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I make animations, Icons, Full pictures. Mostly MLP related but I can draw other cartoony stuff as well. Here are some examples

Silverwind Glass (No Glass Version) by LakwordScarlet Glass 2 (No Glass Version) by LakwordScarlet Glass (No Glass Version) by LakwordHazard Glass (No Glass Version) by Lakword
Seperate Draga Picture by LakwordCards for mod project Info by LakwordFemale Magician Girl by Lakword
Memories of the past (Comission) by LakwordWhen Doctiry is not home by LakwordSmall Preview by LakwordCharacter Selection (Example) by Lakword
Icon Storage by Lakword
Gamer Luna by LakwordPrincess Celestia by LakwordCleo and Cherry by LakwordGerman The Griphon by LakwordPrincess Luna by LakwordEve OC by LakwordStarlight Glimmer by LakwordVince and Aspeni by LakwordKane OC by LakwordQueen Varessa by LakwordSilverwind and Scarlet by LakwordFilly Scarlet by Lakword
Sphinx by LakwordLyra by LakwordTempest by LakwordEmber by LakwordLotus and Aloe by LakwordQueen Rubeencha by Lakword
Not sure how how much I really need since exchange prices change every day but to be safe I will set goal on 800 Euro. Hope I get some customers ^^ All prices are negotiable really since art price depends really on how much stuff or characters you want me to draw. Never again I set stable price per character after that 10$ to draw this pony with 50 colors in mane alone, super fancy clothings and of course tail looking like dreads with another 50 colors XD

Here are however some prices around which each art operates *AGAIN price is set after I know what or who I draw* and info about art

NSFW arts are not really something I do normally but I can draw it. Just I wont be uploading it public. Im ok with drawing some fetishes like vore, encasement, licking, gigant, socks, nylon and so on... BUT! I will never draw this strange smelly feet one. Its creepy, its nasty and its wierd even to watch for me and I wont be drawing this. Fart fetish is kinda the border line I say

Icons are around 5$
Google Icon by Lakword
Full Picture is around 15$ and icon from it is given as a bonus. Also if requested I can give you a card version of the art as a bonus. Costs more if its more details or its NSFW 
Rivald OC by Lakword
The big colorful round ones are around 40$ All icons are also given separate as a bonus. And the main character on card if requested as a bonus
Platan Glass (No Glass Version) by Lakword
Animations are to negotiate from start since those are bigger projects and usually are not cheap, unless they are like small icon animation or something. Also since I cant do Gif files and someone wants icon as a gif I can give all frames only once its done. Putting it together is not my part because I cant do it with what I got at hand
Summer Haze Icon (Animation test) by Lakword Silverwind Animation by Lakword
Fair warning I`m not that good with backgrounds but Im pretty good with drawing items and accesories, banners, flags and stuff
I LOVE HONEY! by Lakword
Also I do references but those are to be negotiated
Cookie Comission by Lakword

I guess thats all. Beside the above examples its as I said. I draw not only MLP. But Im not good with realistic so keep it cartoony if you want me to draw it ^^` Here are some random things I can also draw or edit if you are still interested
Luna Clearwing and Flik Hallowen 2015 by Lakword Commision : Ruby and Bolt Hypno Flirt by Lakword Lavender Night Picture by Lakword Picture for Zoruaofepic by Lakword Animated version of Zeks poster by Lakword
Hey everyone ^^ Sorry for being so silent with journals latley. I was a bit busy and distracted *Curse you fallout 4 and civilization 5 games*

Anyway it will be a bit long journal because I got few topics so for those who look for specific topic to read heres how it will go

1.Mod Update for Skyrim
2.Free slots for cards
3.Pick a next card for me to draw
4.Comissions still available
5.Flik Fanfic

1. Ok so Mod for Skyrim goes pretty well despite the small backwards progress after the harddrive failure before in which Spyling did help me out to fix it and save stuff :D Still I need to remake few NPC again and script them all again. Mod is actually ready with the world and stuff but it needs NPC to actually do more than just stand there and be creepy. And I need to finish all the cards before I can put the last thing in the game so it can be 100% ready. Sadly it goes slower than I did hope but hopefuly it will get better since now I got a bit more free time. Anyway as I said. World is 100% done but I will add some random chests and treasures for existing parts once I got all cards so I can program loot randomizer

2.So yea... I decided I got few cards which repeat themselfs. And by that I mean I do wanna avoid cards with same character repeating even if they are in difrent pose (Flik is special since I love his normal and Leprecaun picture too much to choose just one). The character cards I got so far will actually be there but not as the collectables for main deck but just random pick me up from difrent set. Therefore my list got few slots open for cannon characters or OC if I like them enough to put them on cards. So heres the list of cards I got so far, plan to do and numbers what got free slots open ^^ * means how many stars the card got and how rare it will be to find in game with randomizer in loot or shop. Gold card means the specific card got also agold version of itself which is only one in the world and its not found by randomizer but can be found always in specific place. Gold card are worth a small fortune and are obtainable on specific character, shop, dungeon or chest. Also heres how the whole thing overall looks like

Cards for mod project Info by LakwordCards by Lakword

Card List:

