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Rivald OC by Lakword Rivald OC by Lakword
Info :

Rivald was the second official commander in the Greywilds. He was actually before that one of the captains in the Retribution hive at north from Nemessis which did fight against Varessa when she made her alliance with Kane. Rivald fougth quite a few battles with Kane and it did forge friendship betwen them on a battlefield. Kane was the one who did leave him a scar on left eye during one of those battles but Rivald actually did look at it as a reminder of the old days. Rivald seeing that Retribution hive wont win at all did suggest his queen that they should start some negotiations. The Queen did not wish to negotiate with Varessa and was ready to fight to her last changeling if she had to. Rivald did not like the idea of sacraficing lives just to prove that she is in charge. Rivald knew that those who did fight to the very end did end as almost extincted ones and were forced to be part of the new kingdom for a big price. Also Rivald knew that two other hives who did resist were actually completly destroyed as Varessa did burn to the ground those who want to keep the things as they are... Rivald actually did not like the fact that Guardians and Mist ponies were for decades making their lives quite hard despite their organization and he did aggre with Varessa on the fact that only united hives under one queen can change it. He did secretly negotiate with Kane as he did see that just as him, Kane wanted to avoid more fights among changelings and also to keep the hive intact. He managed to persuade many changelings to surrender as it would save not only them but those for who they care. He did pledge his own life on that promise. So when Varessa did arrive personally to assault the hive she was suprised that most of the changelings did bow toher rather than fight her. She left those who submited to Kane and she went personally to fight the queen of retribution hive and the remaining resistance. When Kane did explain her why so many did change sides she did need someone loyal to her ideas and the one the changelings from this hive know and trust. So to help Kane maitain order and prepare the the hive to be functional for her empire. She did appoint Rivald to be the one to represent this hive and be Kane assistant. Rivald did prove more than relaiable as Retribution hive was after few weeks 100% loyal to Varessa. Rivald managed to prove that the Varessa rule did bring them more seafty from their enemies as every attempt of Mist Ponies or Guardians to attack changeling villages were stopped in time. Two months after Retribution hive did rebuild its power fully, Rivald was rewarded for his loyality with the title of Commander of second division of the Greywilds Kingdom. Varessa did take Kane from North and made him responsable for Nemessis Hive and its regions so Kane suggested Rivald should take control of the north as he did trust him with the safty of the changelings there. Rivald did help Varessa on many campagins to help her take control over remaining changeling hives to make one strong kingdom. Rivald was actually avoiding battle when it was possable where Kane would already move his army in. He actually made Seduction hive and all the charmer changelings from that place join Varessa without a single fight done. This did give him a lot of respect from Oris and Kane and even did make Varessa very pleased with this deal. After all the remaining hives were under Varessa banner Rivald did his best to make the divinity betwen the hives be forgoten. So he did organize a lot of events where changelings could compete as teams. The point in all this was that it wasnt hive vs hive. It was teams with members selected of each hive to compete with other teams for rewards and prizes. His idea was not seen warmly at start but after few events the interest did grown in those practices and the hives did look foward for teamwork sports. Rivald did also bring commanders Oris and Kane more closer to each other and soon they became more than just commrades. They became close friends. Rivald was given title of the Two flames as he liked to cast 2 flames each time he did use his magic for entertaiment or for fight. But the quote he was using a lot made those very special for those who knew him... "Flames of passion and flames of war are the things what changelings truly desire"... Rivald did focus also on training young changelings how to defend themselfs and how to teamwork. He did teach Scarlet and Narzissa along with many changelings who did join military. He did put them all thru very difficult training but did not let anyone fall behind. Seeing as Scarlet did overscore in many tasks he did focus on training her a bit over time. He even had more than jsut one special move with her for competitions. Soon after he made her one of his personal team members, which made sadly Narzissa see him very low after that. When Varessa did order the operation Brakeout to begin, Rivald did ask Varessa to take Kane place and lead the attack on the mist pony weak spot in the barrier as he did think Kane focus more on fight and will lose many changelings before he will reach the target while on that task each member was essential so teamwork would be more in order. During that big operation Rivald did do quite well but he died when he did Sacrafice himself to protect 3 other changelings who were about to get smashed by falling piece of tower in burning city. Not being able to use his magic from all the exhaustion he did charge at them and pushed them from the danger zone while taking the hit himself. Being fataly wounded he did say his final goodbye with Scarlet and others and when Scarlet asked him what to do. Should they retreat or push foward... He jsut smiled and responded that its her choice now and just told his favorite quote to her. Operation was a succes as Scarlet did bring victory to what would be seen lost battle. But despite all the victory the kingdom was crying after Rivald. Varessa was sadden by a loss of such a capable commander especially when she needed more of changelings like him. Kane and Oris did take loss of a friend very heavly but Scarlet did take his death most to her heart despite not showing it openly... Rivald influance over the kingdom changes was strong many years after his death

Character :
Rivald was very open minded and did like to say things he thinks outloud, which did bring him many enemies as well as friends. Rivald was Originaly Agile type of changeling but later Google did convince him to take second and third fushion with Amorphic crystals which did make him stronger physicaly and with magic. Despite the fact he was still not a match for opponents like Kane or Oris he did try to chalange them in competitions where they all had fair chances to win. But mostly they did end up secretly playing the game of 1000 with cards. Rivald was quite charismatic and did show a lot of compasion and sympathy to everyone. He did even belive that one day changelings and other races on the continent will get along and will have a chance for a happy future. He never did live long enough to see this happen with own eyes, But he did mention that if that day would ever happen he would consider quiting military and fully focus on making sure that young generations will resolve their desputes thru sports and competitions rather than wars. He always did see the coast town Dragonfly Bay. East of Nemessis as a great place to build a huge arena for sports for all types of changelings and ponies alike...

Greywilds Kingdom Most Important Changelings :
Queen Varessa. The Ruler of Greywilds Kingdom -…
Son of Varessa. Shadow -…
Son of Varessa. Specter -…
Commander of Central region Kane -…
Commander of North region Scarlet -…
Commander of West region Oris -…
Commander of South region Narzissa -…
Commander of East region Lapis -…
Head Researcher of Amorphics Google -…
Head of Genetics and Magic Argus - I will draw him once the creator of that OC decides how he will look
Former Commander of North region Rivald -…
Information provider for changeling research team Fraus -…

Art by :iconlakword:
Rivald OC belongs to :iconlakword:
I did use help in form of base advice from :iconbigshot232: He made few amazing toturials ^^ Please chek him out
MLP belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye: (Lauren Faust)
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dragonpawschatlands Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015
can plz make my oc
she is pink and purple and she has a cute and funny personalty and the cocoun she comes out of she her color of mane
Lakword Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I dont take requests. All the drawings I made were either my own projects, arts for close friends or commisions
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
Yeah,Rivald was a great guy! :D  His eyes and wings had a awesome look.  :toocool:
Lakword Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think they are avarage. So far everyone loves Varessa and Rubeencha Wings the most
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
Well,I  think that Rivald also are in a  good position! :D
Lakword Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :D
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
  You´re welcome!Is a good work!  :aww:
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