^ I wouldnt mind thou seeing some more of your skills :D
AZ-Derped-Unicorn Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Going to Sweden soon?
Lakword Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
3 Motnhs. Yea... Maybe 4 if you count spare days XD Not sure of exact date yeet but I want to be there on Emmy B-day
InsaneSpyro Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
well good luck & hope you make it for her birthday
Lakword Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
same ^^ thanks
AZ-Derped-Unicorn Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah ok then
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