1.Flik *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
2.Vince *3 :iconfinishedplz:
3.Vella *3 :iconfinishedplz:
4.Cute Vella *3 :iconfinishedplz:
5.Kintaro *3 :iconfinishedplz:
6.Blue Pearl *3 :iconfinishedplz:
7.Kintaro in his female Disguise *2 :iconfinishedplz:
8.Aspeni *3 :iconfinishedplz:
9.Trace day version *3 :iconfinishedplz:
10.Trace Night Version *3 :iconfinishedplz:
11.Isabelle *2 :iconfinishedplz:
12.Crank *2 :iconfinishedplz:
13.Derpy *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
14.Berzie *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconpony-berserker:
15.Maud Pie *1 :iconfinishedplz:
16.Ka-Samy *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconka-samy:
17.Reinflak *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconsrmario:
18.Cherry (Scarlet Daugther) *2 :iconfinishedplz:
19.Cleo (Scarlet Daugther)*2 :iconfinishedplz:
20.Switch *2 :iconfinishedplz:
21.Eve *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
22.Princess Luna *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
23.Princess Celestia *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
24.Deciduous *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconcaptain-latrios: 
25.Octavia *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
26.Vinyl Scratch *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
27.Leprekaun Flik *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
28.Spit Fire *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
29.Queen Chrysalis *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
30.Winter Dominus *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconwinterdominus:
31.Azure *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconaz-derped-unicorn:
32.Colt Stelle*3 :iconfinishedplz::icondrakon-fireblade:
33.Hazard *3 :iconfinishedplz: :icondrakon-fireblade:
34.Lemon Mint *3 (Trace Daugther) :iconfinishedplz:
35.Kandycorn *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconkittyfiction:
36.Cynrik *2 :iconfinishedplz::iconreptilecynrik:
37.Luna Clearwing *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconkittyfiction:
38.Rainbow Dash *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
39.Fluttershy *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
40.Rarity *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
41.Twilight Sparkle *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
42.Applejack *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
43.Pinkie Pie *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
44.Console 1* :iconfinishedplz: :iconcliffside-koumori:
45.Officer Golddike *4 (Head of Mana Hive forces) :iconfinishedplz:
46.Alba *2 :iconfinishedplz: :icondaisuler1994:
47.German *1 :iconfinishedplz: :icondaisuler1994:
48.Skethy *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconkatotter:
49.Bitter Taste *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconmemorynumber:
50.Gamer Luna *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz::iconhasbroplz:
51.Sharp Tone *2 :iconfinishedplz::iconsharptone:
52.Lt Ash *3 :iconfinishedplz: :icondrakon-fireblade:
53.Princess Argenta *3 :iconfinishedplz: :iconpridark:
54.Platan *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
55.Molestia *3 :iconfinishedplz:  ???
56.Bluewind *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconsarril-xeoumbra:
57.Silverwind *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
58.Starlight Glimmer 3* :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
59.Sunset Shimmer 3* :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
60.Starberry Glimmer 2* :iconfinishedplz: :icontechtalkpony:
61.Doctiry with Honey *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconsrmario:
62.Magma Changeling *1 :iconfinishedplz:
63.Cooper *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconcooper31:
64.Amanita *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconw0nderbolts:
65.Tomato *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconinvictuscastar:
66.Ronin *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconmagistrix52:
67.Trixie *2 :iconfinishedplz::iconhasbroplz:
68.Skytracker *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconironwoodakacleanser:
69.Misty Rose *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
70.Eisenfell *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconeisenfell:
71.Summer Haze *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconlaw44444:
72.Shade Flower *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconlaw44444:
73.Wranpia (Lamia Pony) *1 :iconfinishedplz:
74.Queen Rubeencha *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
75.Queen Ambrosia *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconsiansaar:
76.Queen Myxine *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconsiansaar:
77.Queen Miasma *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz::iconsiansaar:
78.Queen Caliphora *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz::iconsiansaar:
79.King Icewind Shard *5 Got Cold Card :iconfinishedplz:
80.Minister Morshar *4 :iconfinishedplz:
81.Clover Charm *5 Got Gold Card (Fliks Mom) :iconfinishedplz:
82.Emerald Glow *3 (Fliks Dad) :iconfinishedplz:
83.King Deception *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconadistroughtwolf:
84.Zoe *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconfritfeng:
85.Specter *3 :iconfinishedplz:
86.Shadow *3 :iconfinishedplz:
87.Filly Scarlet *4 :iconfinishedplz:
88.Argus *3 :iconfinishedplz:
89.Google *3 :iconfinishedplz:
90.Fraus as Mist Pony *3 :iconfinishedplz:
91.Fraus as Changeling *3 :iconfinishedplz:
92.Danaus *4 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
93.Rivald *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
94.Scarlet *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
95.Narzissa *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
96.Lapis *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
97.Oris *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
98.Kane *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
99.Grey Day *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :icongray--day:
100.Varessa *5 Got Golden Card :iconfinishedplz:
101. Aloe *1 ::iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
102. Lotus Bloosom *1 ::iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
103. MoonKnight *2 :iconreal2911: :iconfinishedplz:
104. Gorscar *3 :iconfinishedplz:
105. The Twins  *1 :iconfinishedplz::iconanotherpony:
106. German again *1 :iconfinishedplz: :icondaisuler1994:
Also please note that I wont just randomly take any OC you suggest to put on card. Im actually picky with those. Same goes with cannon characters. Any specific ones you think should be on the list?

4. Even with those cards going on I still am open for commisions which take priority. Im running very low on funds and I wont hide that few commisions would help me out.

  • Watching: Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorials
  • Playing: XCom2
Helo Everyone ^^ Just a small info for those who are following my modding progress and the drawings of cards. First of I wanna say sorry for being so silent with new updates on DA. I literaly still got 4000 more arts of friends to chek and fav and put in right folders XD But all of that was caused by me spending a lot of time in Skyrim Creation Kit... And Shogun 2. But mostly creation kit. I made a huuuuuge progres and if it keeps up whole mod may be done in 2 months. Depends how quick I will do the cards and how long programin will take me. Still shouldnt be that long

Card List:

