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The Hungry Changeling Part 7 by Lakword The Hungry Changeling Part 7 by Lakword
*Please note that I had to put this comic page into 13 parts seperatly as panel thing did not work for me and did not even allow me to put word clouds on them without losing 80% of quality. So read story in description below*

"Kintaro ignored Vince resistance and continued to tempt him but Vince did stay strong. Kintaro stoped and shocked when Vince told him specific comment"

:iconvincethefatzebraplz: :iconsaysplz: OK Kintaro. Thats enough. I also had a hard day and I wish to relax a bit now. Last thing I need is you going on me as a softy white mere. You are becoming more like Eve latley... At least in her cause I dont feel so dirty when she does that thing to me...

"Kintaro wasnt sure what to say and tried to think of some nice comeback but he felt he lsot this round"

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"Also before any one asks why Kintaro wants Vince. Kintaro is not gay. He just is unable to get love like other changelings as his magma changeling part of him takes almost all magical abilities as a payment for his physical power so he cant drain love from just aura like others. Magma changelings need to kiss the love from victim. More info once I actually will draw Kintaro`s Mother. As kintaro barley looks like Magma changelings compered to them"

Art by :iconlakword:
Vince and Kintaro and all OC on the portrait in second room Belong to :iconlakword:
Help with some details and bases by :iconglorhina:
Tomato OC belongs to :iconinvictuscastar:
Amanita OC Belongs to :iconw0nderbolts:
Background behind windows by :iconsulyo:
MLP belongs to :iconfyre-flye:
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