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German as gangster by Lakword German as gangster by Lakword
A little gift I was working on for few days. Would be 1 day work if it wasnt for all those super hot days which dint really make drawing easy for me XD Anyway How should I begin? Ahh yes

During his visit in Fat Zebra Bar. Platan did talk about his friend German to Flik and Specter. He wanted to impres his friends he is buddy with a Griphon/Griffon. Changelings from Greywilds never actually saw them since Griphons never did live on that island and if they did they would probably be used as slaves or whatever... Anyway Platan did make it sound so profesional and Flik imagined this bird character as a big bad Griphon who dosnt take crap from anyone. Someone who knows what he wants and knows what he loves and thinks of what he loves when he dosnt do what he loves... All those teasty descriptions made Flik see German as some Hot Shoot Don of mafia or some sort... Or at least a gangster. At least until he saw that German was actually a Griphon version of Vince but with a bit of jerk personality. All was ok thou since Flik was not really someone who judges too much. And he prefers someone who is actually open with being a jerk than pretends he is a nice guy while he actually is a jerk. In short German did pass in Fliks book as a cool guy, new custumer to his bar and of course a friend later on

As for the drawing itself. Its third drawing of his OC I made and its again looking difrent. Our little friend here can actually get a honorary title of a Changeling since he changes more than we changelings do :P If it keeps up he will feed on love seeds or something like that

Art by :iconlakword:
German OC belongs to :icondaisuler1994: 
MLP belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

Even if I dont thank every one for the fav personaly. I want to say I do appriciate all of those favs and support ^^
:iconalarmplz: Also interested in a commision? Send me a note :iconalarmplz:
IronwoodAKACleanser Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:XD:I can imagine this playing in his mind:…
Lakword Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fits but I was thinking other music. I just cant remember its name now
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August 14, 2017
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