1.Flik *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
2.Vince *3 :iconfinishedplz:
3.Vella *3 :iconfinishedplz:
4.Cute Vella *3 :iconfinishedplz:
5.Kintaro *3 :iconfinishedplz:
6.Kintaro as Vella *4 :iconfinishedplz:
7.Kintaro in his female Disguise *2 :iconfinishedplz:
8.Aspeni *3 :iconfinishedplz:
9.Trace day version *3 :iconfinishedplz:
10.Trace Night Version *3 :iconfinishedplz:
11.Isabelle *2 :iconredxplz:
12.Crank *2 :iconredxplz:
13.Derpy *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
14.(Not sure of name) *1 :iconredxplz: :iconpony-berserker:
15.Maul Pie *1 :iconredxplz:
16.(Forgot Name) :iconredxplz: :iconka-samy:
17.Reinflak *2 :iconredxplz: :iconsrmario:
18.Cherry (Scarlet Daugther) *2 :iconredxplz:
19.Cleo (Scarlet Daugther)*2 :iconredxplz:
20.Switch *2 :iconredxplz:
21.Eve *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
22.Princess Luna *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
23.Princess Celestia *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
24.Savis :iconfinishedplz:
25.Octavia *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
26.Vinyl Scratch *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
27.Leprekaun Flik *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
28.Spit Fire *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
29.Queen Chrysalis *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconhasbroplz:
30.Winter Dominus *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconwinterdominus:
31.Azure *2  :iconredxplz: :iconaz-derped-unicorn:
32.Azura *2  :iconredxplz: :iconaz-derped-unicorn:
33.Hazard *3 :iconfinishedplz: :icondrakon-fireblade:
34.Lemon Mint *3 (Trace Daugther) :iconredxplz:
35.Kandycorn *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconkittyfiction:
36.Luna Clearwing in costume *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconkittyfiction:
37.Luna Clearwing *1 :iconredxplz: :iconkittyfiction:
38.Rainbow Dash *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
39.Fluttershy *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
40.Rarity *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
41.Twilight Sparkle *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
42.Applejack *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
43.Pinkie Pie *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
44.Sleepy *1 :iconredxplz: :iconsixpathsoffriendship:
45.Officer Mandall *4 (Head of Mana Hive forces) :iconredxplz:
46.Alba *2 :iconfinishedplz: :icondaisuler1994:
47.German *1 :iconfinishedplz: :icondaisuler1994:
48.Skethy *2 :iconredxplz: :iconkatotter:
49.Bitter Taste *1 :iconredxplz: :iconmemorynumber:
50.Gamer Luna *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
51.Sharp Tone *2 :iconredxplz: :iconsharptone:
52.Spa Twin Blue (Forgot Name) *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
53.Spa Twin Pink (Forgot Name) *1 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
54.Platan *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
55.Cool Platan *3 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
56.Filly Silverwind *3 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
57.Silverwind *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
58.Cool Silverwind *4 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
59.Silverwind with Icecream *3 :iconfinishedplz: :iconspyling:
60.Doctiry *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconsrmario:
61.Doctiry with Honey *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :iconsrmario:
62.Magma Changeling *1 :iconfinishedplz:
63.Cooper *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconcooper31:
64.Amanita *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconw0nderbolts:
65.Tomato *1 :iconredxplz: :iconinvictuscastar:
66.Ronin *1 :iconfinishedplz: :iconmagistrix52:
67.Trixie *2 :iconredxplz: :iconhasbroplz:
68.Confused Flik *4 :iconfinishedplz:
69.Misty Rose *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz:
70.Eisenfell *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconeisenfell:
71.Summer Haze *2 :iconredxplz: :iconlaw44444:
72.Shade Flower *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconlaw44444:
73.Queen Rubeencha Seductive *4 :iconfinishedplz:
74.Queen Rubeencha *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz:
75.Queen Ambrosia *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:: :iconsiansaar:
76.Queen Myxine *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconsiansaar:
77.Queen Miasma *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconsiansaar:
78.Queen Caliphora *5 Got Gold Card :iconredxplz: :iconsiansaar:
79.King Icewind Shard *5 Got Cold Card :iconredxplz:
80.Minister Morshar *4 :iconredxplz:
81.Clover Charm *5 Got Gold Card (Fliks Mom) :iconredxplz:
82.Emerald Glow *3 (Fliks Dad) :iconredxplz:
83.King Deception *2 :iconfinishedplz: :iconadistroughtwolf:
84.(Forgot Name) :iconredxplz: :iconfritfeng:
85.Specter *3 :iconfinishedplz:
86.Shadow *3 :iconfinishedplz:
87.Filly Scarlet *4 :iconfinishedplz:
88.Argus *3 (One of main Researchers in Greywilds) :iconredxplz:
89.Google *3 :iconfinishedplz:
90.Fraus as Mist Pony *3 :iconredxplz:
91.Fraus as Changeling *3 :iconfinishedplz:
92.Danaus *4 :iconredxplz: :iconspyling:
93.Rivald *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
94.Scarlet *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
95.Narzissa *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
96.Lapis *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
97.Oris *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
98.Kane *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz:
99.Grey Day *5 Got Gold Card :iconfinishedplz: :icongray--day:
100.Varessa *5 Got Golden Card :iconfinishedplz:

Progress on Kulon City Mod

Plaza District: :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Main Hall :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Barracks :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Isabelle Workshop :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Power Generator :iconfinishedplz:
-Dark Orb HQ : Prison :iconfinishedplz:
-Blacksmitch : Anvil of Levior :iconfinishedplz:
-Alchemist : Korlash Alchemy Shop :iconfinishedplz:
-Magic Shop : --------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Meadery : House of Drinks :iconfinishedplz:
-Card Shop : Grey-Card Shop :iconfinishedplz:
-Tavern : Club 1000 :iconfinishedplz:
-Rare Items Shop : Insane Dragon :iconfinishedplz:
-Guild House : Orchestra Guild :iconfinishedplz:
-Greywild Casino :iconfinishedplz:

Farm District : :iconfinishedplz:
-Mine :iconfinishedplz:
-Werehouse : ---------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Farmer House : --------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Maid Service House : ------------ :iconfinishedplz:
-Guild House : SCG HQ :iconfinishedplz:
-Mansion : Ignacy Mansion :iconfinishedplz:
-Temple of Mara : ---------- :iconfinishedplz:
-Burrower Tavern :iconfinishedplz:
-THE SHED!!! : ------- :iconfinishedplz:

City District : :iconfinishedplz:
32 Houses : (Basically copies with small difrences of small room) :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant Basement :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant 1f :iconfinishedplz:
Fat Zebra Restaurant 2f :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights Basment :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights 1f :iconfinishedplz:
Order of Iga Knights 2f :iconfinishedplz:
Grand Temple : 7th Gate :iconfinishedplz:
Crypt : :iconfinishedplz:
Museum 1f : Oris House of Culture Displays :iconfinishedplz:
Museum 2f : Oris House of Culture Theater :iconfinishedplz:
Tavern : Yellow Lights Tavern: :iconfinishedplz:
Smuggler House : Cunning Cat Shop :iconfinishedplz:
Bank : :iconfinishedplz:
Bank Vault : :iconfinishedplz:

Castle District : :iconfinishedplz:
Throne Room :iconfinishedplz:
Living Quaters :iconfinishedplz:
Diplomacy Room :iconfinishedplz:
Living Rooms :iconfinishedplz:
Barracks :iconfinishedplz:

Oblivion Realm : :iconfinishedplz:

