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Lt Ash by Lakword Lt Ash by Lakword
"Im Ash... A former Queen. I had my kingdom taken from me by weak minded fools who were afraid that or expansion and aggression will bring attention and wrath of other races upon us... They were half right thou. We would get the attention. But we would be seen as victors. Only weak got power and not use it. I was careless and experienced back then, but after being forced to travel alone and hide in shadows I did learn more than I could even imagine. I found allies. I may not be a queen anymore but I still got my royal pride. Weaklings will pay, traitors will pay... Everyone in my way will pay. I work now for Stelle... It would be humiliating to work for a pony in normal circumstances but he knows what life is all about. He may be a pony but he is like a true changeling should be at heart. I follow him now. I learn from him and help him. And in Return. He helps me to regain power and vengeance I so want. I depend more on my skills now than I used to. But this is not so bad. I actually find great pleasure in work I do. May not be as I dreamed about it but it sure gives me this satisfaction I need... Now Im Ash... A lieutenant of Stelle forces... A Changeling with ambitions... Im your nightmare you never see coming"

Art by :iconlakword:
Ash belongs to :icondrakon-fireblade:
MLP belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

Even if I dont thank every one for the fav personaly. I want to say I do appriciate all of those favs and support ^^
:iconalarmplz: Also interested in a commision? Send me a note :iconalarmplz:
Drakon-Fireblade Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017
Hell yeah many many Thanks :) This is so cool :)
Lakword Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^^ Hope I got description thingy right XD 
TheOldPMC Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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August 29, 2017
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