Cementary : :iconfinishedplz:

Flying Ship : :iconfinishedplz:

Player Guild House : :iconfinishedplz:

Vault (Will be prgrammed to more coins you leave in safe more decorations in vault appear) :iconfinishedplz: *Still testing scripts*

Armory :iconfinishedplz:

Leader Office (Will be programed to store income) :iconfinishedplz: *Still testing scripts*

Members Rest Rooms :iconfinishedplz:

Main Hall :iconfinishedplz:

Airship Port :iconfinishedplz:

NPC and their programing :iconredxplz:
Imported Items :iconfinishedplz:
Imported Weapons :iconfinishedplz:
Imported Armors :iconfinishedplz:
Programed Economy :iconfinishedplz:
Programed Spells :iconfinishedplz:
Imported Food :iconfinishedplz:
Made Cards : 1/3
Sighns for Shops and Other buildings :iconredxplz:
Custom Banners :iconfinishedplz:
Custom Shields :iconfinishedplz:
Custom Faction of Enemies :iconfinishedplz:
Custom Faction of Allies :iconfinishedplz:
Programed Caravans :iconredxplz:
Programed Enemy Assasins :iconredxplz:
Set Music Boxes :iconfinishedplz:
CreationKit 2016-03-29 14-19-23-17 by Lakword
Cards by Lakword
CreationKit 2016-03-29 14-20-04-06 by Lakword
Some pics of the progress (Not all uploaded to avoid too much spoilers XD) MLP flags are just shop of cards decoration. Other ones are either decorations or enemy and ally banners. Such as Scarmakers are main enemies and Iga guys will be main allies

Upload problem. Anyone knows a good site where I can upload the mod just for people with the link? Im afraid whole thing cant be puted in seperate packages once finished and it will be around 8GB big. Yes I know its big but its so much custom stuff and added there XD You cant expect city to be small file when almost everything there is custom. Also hope it will work good on other people PC. On my it works fine but I got 16GB Ram

This mod wont be public except the cards. But of course friends are welcome to play it as long as it wont be uploaded on any public site like steam or Nexus. Also I will need some help with testing and searching for bugs if there are any. Im super paranoid with triple cheking everything but in such huge material shulfe I may miss small thing like a rock covering void or something so I will be happy for help.

AND One last thing. Anyone can help me with texture? I got a texture for sighns for shops and stuff like that but its filled with some original game stuff. I sadly cant put clean wood texture on the existing thing without making it look bad. Anyone is good at this stuff perhaps and would be willing to help me?
Hi guys. I wanna say sorry I dint post anything for a while. I was a bit out of drawing mood and I wanted to mod Skyrim a bit. Heres small example of updates on the Kulon Town ^^

Cards by Lakword
I also want to ask 3 things

1. I need some NPC in city so I was wondering if anyone would want me to make their OC as a character in that city to fill the town`s folk population

2. Im a bit over my head with card thingy so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me with some sighns for shops and Inns. I need to warn you this mod wont be public on Nexus or any other site since I did use many items from other mods. So it will be only available for few people and my watchers who are interested

3. Anyone would be up for helping me test if everything is working fine in this mod?
Hi everyone!!! As promised I did use some random picker on internet to pick 3 winners of my lottery. I must say I was afraid it was broken as it did pick WinterDominus 5 times in a row. Anyway here are the winners of my lottery ^^ I will start working on your OC soon ^^ I try my best to draw all rewards before Xmas but I cant promise I will make it on time

Anyway here are the winners of the lottery :


As for everyone else dont worry too much ^^ I may draw you something betwen my projects as a little gift eitherway since there werent that many participants in the lottery. Which is kinda sad really as I was sure more people would like an art made by me. I guess my art isnt that good to be even given for free lol ;P

Anyway I really want to thank everyone who did participate in my little lottery :D

And now for second part of the journal :D The Premiere of Flik story. As the first time I did write it I was kinda new at it so I decided to start from very start rather than just the nice parts. Also I did write it in a bit difrent style this time

Story may be really dark at start and not feel like MLP in most of parts since its focusing about Changelings which I consider a bit more aggresive than Ponies. Not Cupcakes type of dark but there will be some deaths and sad moments in it, so if you want to have not so dark theme you have to wait for chapter 4 as its when Flik gets to Equestria and see the world which is not so brutal. Still dont get me wrong. Story will be less dark but not boring I can promise you that. Also I really want to appologise for many grama mistakes there will be in it. I did try my best using programs and dictionary to eliminate most of them but I can only do so much. I had 6 people who did help me with that problem but in the end no one was able to keep their promise because of real life work and life stuff. Im not angry on any of those people or even sad. I understand that more than you think. Still I was holding release of my story for 4 months if not more because I waited for it to be cheked. So no more delays. Here you go. 2 Chapters ;P

  Cover - Prologe by Lakword

Chapter 1 :
Cover - Chapter 1 by Lakword

Chapter 2 :
Cover - Chapter 2 by Lakword

Special Thanks to :

:iconzeksmorshar: We did work on story together but since he was unable to do much with it anymore I still wanted to keep my word and keep story parts he wanted there to be. And he gave me his OC to use as I please and not let their part in this little project just disapair

:iconspyling: For helping me with huge part of the later part of the story and with many suggestions and ideas I did put in there

I hope you will enjoy it ^^
Hello everyone ^^ First of all I want to thank those who did remember about my B-day and did take their time to write me some wishes. Even more for those who even did make me something ^^ This pic so made my mood better than you may think ;P

OC Request/Birthday Gift: Feeding Love by IronwoodAKACleanser

That I decided I will make not 1 but 3 winners of special lottery I did plan on Xmass. So I make some free arts as a reward

So here are the rules ^^
1. Just link me your OC name and ref picture I can use to draw that OC for you if you win. Specify if you want him or her to wear anything special
2. You need to be my watcher. I saw what happens when someone does that to everyone and not only for watchers. he ends with spam of random people he dont even know XD
3. Do it in time limit as I wont be taking new requests after 05.12.2015 *I need time to draw the characters before xmas*

So why Im doing this in first place? Well first of all I wanted to make just one as a simple gift for a lucky person but :IconIronwoodAKACleanser: Made my mood so good I decided I make more. Second of all since Im making a Skyrim mod I wanted to make some thing special. Like collectable cards with my and some other People OC on them. So if anyone wants his OC to be in that mod please tell me if you want it there ;P Heres a sneak peak of my mod other parts progressing

So I did plan to add those cards to new enemies. Like some cards are more rare and some are easy to find. There will be shop and some random NPC traveling in world with those to trade for some supplies or other cards. Like I wanna give you 3 cards with lets say... Flik for 1 Varessa or something like that

How I will decide who is winner? Well I was thinking about Poll first but then I remembered how easly cheated those can be and I dont want people who dont have tons of watchers or friends on DA to have advantage. So I just use some random lotery program or roll a dice XD


Chapter 2 of Flik story is almost done ^^ I guess I will upload it with chapter 1 soon as well ^^
Hi everyone. I still look for some voice actors for my little project. If anyone is interested please contact me. I may not be able to pay with money or points for the service but maybe I can pay with some drawing in exchange? Anyway It would be around 10 scripts or random conversation betwen bad guys on their meeting for story porpouse and for some people to actually be able to read that character with the voice from that little project :D I did similar thing for good guys. Seperate talks of course :P But if the bad guys meeting will work out I may make another set for good guys in group conversation just for fun of it ;P So heres what I would need. Heres 1 of 10 Scripts to see more or less how it will look like ;P 

Script here :
Commanders Meeting Part 1

Varessa Icon 2 by LakwordI would love to have her sound somewhat evil and mature. But not like old hag or too young. Full of her own belives that only changelings under her rule are worthy of happines. She belives shes the good one and that only she can fit for the ruling the changeling race. She is ready to eliminate anyone in the way. especially other Queens or anyone who claims to be more important or at same level as her

Scarlet Icon 2 by Lakword
She may be most hard to find proper voice fitting her XD Her personality is really dominative and rebelious almost to everyone beside very few she respects or simply likes. She can easly put down almost everyone in conversation. She is loyal to her queen at start of story yet with time she loses her faith and changes sides and helps the good guys. Still keeping dominative attitude and very difficult character. She likes to be a smartass or seductive at times

Narzissa Icon by Lakword
Can anyone voice act mean b^^^ like character? Make her sound like she is cute yet she got a lot of hatered in her. She is loyal fanatic to her Queen and respects her commrades but anyone whos not a friend of the Kingdom or is Scarlets ally is her enemy. She treats Scarlet as enemy and rival. They constantly fight in anyway they can. Mostly with words as they are forbiden to eliminate each other directly. So they play a game who finds a sneaky way first to get rid of other. Narzissa got a bad temper but she know how to hurt with words without even cursing. Also most of the males are like. How to say. She likes being NSFW XD But no worries. I dont plan any NSFW recordings. Just telling in front that she is that kind of character and would be awsome if someone could be able to make her sound like she can be nasty behind nice words

Lapis Icon by LakwordI may have voice actor for Lapis but so far I dint get any samples or lines yet so I still will put this request if anyone can try to make him sound like a guy from here [link] Just look at 5:10. The fancy lord who gets stabed XD That voice would so fit Lapis as he is really thinking high of himself. He is really annoying and almost everyone hates him. But he got skills so he is allowed to stay. For now. Queen likes him and he got support from Narzissa in exchange for his. Still he really likes to prove how better he is than others even when hes just an ant vs the storm.

Kane Icon by Lakword Kane. Right hoof of the Queen and her husband. But he did not want the title of the King. He got most power in Kingdom after Varessa. he is calm and imposable to anger. He is briliant strategist and very loyal to his goals and family. He is the one who keeps everyone in order when things are getting out of control but still he dosnt get himself bothered with pity fights betwen commanders unless they are getting slowly out of control. He just see them as fights of children who wanna prove each other whos better. I so would love if anyone was able to make him sound like that [link] They arent same characters but I would love if Kane sounded like this guy XDDD I know Im asking for much but those who dont ask never get anwser ;P

Google Icon by LakwordThis would be minor role. Still he would talk quite a bit so... Hes old. He can sound younger but older would fit him more. He is a changeling who is fragile and super inteligent. But as much as he is smart he also is bold enough to tell what is on his mind. He knows he cannot be replaced and he really dosnt like his Queen. So this character would be really pissing off the current queen in a smartass way

Fraus Icon by LakwordAnother Minnor role. A character no one likes. I mean hes one of those who can sound in many ways as long as they are charismatic and make everyone hate them at same time XD He is cowardly character who will stab anyone in back to live in luxory or live overall. No one likes him but he is really important for Queens plans so hes like evil needed. I dont have any idea for how he can sound so be free to try experimenting ;P

*Picture not available* A character who appears in conversation for a short time. If anyone played Undertale and knows who Mettaton is. Then you pretty much got the charaacter XD Voices are also for experimiment with ;P

So to anyone interested. Please contact me here on DA ^^ if you are interested we can exchange skype info or find other way to share voice samples. I really hope to find some voice actors for this. I may even try to animate it one day. Not a promise on that one but its a big possability

For anyone who follows my progress of Mod for Skyrim heres a small sneak peak of what I made so far using some modder recources. I also just learned how to add own textures to game so I be also making own items and labels. Like collectable cards with my OC and anyone interested to be in the mod as well with their OC on a card you can find or get at certian shops :D I know I need to make some drink labels, Banners, Sighns for Inns, shops and other buildings, Shields and cards. Thankfully I got like 80% of those things already drawn so yay :D

Exteriors of 3 out of 4 sectors are done. And one of the biggest buildings is fully done as well. Still NPC are to be added. and most of the buildings. Anyone got suggestions for some items effects and names? Or ideas to make card collection even more interesting? Im open for suggestions ^^

Sneak peak of the city :

Hey everyone. Small info as many may be wondering why theres so much new uploads from me while they are same pics. Well I be only uploading pics which I did not have seperate versions of yet and I be upgrading existing pics to be all in same size and type. 5000x5000. Example will be Eve pic Eve OC by Lakword

I want most of my old pics to be just as hers. It keeps nice proportions plus it helps see small details which sadly did dissapair while backgrounds were colorful to fit theme of character. Hope thats not too annoying for some of you. Like I told I will upload some seperate pics I did plan before but I always did put it aside. Dont worry. i dont plan to upload my old pics saying they are new. I work on new ones as we speak but I want to make sure some of old ones will be seen as they should from start. Also I will be closing some of my old pics which arent never looked at and only show my old ugly style

Im still looking for voice actors and waiting for voice samples from people who did proposed they will try their skills in voice acting
Hey everyone. Just wanted to inform you guys I came back from hospital. aka hell. Lets just say my stay was very bad and Im sure I wont forget my stay in that place for very long. selection betwen patients in rooms was almost none and people for tests only ended up with people who should be locked in cells than walk even in hospital coridors. Thiefs, Psychos, Aggresive people and disgusting beyon imagining. I mean really I never would think I would see a person who wilingly eats own crap and smiles cuz its teasty for him. I think I could write a book about just few days there but I think I skip that. Anyway anyone played Outlast? Hospital did look and feelt exacly same. Just replace crazy killing ghost with a nun with brain failure who did throw her pee at people saying they are unclean demons. I was lucky enough that my doctor was a nice person and tried to keep me away from those people so I had own room in which I did spend almost all days. I tried not to eat anything or use toilet as it was disgusting. Sleeping was also hard as there were no locks on doors so anyone could go into my room. And thiefs were really a problem there. I had to sleep so light that each time I heard door opening I did wake up. Even traditional drawing was difficult to do. I made just 2 pics. Well 3 but one got kinda... Not sure how to say it nicley XD Lets say the picture had such a huge fan of the OC on it that the thief did not want to let it go. Even after it was all sticky and wet

As for brighter news ^^ Im back and finally able to use my new PC. Instaling everything from scrath on it so it takes time. Including draawing programs. So for a while I wont be posting any digital art. Just 2 traditional arts quite soon as gifts for friends ^^ Just need to find Scanner

Also I need voice actors. I wanna try to make a small voiced over conversation betwen some characters and I was wondering if anyone would be interested ^^ For those characters. Heres sample of the conversation Im working on and kinda small example how they would talk with each other. Enjoy the script ^^ Commanders Meeting Part 1  Its the meeting which takes place in story and is actually something I wanted to have voiced badly XD
Varessa Icon 2 by Lakword I would love to have her sound somewhat evil and mature. But not like old hag or too young. Full of her own belives that only changelings under her rule are worthy of happines
Narzissa Icon by LakwordCan anyone voice act mean b^^^ like character? Make her sound like she is cute yet she got a lot of hatered in her
Kane Icon by LakwordFor Kane I would really love to have him sound always so calm and controled. If possable anyone can make him sund similar to this? [link] Not 100% like this guy but you get the idea ^^ I couldnt find any better example
Scarlet Icon 2 by LakwordShe may be most hard to find proper voice fitting her XD Her personality is really dominative and rebelious almost to everyone beside very few she respects or simply likes. She can easly put almost everyone in conversation
Lapis Icon by LakwordAnd Lapis ^^ Really arogant and prideful changeling. Tries to be noticed and respected but he makes a lot of enemies even amongs the closest allies. Still his skills are to be respected and as much as he may sound as a buffon he actually is quite clever. I so hope someone would be able to make him sound exacly like that guy [link] 5:10 He fits so perfectly with character XD Except Lapis would actually be able to do something to defend himself XD

Oris Icon by Lakword As for this guy I already got voice actor so I summon you my freind ^^ :iconmrkyuubi: Theres a script finally done if you wanna practice Oris a bit ^^ We may try to find a perfect tone for him. So far you did best Oris voice ^^
Hey everyone. I got some sad news. My health got a bit worse so Im off to hospital for around 2 weeks. I wont be telling why and what is wrong with me but just the fact I be there for a while. I be open for comissions again once I get back plus I got some special projects to finish ^^ So until then I hope everyone will have aa good time and even after that XD While in Hospital I will try to sketh in free time and write maybe chapter 2 and 3 as well

Projects I will need to continue. and some sneakpeaks

Gamer Luna Animation - 3%
Gamer Luna Icon for :iconinsanespyro: - 3%
Skyrim Amazing City mod - 5%
Gift Picture for :iconreptilecynrik: (Sorry it takes so long. Got quite a few distractions latley but it shall be done ^^) - 20%
RP with :icondrakon-fireblade: for story chapter *No % info here as story goes as we want ^^* I love working on it with him but sadly got so many distractions in real life and I dont want to make it forced or boring
Chapter 1 Cover for the story - 75% Sketh Dsc 0140(1) by Lakword Digitalization *Still needs a lot of tweaks. Especially curtians* Chapter 1 Cover failed by Lakword

Also I got a small question for my watchers. Anyone knows any good program to make world maps? Im not good at drawing those myself to look good but I would love to make the world map from story a bit more good looking. As this one looks a bit poor despite details. Some names may be still changed and info on Amorphics a bit edited for story imerrsion purpouses

Amorpha Continent Map by LakwordDivisions Emblems by LakwordAmorphic Chart by Lakword
Hi everyone. As promised Im uploading a small preview of Skyrim city mod. I dont have name for most of places yet or city itself but so far so good ^^

So far I got bases of Farm Sector, Main Square Sector, City Sector and Palace Garden. No trees or too much details jsut yet but you can see how it looks like :D
Hey everyone. I just wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in speel cheking some of my fanfic? I had a friend to do it but she could not do it in the end, so Im asking if anyone would be interested in spell chek Flik story for me. So far I got prologe and Chapter 1. Small warnig. 3 first chapters are a bit dark XP

Also Im reminding Im open for comissions still. I may got job but lets be honest... I work my hands to the bones at work and I earn almost nothing so I need extra income. So I can draw even porn if its required

Also I wanna draw some show characters and make icons of them later. Any suggestion from who I should start?
Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting a anything new latley. Had some paper work to do since I came back to my country and then I had small art block. Also I got full time job now at least for a month so I got limited time to draw. Still dont worry Im still slowly working on my arts and a huge Skyrim mod project. 3GB custom content so yea (I wanna put some of my arts as portraits for house and collectable cards in game). A bit divided betwen projects, few at the time so they will slowly appear in uploads from me soon or I will just post a mass upload as few times before ^^ So sorry again for delays

Also question. Should I upload some mod screenshoots as it expands? Its a teamwork project with :iconglorhina: so the city and all th houses and shops would look really amazing
Hey everyone. Im back home and my PC and internet finally work as they should. Im searching for work now and in freetime Im working on many projects taking priority on those I did promise to do before I even moved. Also I did see many of my friends do some DA journals so I guess I can anwser those questions as well ^^

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? Deviant since Oct 2, 2012. But I was more active after I did join MLPFiM Fandom

  2. What does your username mean? Lakword? Dosnt really have meaning itself. But character I named like that in my old story had super chaotic life and his luck was working just like mine. In super strange ways. Anyway I just got used to using this name as it was unique and my other nicknames did kinda suck or did not even clearly explain if Im a guy or a girl XD So less confusion that way

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Hyper, Strange and Creative

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right handed XP

  5. What was your first deviation? Flo and Sparx in traditional drawing by Lakword *This one was uploaded first on DA. Thou I made this one first* Fable Dragon by Lakword

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Favorite? Hard to tell. But I guess I like doing digital works the most as they are done slowly and I can redo my mistakes. Also they are quite clean

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Hmm... Animating on pro level would be awsome. But I think I would love to be able to draw like one of those people. They got amazing art styles of which Im quite envy XD :iconreptilecynrik::iconkatotter::iconblackfreya::icongray--day::iconkittyfiction::iconsiansaar::iconkp-shadowsquirrel::icontiffanymarsou: and :iconyakovlev-vad:

  8. What was your first favourite? I cant say as I did sort my fav folder from first pics. So in short I have no idea what  did fav first. I think it was MLP thing as I started to use fav button then for the first time XD

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Fantasy I guess. Mostly the cartoony ones

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? I cant pick favorites XD I really cant. I got my fav artists in groups but I cant pick specific one

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?  I did meet :iconglorhina: already ^^ Despite it dint work out for us I still dont regret spending every day with her :D As for people I would want to meet in person from DA... Hmmm... :iconspyling::iconsrmario::iconzeksmorshar::iconkittyfiction::iconaz-derped-unicorn::icondrakon-fireblade::iconeqfazrael::iconbard-of-void::iconinsanespyro::iconsharptone:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? I cant say as every of my friends here did have diffrent impact on my life. All positive ^^

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? I use my PC a lot and sometimes jsut paper and pencil. Nothing fancy

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? I guess I get msot inspiration from just listening to a music. I do listen a lot of it when I go on long walks and then ideas just go into head. Also talking and RP with friends helps

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Ohh? I dont have a favorite one to be honest. Overall I think I got mostly good ones in here :D

Hey everyone. As I mentioned in my last journal I be moving back to Poland. Thou I need to send my PC earlier. So I be packing it today and if nothing gets damaged like last 2 times I was sending it across Europe. I should be back on 29.07 online. If not then I probably got problems with PC and I need to replace some PC parts or something and Im not sure how long it will take. So in short Im just saying goodbye for a bit ^^ See you all soon
As much as I hate to say it I need to. Sadly I was not strong enough to handle the problems which I knew I will encounter at new country, despite all the help and warm welcome. I failed many people who did put trust in me and did belive in me. I know I wont be able to handle those things anymore and staying would be a bad idea. not only for me but for the people I care about. So on 28.07 Im going back to Poland. My weeding is canceled and future I wanted to build with my love will not come true as we did plan it. Still despite everything Im glad that I did at least try giving it a chance. And that I may not have my love as my wife. But we still be best friends forever and wont lose the contact and we can help each other as we did before

So I want to make the last days here count and do things I wanted to do with her while Im here. Like drawing, working on some small projects, Make a clay statue and play some video games. So I hope I wont make anyone upset with the fact that there wont be any uploads from me for a bit and that I wont be working on any commisions until I get back to Poland and set my PC there. I can still take commision orders but just saying that I wont be working on any of those until I get everything working in my house in Poland
Hey everyone. Im sorry for being so unactive latley. I know I dint post any art for 3 weeks now but as you know I did move and my whole life is kinda set a new. But dont worry Im not gonna leave DA or anything. I actually working on something big I did promise long ago. Chapter 1 of official Flik sotry and cover for it is being done as we speak now. I hope you will like it. Thou I must warn you all that first 2 chapters are quite dark for an MLP fanfic. So those who prefer MLP hummor and less sad and scary stuff then I suggest you will wait for chapter 3 XD
Well I do not do tags so dont worry Im not tagging anyone. This is a promised to anwser tag from a while back. Requested by :iconkittyfiction: Se lets me begin :D

1. Dog or cat? Pick one.

Cats ;P

2. Dream job?

Story writter for some nice shows or movies or own stuff

3. Favorite comic hero?

BATMAN! Since he dont have superpowers but owns most bad guys better than all those OP guys

5. EG, yeas or no?

Equestria Girls? No no no no no... Its a poor casch graber from MLP fans in my eyes

6. Favorite drink?

Hmmm... Hard to tell. I dont have favorite drink. I like SPRITE but only the sweet one. Latley in many countries they replaced to good one with some low sugar version of it

7. Seen the new Avenges?

Nope... Never had a chance to fully even watch first one XD

8. Pets?

Currently? Im helping with my gf pets so 2 cats, a dog and 2 horses. At old home in Poland I got 2 dogs and 2 cats living with my family

9. Where do you want to vacation?

Hmmm... One day I wanna visit Barbados. I so wanna see for real the tropical islands. Also I wanna visit Japan. Thou may not happen in my life time. So its jsut a dream

10. Brots or hot dog?

Hot dog as I dont know what is Brot XDDD

11.Sonic is mlp for boys right?

Ummm... No? I liked Sonic X series but overall its not even close to MLP in my opinion. its not a bad show but I can name quite a few better than it

12.favorite Final Fantasy character

Aeris XD From FF7. I loved her attitude and character

13.what is life?

A short time to leave some positive mark in the world and make a world a better place. Sadly many consider it as time for themselfs only and do everything otherway around you wanna build a snow maaaaaaan?

Maybe for first time in years I be able to XDDD

15.what's the funniest thing you've seen this year?

I did see a lot of funny things but so far this beats everything 

16.which of your teachers is the bane of your existence?

Ms Ciecielong XDDD That teacher should not be a teacher in first place half empty or glass half full?

Half full :D

18.What is a cat?

Its an animal which can be an a****** but still very likeable most of the time I a cat?

No... Im a changeling XD

20. are YOU a cat?????

I just anwsered above!!! I can be one if you like... But kitty Flik would be too cute for your eyes XD

21. Who is best pony?

Main characters : Fluttershy
Princesses : Luna
Background : Octavia and the Bulk Biceps XD
Villians : Chrysalis
Discord is his own class XD
OC... Hard to tell. I love all my OC XD

22. What country do you live in?


23. How old are you really? >:3

26 atm

24. Any fears?

More than I wanna write XD Plus best to keep them a secret

25. Favorite movie?

Ilussionist so far did leave good impresion on me... But V for Vendetta wins the first place

26. Kingdom Hearts~ Who’s better, Sora or Roxas? ;3


27. Favorite videogame?

Skyrim XD But I also like Space Rangers War apart, Team Fortress 2 and Guild Wars 2

28. Have any brothers or sisters?

I have a brother. Hes a a cool guy ^^

29. Favorite holliday?

Ester... I LOVE food on ester time :D

30. Free hugs? :iconbrohugplz:

Yeap :D Thou face hugs from Flik are included so better watch out XD

Hey everyone. Im  back. :D

Moved to Sweden and got my PC finally working. Im writting this journal again since for some reason first time dint wrok. Anyway I wanna thank everyone who did fav and watched me while I was away. I seriously dint expect to have so many favs on Luna Icon alone XD Then again I should expect it since shes a show character. Thou she already beat Celestia Icon like 2 times already. So again I wanna thank everyone for favs and comments. Im sorry I cant say thank you for the favs personaly each one of you but in 2 weeks I had a lot of favs and DA already did tell me I do leave too much comments so it may be considered as a spam so I dont wanna push it too far :P I guess I need to leave that as an info if I be doing any show character since none of my OC or pics for others I did have reached the fav over 100 XD Thou My Filly Scarlet pic is quite close to do so and its very unussual XD  Oooo ooo ooo... I almost forgot. I wanna thank people who did help me get money for the move itself by comissioning from me :D Thanks guys! You really did help

So anyway I be back to doing some admin stuff in groups Im helping in and hopefully I will post chapter 1 of the story itself quite soon :D

Also comissions are open again so feel free to comission me if you want to. Heres the link to the journal with info. And see you guys around

Commisions Info----------------------------------------------------
Prices depend on the art which will be required for me to draw and animate. Please dont try to convince me to do point commisions as I really cant afford those
All Animations listed below got base price. Price can be negotiated or changed depending on how much work and time I will have to put in it. I charge only for time before loop starts. So for example if someone orders 1 min animation but its animation which lops after 10 seconds I only charge for those 10 seconds. So Animations got moving prices so you need to negotiate those with me before I start any work. I think before anyone says its very expensive and stuff it be good for you to know those are under avarage animation prices. Many dont realize 5 second animation is not 5 seconds work. I have to draw quite a few frames and merge every part with time so it wont look strange during the play.
Hi everyone. I wanted to tell you that I was thinking about ressurecting my Flik story project. I mean I already did post 3 chapters but it was when I was just starting writting fanfics and Im pretty sure I dint do it too well. It got a lot of grammatical mistakes, some things may not sound very well and my chapter covers are not really my finnest as they were made as one of my first works. So heres the plan

I would write it again but this time in proper way as rewritting it a new is easier than editing whole thing. Story wont change much as the way I will be writting it. I will still need someone to help me with gramma as I know I make more than I would like letter mixups or I sometiems use wrong word.

So story would actually be starting earlier. Like chapter 1 what i got now would be chapter 3. Since as chapter 1 I want to make the story how it actually began. Why Flik was a changeling in Nemesis Hive in first place. Chapter 2 would be his life in that place before he did escape. So yea. Warning for those who dont like sad stories to go to chapter 4 to begin with ^^ Since its the time when the story gets some actual MLP climate and hope for Flik better life

As for chapter covers I will make new ones. But I will redraw in better way the one from chapter 2 since I still find that scene the most important in Flik entire life. But anyway you know what I mean. i want to make it in a proper way ^^

But I need another help in for of advice. Like I dont know how to upload a chapter on DA. I dont want to put story in description again and post same pic with long description 5 or 6 times for each chapter. And I really having a lot of issues with that FimFic site thingy. Like I wouldnt mind to post a link to the chapter under the cover of the story itself. Perhaps someone would like to upload my story on their fimfic account and I would post link to direct chapters? Im not sure how I will do the chapter upload part. I just dont want to make it like last ime so I need help with this problem. Anyone willing to help with some advice or solution?

Chapters would come slowly as I would upload a chapter once picture for it is done. Atm I would have to do those. Rest is still under way (In RP progress at some points) . Also it wont be called Flik story as it tells story of quite a lot characters. mostly from Flik point of view but not enough to call it Flik story XD any suggestions for name for entire series?

Chapter 1 - Fall of the mist
Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Greywilds
Chapter 3 - The purge
Chapter 4 - A new life
Chapter 5 - The Fat Zebra
Chapter 6 - When everyone wants to get you
Chapter 7 - My name is Vella
Chapter 8 - The children of Varessa
Chapter 9 - The old tresure
Chapter 10 - Rubeencha cry
Chapter 11 - Chuuu...
Chapter 12 - The otherside of the medal
Chapter 13 - The traffic light changelings
Chapter 14 - One more wine bottle!
Chapter 15 - Hunter and the prey

(Whole story got around 30 chapters. Rest I still need to work out order and finish some RP. btw The main story takes around 8 years. So I need to set some details still ^^ Also I will upload world map and most of characters quite soon)

Also reminder for anyone whos interested
Commisions Info----------------------------------------------------
Prices depend on the art which will be required for me to draw and animate. Please dont try to convince me to do point commisions as I really cant afford those
All Animations listed below got base price. Price can be negotiated or changed depending on how much work and time I will have to put in it. I charge only for time before loop starts. So for example if someone orders 1 min animation but its animation which lops after 10 seconds I only charge for those 10 seconds. So Animations got moving prices so you need to negotiate those with me before I start any work. I think before anyone says its very expensive and stuff it be good for you to know those are under avarage animation prices. Many dont realize 5 second animation is not 5 seconds work. I have to draw quite a few frames and merge every part with time so it wont look strange during the play.